Honors BA Thesis Process

Students who wish to be considered for honors must apply to the Director of Undergraduate Studies before the end of their third year. Eligible candidates must have a GPA of 3.6 or higher in courses in the major and typically a GPA of 3.25 overall. To receive honors, students must develop an extended piece of research via a bachelor's essay under the approved supervision of a regular Anthropology faculty member. BA projects involving alternative media (like film, photography, photo-essay, or art installation) might be acceptable if accompanied by a written text.

For award of honors, the BA essay must receive a grade of A or A- from the faculty supervisor and from the second reader. The faculty supervisor must be chosen from the regular Anthropology faculty. Affiliated faculty may serve with approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The second reader may be any credentialed scholar/scientist approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

This program may accept a BA paper or project used to satisfy the same requirement in another major if certain conditions are met. Approval from both Directors of Undergraduate Studies is required. Students should consult with their faculty advisers by the earliest BA proposal deadline (or by the end of their third year if neither program publishes a deadline). A consent form, to be signed by both faculty supervisors, is available from the College adviser. It must be completed and returned to the College adviser by the end of Autumn Quarter of the student's year of graduation.