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November 29, 2022

The Marshall Sahlins Symposium in Haskell Hall, recorded on April 4, 2022, is available here

July 4, 2022

Conference co-hosted by Constantine V. Nakassis (University of Chicago) and Jürgen Spitzmüller (University of Vienna, Linguistics) based on a grant from the International Faculty Grants Programme.

Department Events

January 23, 2023
Monday Seminar
Gabriella Soto
February 6, 2023
Monday Seminar
Amira Mittermaier
February 13, 2023
Monday Seminar
Maria José de Abreu
February 20, 2023
Monday Seminar
Alyssa Paredes
February 27, 2023
Monday Seminar
Nisrin Elamin



As a multidisciplinary artist, Antoni Miralda has investigated the art of food for more than four decades. Miralda uses a vibrant and inclusive language based on a celebration of the senses, exploring and disseminating food culture through audiovisual material, music, furniture, books, and other documents. Based in Miami and Barcelona, he has created large installations, bringing art to life in a nonconformist language that is lively, baroque, and kitsch. Since 2000, Miralda has focused on the FoodCulturaMuseum, an archive of multiple projects based on research and reflection around food diversity and its relation to the cultures of the world. 

Miralda is a Tinker Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago and a Visiting Instructor in the department of Anthropology, collaborating with anthropologist Stephan Palmié on the course "Foodcultura and Art in Latin America: An Imaginary Museum as a Multidisciplinary Experience."


Antoni Miralda | Stomak Digital

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