University of Chicago Fellowships

Conference Travel Grants

Lichtstern Student Conference Travel Awards (Anthropology Department)
Travel grants of up to $600 per year (only for transportation & conference fees, NOT accommodations, food, etc.) for Anthropology graduate students who are third year or beyond to present a paper at one professional academic conference.  Application consists of sending an e-mail with “Lichtstern Travel” in the subject line to Anne Ch’ien requesting support and indicating the name, date and place of the conference where the paper will be delivered, the title and abstract of the paper.
Deadline: Rolling, one month prior to when the award will be used

Graduate Council Travel Fund
Awards of up to $350 (Basic Level) or $600 (Advanced Level) to subsidize travel costs for graduate students participating in or presenting papers based on original research at professional events. These funds are for either domestic or international travel and may cover only transportation & lodging costs and the conference registration fee (not food ).  Students may receive only one Travel Fund award (Advanced or Basic) per three years at the University. Application is on the Web.
Deadline: ROLLING -- Applications may be filed up to two quarters in advance and no later than 10 days prior to the first day of anticipated travel.

Center for East Asian Studies Small Grants for Conference Participation
Travel grants of up to $300 ($400 for international travel) to assist graduate students in offsetting expenses for conferences at which they will present papers.  Reimbursement requires presentation of original receipts.  For more information consult:                          
Center for East Asian Studies                                
1155 East 60th, Room 310                          
Chicago, IL 60637                  ;  (773) 702-8647          
Deadline: Rolling

COSAS Student Conference Travel Grants
Travel grants of up to $500 for graduate students who deliver who deliver papers on subjects related to South or Southeast Asia at a recognized conference.  Expenses can include flights, hotel stays, registration fees, food, and taxis. It is strongly recommended that students have their travel reimbursement pre-approved by mailing the COSAS Associate Director at
c/o Irving Birkner, Committee on Southern Asian Studies                      
Kelly Hall 104, 5848 S. University, Chicago, IL 60637            
Deadline: Rolling

Research Fellowships

Social Science Division Travel Grants
Grants of up to $2500 (and 2 at $5000) for students who have been admitted to candidacy to help defray the costs of travel to pursue a specific research goal critical to the dissertation.  Travel must be completed by May of the year following application (e.g., apply Spring 2018, travel completed by May 2019).  These grants incorporate the old Special Overseas Fellowships, and the grants from the Janco, Renck, and Orin Williams Funds.  
Kelly Pollock;  773-795-3238                          
Office of the Dean of Students, Division of the Social Sciences, Foster Hall 107      
Deadline: May 5 (in 2017) (Watch for e-mail announcements.)

Nicholson Center Graduate Fellowships – for research in the British Isles
Pre-Dissertation travel grants for up to 3 months to anywhere in the British Isles (including Ireland) for students in the Humanities or Social Sciences who, at the time of application, are post-qualifying exams & who “need not have yet had a dissertation proposal.”  Research must be completed in the British Isles but need NOT have the British Isles as a primary focus (e.g., work on Africa, South Asia, East Asia, North America, or the West Indies that requires research in the British Isles qualifies).            
Nicholson Center for British Studies, Classics Rm 112           
Jeanne Fitzsimmons  773-834-3403     
Deadline:  November 20 (2014)   and April 9 (in 2015).

Pozen Human Rights Program Internships
20 internships of $5000 to work with non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies, and international bodies around the world in human rights work.  Application is open to graduate students and 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students in the College (graduating seniors are NOT eligible). Students apply in the fall; the Human Rights Program then helps them identify an ideal host organization and to plan an internship experience that satisfies both the student’s and the organization’s goals and expectations. Applicants are encouraged to work in organizations or regions that complement their academic interests, but the internships are NOT intended to fund research.  During Winter break/Quarter interns develop a lost of potential host organizations of interest to them and begin making contacts.  By the end of Winter quarter all interns should have a confirmed placement.  Spring quarter is dedicated to the development of a concrete work plan.  In collaboration with their host organizations, interns identify tangible projects whose completion meets both students’ and organizations’ goals.  Interns are required to take one of the three Human Rights core sequence courses prior to the start of their internship.            
Human Rights Program, 5720 S. Woodlawn           
(773) 834-0957; FAX (773) 702-9266                    
Deadline: Early November. Applications available in late September

Pozen Human Rights Graduate Research Grants
Awards of up to $5000 for doctoral students in any year of their program.  Can be used for travel or other expenses related to research projects such as books, software, copying costs, temporary lodging, costs of recording devices or cameras, etc; proposal should be for projcts that can be carried out at some poing during the 5 quarters subsequent to the time of application (eg Summer 2014 thru Summer 2015) .  Proposal related to faculty-directed human rights projects (The Crisis of Humanitarianism; Health and Human Rights; Human Rights at Home; and Rights and Duties) are particularly welcome.      
Pozen Family Center for Human Rights, 5720 S. Woodlawn            
(773) 834-0957;       
Deadline: March 28 (in 2017)  11:59 pm

Center for the Study of Race, Politics & Culture Graduate Research and Travel Grants
(On the Website, scroll down to Graduate Research and Travel Grants)
Research/Travel Grants of up to $2500 for research related to either the domestic or international aspects of the study of race and ethnicity.  Preference is given to dissertation-related research, but other projects will be considered. Grants may be used to supplement other small grants, but cannot be combined to yield support of more than $5000. Application consists of a description of the proposed research, a detailed budget, a CV,  and 1 letter of recommendation.
CSRPC, 5733 S. University, Room 2004; 773-702-8063,
Deadline:  April 4 (in 2017)    5:00 pm

Fuerstenberg Fellowships            
Scholarships of $1500-$5000 for in-residence (in the first four years of study) University ofChicago doctoral students demonstrating financial need.  Criteria: academic excellence, record of Jewish community involvement, studies/research in a variety of areas of Jewish studies, broadly defined.            
Jessic Smith, Office of Graduate Affairs
Levi Hall (ADM) 222, 773-834-7378              
Deadline: April 17 (in 2015)

COSAS (Committee on Southern Asian Studies)
Annual fellowship competition for  students who have completed two years of course work in a program of graduate study directly relevant to Southern Asian Studies.  COSAS fellowships are of four kinds: (1) dissertation support [applicants must have been admitted to candidacy; this category of award has priority over the other two;  (2) summer language study support; (3) short-term pre-dissertation overseas travel; and (4) other.  There is a 7-Quarter (at a maximum of $4800/quarter) career maximum of support by COSAS funds for each student, and all awards held during and after summer 1996 count toward this maximum; students are also limited to six quarters of support in category (1), and to a maximum of 3 quarters of support in any given year.  Students must apply annually for funds for the coming year.     Watch for the annual announcement of this competition.  Applications are on line.                          
Committee on Southern Asian Studies                        
Kelly Hall 104; 5848 S. University Ave                         
(773) 834-9994; FAX (312) 702-1309 (Irving Birkner)    
Deadline (receipt):  mid-Spring  (check the Website beginning in Winter Quarter)

Center for East Asia Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Grants in Chinese, Japanese, & Korean Studies
Grants of up to $3000 each to support pre-dissertation research in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Studies.  The grants are intended to enable students to lay the foundations for their research plans - - e.g., to survey archival holdings, to identify and meet with scholars or other advisers.            
Center for East Asian Studies
1155 East 60th  St. Rm 310,  Chicago, IL 60637
For further information contact             
Deadline: approx April 10, annually  (April 10 in 2017)

Center for East Asian Studies – Japanese Studies Professional Training Grants/IUC Supplemental Grants
The professional training grant is intended to fund participation in organized courses and workshops that offer training in specific skills essential to the student’s dissertation research or professional profile and not available at the University of Chicago.  This training may include but is not limited to: specialized language training courses and language pedagogy. (A frequent use is to supplement partial tuition awards and provide travel expenses to the Inter-University Center in Yokohama.)            
Center for East Asian Studies
1155 East 60th  St. Rm 310            
Deadline:  April 15 approx.  (April 13 in 2015)

France Chicago Center Fellowships
Summer Research Fellowship. One award of $5000 to a graduate student in the Humanities or Social Sciences whose research (dissertation or pre-field) focuses all or in part on France from 1600 to the present.
Francois Furet Travel Grants.  Eight $2000 awards to defray expenses associated with a short-term research project or intensive language-study program in France.
Sciences Po Exchange Fellowship One Dissertation Fellowship of $13,500 for research in France at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris.

Application forms are on the Web
Dan Bertsche, France Chicago Center                          
Harper West 401,  1116 East 59th Street, Chicago 60637                          
(773) 702-3662;  FAX (773) 702-5848;
Deadline: April 16, in 2018    

Collège de France Exchange Fellowship
One $26,000 fellowship per year for a year-long affiliation with the Collège de France in Paris to support the fellow’s doctoral dissertation research. There is no citizenship requirement. Fellowmust be admitted to doctoral candidacy by the start of the award, must have a compelling reasons to conduct research in France and should be able to convincingly articulate why an affiliation with the Collège de France would be particularly beneficial at this stage of career. Fellows will be expected to be primarily based in Paris.            
Jessica Smith, Office of Graduate Student Affairs            
Levi Hall (ADM) 222.
Deadline: January 16 in 2018

EHESS (École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales)/Social Science Division Exchange            
Fellowship (airfare, tuition at the École and a monthly stipend) for Dissertation Research (up to 6 months) in Paris affiliated with the École and under the supervision of a member of the École faculty. Requires admission to doctoral candidacy by Autumn of the academic year of departure. Applications available from the Social Science Dean of Students (Foster 107) or on the SSDOS Website.
Information from Kelly Pollock, Associate Dean of Students
Foster 102, (773) 795-3238                          
Applicants should meet with Kelly Pollock prior to application.            
Deadline:  April 28 (in 2015)

Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS)/ Tinker Field Research Grants
Travel grants for graduate students (MA or PhD level in all fields) to conduct preliminary field research of 4-12 weeks in Iberia or the Spanish or Portuguese-speaking countries of Latin America.  Grants cover airfare and in-country travel only.                           
Center for Latin American Studies                          
Kelly Hall 109A (5848 S. University)                          
Chicago, IL 60637; (773) 702-8420    Jamie Gentry            
Deadline:  March 2016 (Applications will be available in January)

Dissertation Fellowships

Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fellowships
The Liebmann Fellowship provides tuition and a stipend of $18,000 for up to 3 years. Candidates must be US citizens and must be conducting research in the United States.  Competition is conducted internally within the University: each Department may forward one candidate to the University’s field of candidates, from which 3 nominees will be chosen to send to the national competition.  There is a financial-need component to this fellowship (and tax forms from the two prior years plus a current FAFSA form must be forwarded with application materials).  Divisional nominees have typically been students who will be in their 5th or 6th year of study at the time they begin the fellowship – tho occasionally nominees have been drawn from 4th year ranks.  The Division supplements awards of winners who are still on GAI funds.
Request for applications come out via e-mail in late October.            
Deadline:  December 10 (in 2015)

Hannah Holborn Gray Fellowship in Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences
A Division of Social Science “Dissertation”-level fellowship which provides tuition and a stipend of $30,000 per year for two years. Application is only open to fourth-year students who have reasonable expectation of being able to complete the dissertation by the end of year six.  Applications for the Gray Fellowship are solicited at the same time as the other Divisional/Departmental Dissertation Year Fellowships.
Deadline: March 20 (in 2015)

Harper Dissertation Fellowships
$23,000 Final-Dissertation-Year Fellowship awarded in the Division of the Social Sciences.  Department is allowed to nominate one candidate.  Fellows are expected to be in the last year of write up and to receive the PhD within 12-18 months of commencing the award.  Nominations are due to the central administration each year in mid-April.  Preliminary application will be requested each year in March. (The same application is used for consideration for Harper, Markovitz, Mellon, and Watkins)
Deadline: March 20 (in 2015)

Mellon 6th Year Dissertation Fellowships
$23,000 Dissertation Completion fellowships funded by the Mellon Foundation for students who will be able to finish a dissertation in their sixth year in the program.  (This means that for 2014-15 only students who started the program in 2009 or later and are ready to complete the dissertation will be eligible for consideration.  The Department considers its potential nominees along with the Harper and Markovitz nominations.
Deadline: March 20 (in 2015)

Markovitz Dissertation Fellowships
This is a Division of Social Sciences Dissertation-level fellowship (one per year) which provides tuition    and a stipend of $23,000.  The dissertation must explore some aspect of the linkages and influences between social and economic behavior.  The research should consider from a disciplinary perspective the connection between the social and commercial spheres of life.  Each Department in the Division is allowed to nominate one candidate per year; nominees must be in a position to complete the dissertation by the end of the fellowship tenure.  The Department considers its potential nominees along with the Harper and Mellon nominations.
Deadline: March 20 (in 2015)

Benjamin Bloom Dissertation Fellowships
Another Division of Social Science Dissertation-level fellowship which provides tuition and a stipend of $20,000.  The dissertation must relate to the field of education.  Bloom, Harper, Markovitz, Mellon and Watkins all use the same application, which is circulated via e-mail.
Deadline: March 20 (in 2015)

Pozen Human Rights Dissertation Completion Fellowship
$23,000 fellowship open to doctoral candidates in the Humanities or Social Sciences engaged in the study of human rights who have been formally admitted to candidacy and will have completed all field work for the Dissertation by September of the year in which the fellowship is to begin.  Recipients of the fellowship are expected to participate in the intellectual life of the Human Rights Program.            
Susan Gzesh,
Human Rights Program, 5720 S. Woodlawn Avenue           
Deadline: April 12 (in 2015) 12:00 Noon

Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality Dissertation Fellowship
$21,000 dissertation write-up fellowship open to candidates from all disciplines.  Any dissertation focusing on matters of gender/sexuality is eligible for consideration.  Residence at the Center for Gender Studies during the academic year of the fellowship is required – office space is provided.  Fellow is also expected to participate in and present at the Gender and Sexuality Studies Workshop.
Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality                          
5733 S. University, Chicago, IL 60637    
Deadline: April 3 (in 2015), 5:00 pm

Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture and the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality Dissertation Fellowship
Dissertation write-up fellowship of $21,000 (+$1000 travel/research budget + office space at the Race Center).  Application is open to PhD candidates from all disciplines who are working in the intersection of the topics of race and ethnicity AND gender and/or sexuality studies. Fellows are expected to be in residence at CSRPC/CSGS for the year of the fellowship and to participate in the intellectual life of the two centers.            
5733 S. University Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637
Deadline:  April 3 (in 2015) 5:00 pm.     

Center for the Study of Race Politics and Culture Dissertation Fellowship
Dissertation write-up fellowship of $21,000 (+$1000 travel/research budget + office space at the Race Center). Applicants must have been admitted to candidacy and have completed all field work for the dissertation by the start date of the fellowship. Any dissertation that has as its central focus issues related to race or racialized groups will be considered.  Special consideration will be given to projects that attend to the intersection of race or ethnicity with other identities such as gender, class, sexuality and nationality.  Fellows are expected to be in residence at the Race Center during the award year and to present work at one of the Reproduction of Race and Racial Ideologies Workshop meetings and to actively participate in the workshop and other activities sponsored by the Race Center            
Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture            
5733 S. University Ave, Chicago, IL 60637            
773-834-8736;  Kafi Moragne-Patterson            
Deadline: April 3 (in 2015) 5:00 pm

Center for East Asian Studies Dissertation Writing Fellowships
Dissertation write-up fellowships (18K) for students in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean studies; research for the dissertation must be completed, and priority is given to those who have a chapter or two of the dissertation completed.  Formal admission to candidacy is required.                          
Fellowships Committee, Center for East Asian Studies
1155 East 60th Rm 310
(773) 702-8647; FAX (773) 702-8260            
Deadline:  April 13 (in 2015)