PhD Candidate


Carol Iglesias Otero is an anthropology PhD student at the University of Chicago. She completed her B.A. in Literature at Reed College and earned an M.A. in Visual Cultures (Research Architecture) at Goldsmiths, University of London. Carol's earlier work was concerned with questions of epistemology, translation, and representation of embodied life in poetics and mathematics; and technology, temporality, and experiences of risk in experimental projects of climate engineering. Her current research is situated along weather stations and climate science "regional" infrastructure in the Caribbean and Central America and asks: how is the practice of routinely taking measure of change on rainfall, wind, pressure, and temperature first made possible, infrastructurally, and what are the processes through which such records become part of a historical narrative and legal struggles concerned with the meaning of environmental risk and damage? How does meteorological data become part of struggles to articulate transhistorical and causally complex concepts of repair and accountability?