Wee Yang Soh
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Technology, Digital Media, STS, Semiotics, Politics of Culture, South Korea, Singapore.

PhD Candidate

Wee Yang Soh is a doctoral candidate in Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology at the University of Chicago, where his research focuses on the nexus of new media, language, and politics. His doctoral dissertation investigates the strategies employed by contemporary Korean digital media companies in crafting Korean cultural content for global audiences. Specifically, he examines the dynamic interplay between the Korean nationalist approach of "cultural translation" and the shifting landscape of an industry increasingly reliant on the contributions of foreign creatives in shaping the narrative of "Korean culture." His dissertation research is supported by The Center of East Asian Studies (CEAS) and the Department of Anthropology at The University of Chicago, The Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies at Seoul National University, and The Korea Foundation. Wee Yang is also a research associate for Data to Power (https://datatopower.net/), an interdisciplinary project that utilizes AI tools to map the global impact of the Hallyu Wave.

Aside from his dissertation, Wee Yang has also written about the circulation of online memes as digital protest in Singapore as well as ideologies of optimization in contemporary gaming communities. Wee Yang holds an MA in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago with a concentration in Anthropology, and a BA in Anthropology from Yale-NUS College.