Undergraduate Grant and Fellowship Awards

The Lloyd A. Fallers Fund for Undergraduate Anthropological Research

Made possible by a generous donation from alumnus Dale F. Eickelman


Halpern, Seraphina

Lyu, Echo

Mazidabadifarahani, Navid

Formerly The Foundation for Advancement of Anthropology and History Summer Research Grants

Beinecke Scholarship, Amanda Chacón, UC ‘24 

Fulbright Grantee, Sarah Fineman, Taiwan, English Teaching Assistant Award, UC ‘20

Undergraduate Prizes

The Department annually awards two prizes for the best undergraduate honor's thesis papers in sociocultural/linguistic and archaeological/physical anthropology.


(Social Cultural/Linguistic Anthropology)

2023 | Sydney Knight

"In Pursuit of 'Clean Water': An analysis of counterculture, diet, and escapism on a commune in Hawai'i"
Faculty Sponsors: Winchell and Palmiè


2023 | Nicole Zhong, Honorable Mention

"Connections on the Line: Community Care Within Suicide Hotlines in Hong Kong"
Faculty Sponsors: Takabvirwa and Ma


(Archaeology/Physical Anthropology)

2023 | Jacky Xiyuan Yao

"Tillya Tepe: Constructing Identities on Cultural Crossroads"
Faculty Sponsors: Newman and Stein

Anthropology Undergraduate Research Symposium

At the end of each academic year the department hosts a symposium where graduating seniors with a major in Anthropology (double majors and BA/MAPSS students included) can present their research in a professional setting and gain conference experience. The event is open to the entire university community and is followed by a department celebration attended by faculty, majors, and graduate students.