The annual winners of university dissertation and thesis prizes are announced:

Saller Prize - Best Dissertation, Social Science Division
Mark Anthrony Geraghty
“Genocide Ideology, Nation-Building, Counter-Revolution: Specters of the Rwandan Nation-State.”
Committee: Joseph Masco*/Jean Comaroff*, François Richard, Constantine Nakassis, John Comaroff

Lichtstern Distinguished Dissertation Prize
Eric Michael Hirsch
“Investing in Indigeneity: Development, Finance and the Politics of Abundance in Andean Peru.”
Committee: Justin Richland*, Alan Kolata, William Mazzarella, Kaushik Sunder Rajan, Jean Comaroff (Harvard)

Sol Tax Prize (for the dissertation which “combines highest intellectual merit with relevance for anthropology and action”)
Anna Maria Weichselbraun
“Constituting the International Nuclear Order: Bureaucratic Objectivity at the IAEA.”
Committee: Joseph Masco, Susan Gal, Justin Richland, E. Summerson Carr (SSA)

Daniel Nugent Prize (for distinguished work in the field of historical anthropology)
Geneviève Godbout (Archaeology)
“A House in Waiting: Food and Hospitality on Antiguan Plantations, 1783-1904.”
Committee: Shannon Dawdy*, Stephan Palmié, François Richard

Roy D. Albert Prize (distinguished MA thesis)
Kristen Lynn Simmons
“Toxic Settler Colonialism: Atmospheric Affects in the Mojave.”
Committee: Joseph Masco, Hussein Agrama, Darryl Li

Lichtstern BA Essay Prizes (Social/Cultural-Linguistic Anthropology)
Henry Atticus Ballesteros
“Governing the Labors of Memory at Bogota’s Center for Memory, Peace, and Reconciliation: From Debt Crisis to Sewing Groups”
Committee: Kaushik Sunder Rajan, Susan Gzesh

Raymond Rui Fang
“(En)Gendering Exploitation: Risk, Race, and Value in US Medical Genetics”
Committee: Joseph Masco, P. Sean Brotherton

Dahlberg BA Essay Prize (Archaeology/Physical Anthropology)
Emily Ellis Boak
“Militarized Landscapes and Cultural Heritage in Kandahar, Afghanistan, 2001–2014”
Committee: Joseph Masco, Emily Hammer, Michael Conzen