Anthropologists in Other Departments

E. Summerson Carr

(PhD, University of Michigan 2004; Associate Professor, School of Social Service Administration) linguistic and sociocultural anthropology; anthropology of social work and social welfare; charisma; complex institutions; drugs; knowledge, epistemology, and expertise; personhood; psychotherapies; United States.

Jennifer Cole

(PhD, Berkeley 1996; Professor, Department of Comparative Human Development, Chair, Committee on African Studies) socio-cultural anthropology; anthropology of youth and generational change; memory and forgetting; historical anthropology; Christianity; migration, gender and sexuality; Madagascar, Africa and France.   

Alireza Doostdar

(Ph.D., Harvard, Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies, 2012; Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies and Anthropology of Religion in the Divinity School) anthropology of religion, Islam, modernity and the supernatural in Iran, Islamic spiritual cinema, modernist universalist religious movements, state enganlements with sorcery, and the decades-old project of Isalmizing the sciences in Iran.

Damien Droney

(PhD, Stanford University 2016; Postdoctoral Researcher and Instructor at the Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge) Politics of science, technology, and medicine in postcolonial Africa.

Michele Friedner

PhD, University of California at Berkeley, 2011; Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Human Development) category and experience of deafness and disability, particularly in urban India.

Genevieve Lakier

Genevieve Lakier (PhD U Chicago 2014; Assistant Professor, University of Chicago Law School) law and society, legal anthropology, liberalism and the ideology of freedom of speech, the legal regulation of sexuality, criminal law and the juridical conception of fault.

John Lucy

(PhD U Chicago 1987; William Benton Professor, Department of Comparative Human Development) linguistic anthropology, psychological anthropology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social theory, Mayan language and culture.

Eugene Raikhel

(PhD, Princeton 2006; Assistant Professor; Department of Comparative Human Development) cultural and medical anthropology, with interests encompassing the anthropology of science, biomedicine and psychiatry; addiction and its treatment; suggestion and healing; and post-socialist transformations in Eurasia.

Michael Rossi

(PhD MIT, History and Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Society, 2011; Assistant Professor of the History of Medicine, Department of History) history of medicine and science in the United States from the nineteenth century to the present, historical and cultural methphysics of the body: how different people at different times understood questions of beauty, truth, falsehood, pain, pleasure, goodness, and reality vis-a-vis their corporeal selves and those of others.

Richard Shweder

Richard A. Shweder (PhD Harvard 1972; Professor, Department of Comparative Human Development) cultural psychology, comparative ethics, culture theory, pluralism, cultural collisions, immigration, social cognition, comparative health and human development; India.