Emily Kuret Dissertation Title: Good Art: Non-Profit Culture Work for a Global Greece Office: Phone: Email Interests:

Linguistic anthropology; image-texts, chronotope and qualia; romanticism and history of art, ekphrasis; everyday aesthetics, aesthetic communities, personhood, well-being. Europe, Greece/Athens.

PhD Candidate

Emily Kuret is a PhD Candidate in Anthropology at the University of Chicago. Her research traces how the aesthetics and experience of art become figured as a site for social intervention in the semiotic work of groups involved in contemporary art curation and outreach. Her dissertation project follows how public arts organizations in Athens understand art and arts engagement as being good for persons, institutions, or nations of Europe and Greece, with particular focus on processes of formation and performance of community under conditions of globalization. Emily’s research and teaching interests include linguistic and semiotic anthropology, transcription methods, anthropology of the good life, ekphrasis, and art theory. Emily holds an MA from the University of Chicago and a BA in linguistics, anthropology and studio art from the University of Michigan.