Hussein Ali Agrama

(PhD, Johns Hopkins, 2005; Associate Professor; associated faculty in the Divinity School) Anthropology of religion; Islam; law; colonial power; Middle East, Egypt.

P. Sean Brotherton

(PhD, McGill University, 2004; Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies) Anthropology of medicine, science, technology, and the body; phenomenology, social theory; subjectivity and health; humanitarianism; postcoloniality; governmentality; statecraft; theories of post-/socialism; psychoanalysis/psychological anthropology; Latin America and the Caribbean.

Julie Y. Chu

(PhD, NYU, 2004; Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies; associated faculty in the Divinity School) Sociocultural anthropology; globalization and transnational processes; mobility and migration; economy and value; ritual life; material culture; media and technology; state regulatory regimes; China.

Shannon Lee Dawdy

(PhD, University of Michigan, 2003; Professor) Transdisciplinary anthropology; archaeology of the contemporary; historical anthropology; cities; colonialism and capitalism; informal economies; sex; death; disaster; temporality; utopia; filmmaking; the Americas.

Michael Dietler

(PhD, UC Berkeley, 1990; Professor; associated faculty in Classics; member, Program on the Ancient Mediterranean World) Archaeology and ethnoarchaeology; colonialism and postcoloniality; material culture theory; consumption; food and alcohol; architecture and urban landscapes; economic anthropology; migration and diaspora; memory; identity politics; Celticism; science studies; ethnomusicology; Europe, Africa.

Michael Fisch

(PhD, Columbia, 2008; Associate Professor) Technology/nature/culture; cybernetic ontologies; infrastructure and design; Japan anthropology; biomimicry; experimental ecologies; urban theory.

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Susan Gal

(PhD, UC Berkeley, 1976; Mae & Sidney G. Metzl Distinguished Service Professor; Director, Center for Eastern European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (CEERES); joint appointment with Linguistics); Linguistic anthropology; politics of communication; sociolinguistics; social theory; gender; ethnicity; European studies; postsocialism.

Ryan Cecil Jobson

(PhD, Yale, 2017; Neubauer Family Assistant Professor) Energy; infrastructure; oil and gas; extractive industries; sovereignty; statecraft; risk; racial capitalism; decolonial theory; history of anthropology; Caribbean, the Americas.

John D. Kelly

(PhD, University of Chicago, 1988; Christian W. Mackauer Professor) Social theory; capitalism; nation and decolonization; anthropology of knowledge; semiotic technologies; Fiji, India.

Karin D. Knorr Cetina

(PhD, University of Vienna, 1971; Otto Borchert Distinguished Service Professor; Chair of the Department of Sociology; joint appointment with Sociology) Globalization; cultural studies; economic sociology and anthropology; knowledge; science and information; Europe.

Alan L. Kolata

(PhD, Harvard, 1978; Bernard E. and Ellen C. Sunny Distinguished Service Professor) Archaeology and ethnohistory; preindustrial urbanism; development of agricultural systems; human environment interactions; anthropology of development; Andes, Mesoamerica, Southeast Asia.

Darryl Li

(PhD, Harvard, 2012; JD, Yale, 2009; Assistant Professor; Associate Member, Law School) Law; war; empire and colonialism; race; mobility; migration; carcerality; universalism; region-formation; sovereignty; violence; security; humanitarianism; human rights; Middle East, South Asia, Balkans.

Joseph P. Masco

(PhD, UC San Diego, 1999; Professor and Chair of the Department of Anthropology; Member, Committee on the Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science) Science and technology studies; anthropology of security; critical theory; mass media; political ecology; US, North America.

William T. S. Mazzarella

(PhD, UC Berkeley, 2000; Neukom Family Professor) Politics and publicity; crowds and publics; critical theory; affect and aesthetics; psychoanalysis; ritual and performance; the occult shadow of the modern; India.

Teresa Montoya

(PhD, New York University, 2019; Provost Postdoctoral Fellow 2019-2022; Assistant Professor 2022-) Sociocultural anthropology; Native and Indigenous studies; sovereignty and jurisdiction; settler colonialism; environment; infrastructure; Navajo Nation; Indigenous media.

Constantine V. Nakassis

(PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 2010; Associate Professor; Associate Faculty in Cinema and Media Studies and Comparative Human Development; Director, Committee on Southern Asian Studies) Linguistic anthropology; semiotics; film theory; mass media; trademark law, brands, and counterfeiting; youth culture; India.

Sarah Newman

(PhD, Brown, 2015; Assistant Professor) Archaeology and ethnohistory; waste, refuse, and reuse; zooarchaeology; human-animal relationships; landscape archaeology; human-environment interactions; Mesoamerica.

Natacha Nsabimana

(PhD, Columbia, 2017; Assistant Professor) Socio-cultural anthropology; law and subjectivity; postcolonial critique; violence and temporality; African history and politics.

Stephan Palmié

(D.Phil, University of Munich, 1989; Habilitation U Munich 1999; Professor) Sociocultural anthropology; Afro-Caribbean religions; forms of historical consciousness; constructions of race and ethnicity; embodiment and personhood; food and cuisine; science and rationality; Cuba. (On leave winter 2021 through spring 2021)

François G. Richard

(PhD, Syracuse University, 2007; Associate Professor of Anthropology, Romance Languages & Literatures, and of the Social Sciences in the College) Historical anthropology/archaeology; capitalism & political economy; politics; space & landscapes; materiality; temporality; rural communities; race; Frenchness; social theory; colonialism and postcolonialism; West Africa and Atlantic World; Mexico; France.

Kaushik Sunder Rajan

(PhD, MIT, 2002; Professor; Co-Director of the Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory) Biotechnology; capitalism; comparative ethnography; genomics; globalization; nation-state; political economy; post-colonialism; science and technology studies; subjectivity; India.

Kathryn Takabvirwa

(PhD, Stanford, 2018; Assistant Professor) Policing; governance; migration; mobility; post-coloniality; the state in Africa; the politics of representation; conceptions of xenophobia; Southern Africa, especially Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Russell H. Tuttle

(PhD, UC Berkeley, 1965; Professor) Physical anthropology; primatology; hominoid evolution; human anatomy; paleoanthropology; history of physical anthropology; Africa.

Mareike Winchell

(PhD, UC Berkeley, 2015; Assistant Professor; associated faculty in the Divinity School) critical Indigenous studies; history and time; labor ethics; sexual economies; kinship; environmental governance; bureaucracy; critical theory; aesthetics and the senses; postcolonial studies; cartography; Central Andes, Bolivia.

Alice Yao

(PhD, University of Michigan, 2008; Associate Professor) Archaeology; complex societies; imperialism; cross cultural interactions; China, mainland Southeast Asia.