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AAA Blog
The American Anthropological Association (AAA) has created this blog as a service to our members and the general public. It is a forum to discuss topics of debate in anthropology and a space for public commentary on association policies, publications and advocacy issues.

Another Anthro Blog
The discussions on this blog work to inform questions I’m investigating – specifically about changes in anthropology occuring online with the open access movement and the blogsphere. It is also about working on ways to engage an online community in an ethnographic fashion.

social and cultural anthropology in the news

Anthropology.net’s mission is to create a cohesive online community of individuals interested in anthropology. This website intends to promote and facilitate discussion, review research, extend stewardship of resources, and disseminate knowledge.

A project of the Culture in Global Affairs (CIGA) research and policy program of the Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.., this blog aims to promote awareness of the relevance of anthropological knowledge to contemporary issues and to enhance discussion and debate within and beyond anthropology about contemporary issues.

Culture Matters
Current and former students and staff of the Department of Anthropology at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, write about the emergent trends in anthropology. In particular we are interested in discussing the ways in which the methods and insights of anthropology are being ‘applied’ in various settings, both within and beyond the academy.

A site about anthropology, politics, and photography, among other things.

Fieldnotes: For the anthropology of British Columbia, Canada
This blog is meant to engage my students in anthropological conversations as well as to help me think about the applications of anthropological theory to activities or events of everyday life. It is also a place for me to record information about aboriginal rights and land title in British Columbia, Canada.

Linguistic Anthropology
This site is a place for linguistic anthropologists to post their work and discuss important events and trends in the field.

Material World
An interactive, online hub for contemporary debates, discussion, thinking and research centred on material and visual culture, this blog is the brainchild of scholars working in the anthropology departments of University College London and New York University. It aims to create a new international community of academics, students, curators, artists and anyone else with particular interests in material and visual culture.

Museum Anthropology
Online Supplement to Museum Anthropology, the journal of the Council for Museum Anthropology, a section of the American Anthropological Association.

Open Access Anthropology
This is the blog for Open Access Anthropology, an organization of volunteers interested in creating open access alternatives to anthropological publications. This blog will be the news outlet for the organization where we will announce news like current events progress within the discipline. There are many reasons why open access should matter to anthropologists: because it is the right thing to do if we care about sharing knowledge with our informants and collaborators, because it will help promote anthropology as a discipline and the work of individual scholars, and because it will allow anthropological knowledge to be used and accessed in new ways, giving old scholarship a new life on the web.

Open Anthropology Collective
We hope that professionals and students who are already committed to the discipline will find here like-minded anthropologists, as well as new tools, resources and opportunities for collaboration. But we also welcome anyone for whom our conversations are interesting. An engaged anthropology for the 21st century should be open to interdisciplinary collaboration. This depends on making full use of the emerging social and technical synthesis entailed in the digital revolution.

Savage Minds
Notes and Queries in Anthropology- A Group Blog

Social Science Research Council blogs
The Social Science Research Council is now developing a series of blogs, organized around various topics of interest and edited by experts in their respective fields. We hope the blogs will create new opportunities for discussion, debate, analysis, and networking among social scientists and interested readers.

A collaborative weblog covering the intersections of medical anthropology, science and technology studies, cultural psychiatry and bioethics

Space and Culture
Space and Culture’s unique focus is on social spaces. The journal brings together dynamic, critical interdisciplinary research in cultural geography, sociology, cultural studies, architectural theory, ethnography, communications, urban studies, environmental studies and discourse analysis.

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