Brinton Ahlin

(PhD, New York University, 2018; Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences) sociocultural anthropology; socialism and capitalism; Islam; materiality and semiotics; Former Soviet Union; Central Asia; Tajikistan.

Jennifer Cole

(PhD, UC Berkeley, 1996; Professor, Department of Comparative Human Development, Chair, Committee on African Studies) Socio-cultural anthropology; anthropology of youth and generational change; memory and forgetting; historical anthropology; Christianity; migration, gender and sexuality; Madagascar, Africa, and France.   

Molly Cunningham

(PhD, University of Chicago 2019; Social Sciences Teaching Fellow in the Department of Anthropology and the College) crisis; US; cities; finance; politics; structural racism; secular authority; science and technology; emergency management; municipal bankruptcy; Detroit; activism; ethnographic method; publics; embodiment; history; narrative; revelation.

Alireza Doostdar

(PhD, Harvard, Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies, 2012; Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies and Anthropology of Religion in the Divinity School) Anthropology of religion; Islam; modernity and the supernatural in Iran; Islamic spiritual cinema; modernist universalist religious movements; state entanglements with sorcery; the decades-old project of Islamizing the sciences in Iran.

Sean Dowdy

(PhD, University of Chicago, 2017; Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences) Kinship; Myth and Religion; Political Ritual; Psychoanalysis; Semiotics; Economic Anthropology; Social Theory; Northeast India.

Renate Lellep Fernandez

(1988 PhD Anthropology, Rutgers University; Associate (non-faculty)) Nutritional deficiency in Spain

Ali Feser

(University of Chicago, 2020; Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences) Visual culture; industrial capitalism; the history of science; materiality; temporality; fantasy; environmental toxicity; embodiment and the senses; gender and sexuality; kinship; Rochester, New York and the Great Lakes region; multimodal ethnography.

Michele Friedner

(PhD, University of California at Berkeley, 2011; Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Human Development) Category and experience of deafness and disability, particularly in urban India.

Angie Heo

(PhD, University of California-Berkeley, 2008; Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Sociology of Religion in the Divinity School) Religion, media and economy; minority politics; global religious movements.

Rebecca Journey

(PhD University of Chicago 2021, Teaching Fellow in Global Studies) Anthropology of design; techno- and ethnopolitics of climate change; ideologies of urbanism; semiotics of social difference; welfare statecraft.

Amy Krauss

(Ph.D, Johns Hopkins University, 2016; Postdoctoral Instructor in the Pozen Center for Human Rights) Gender and sexuality; global health and forms of governance; decolonial feminisms and critical theory; politics of law; illness experience and embodiment; Mexico and the United States.

Genevieve Lakier

(PhD, University of Chicago, 2014; Professor, University of Chicago Law School) Law and society; liberalism and the ideology of freedom of speech; public and private censorship; the digital public sphere.

María Cecilia (Nené) Lozada

(PhD, University of Chicago, 1998; Senior Lecturer in RLL and Research Associate in Anthropology) Mortuary archaeology; bioarchaeology; human osteology; paleopathology; human body.

John Lucy

(PhD, University of Chicago, 1987; William Benton Professor Emeritus, Department of Comparative Human Development) Linguistic anthropology; psychological anthropology; cognitive psychology; developmental psychology; social theory; Mayan language and culture.

Elham Mireshghi

(PhD, UC Irvine, 2016; Lecturer, Social Sciences Division and the Divinity School) anthropology of public policy; medical anthropology; economic anthropology and the anthropology of morality; bioethics and Islamic law; Iran and the Middle East.

Callie Maidhof

(PhD, UC Berkeley 2016; Assistant Senior Instructional Professor and Associate Director, Global Studies Program) Sociocultural anthropology; the state; middle-class cultural politics; religion and secularism; settler colonialism; Israel and the West Bank.

Emily Lynn Osborn

(PhD, Stanford, 2000; Associate Professor, History) African history; Francophone Africa; gender in Africa; colonialism; technology transfer and diffusion.

Eugene Raikhel

(PhD, Princeton, 2006; Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Human Development) Cultural and medical anthropology, with interests encompassing the anthropology of science, biomedicine and psychiatry; addiction and its treatment; suggestion and healing; and post-socialist transformations in Eurasia.

Michael Rossi

(PhD MIT, History and Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Society, 2011; Assistant Professor of the History of Medicine, Department of History) History of medicine and science in the United States from the nineteenth century to the present; historical and cultural metaphysics of the body: how different people at different times understood questions of beauty, truth, falsehood, pain, pleasure, goodness, and reality vis-à-vis their corporeal selves and those of others.

Richard Shweder

(PhD, Harvard, 1972; Professor, Department of Comparative Human Development) Cultural psychology; comparative ethics; culture theory; pluralism; cultural collisions; immigration; social cognition; comparative health and human development; India.

Eric Triantafillou

(PhD, University of Chicago, 2021; Social Sciences Teaching Fellow in the Department of Anthropology and the College) art; activism; social movement culture; material and visual culture; aesthetics and politics; creative labor and political economy; North America.