Journals & Online Publications

Departmental publications

Chicago Anthropology Exchange
Since 1953, Exchange has been edited and produced collectively by graduate students in the Anthropology Department at the University of Chicago. It has provided a forum for socio-cultural, linguistic, historical, and archaeological debate and experiment.

Anthropology publications online

an online portal to full text anthropological resources, including journals published by the American Anthropological Association. See the list of publications available through AnthroSource.

WIley Online Library: Anthropology

a not-for-profit service that enables discovery, access, and preservation of scholarly content.

Project Muse
an online database of more than 200 journals from nonprofit publishers.

Archival projects, directories, and databases

Anthropology Review Database
a high quality, user-friendly resource that will aid scholars in keeping abreast of, and evaluating the quality of, the rapidly expanding literature in anthropology and its sister fields.

Open-Access Anthropology Journals
from the Directory of Open-Access Journals

Public Anthropology Journal Archive Project

Professional publications

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Online, The Chronicle is published every weekday and is the top destination for news, advice, and jobs for people in academe. In print, The Chronicle is published in two sections: Section A, which contains news and jobs, and The Chronicle Review, a magazine of arts and ideas.