Ralph W. Nicholas


Contact Information

Email: r-nicholas@uchicago.edu
Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

(PhD, U Chicago 1962) William Rainey Harper Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and of Social Sciences in the College and Chair of the Board of Trustees of the American Institute of Indian Studies, does research on South Asian societies and cultures with an emphasis on Bengal. He has done research on religion, including Hindu rites, middle period Bengali narrative, and the relationship between Hinduism and Islam in South Asia. He also has studied kinship and families in Bengal. (Retired 6/00)

Selected Publications

Year Title / Publications PDF
2016 Thirteen Festivals: A Ritual Year in Bengal. Delhi: RCS and Orient BlackSwan Publishers.
2013 Night of the Gods: Durga Puja in Bengali Society. Delhi: Chronicle Books.
2008 Rites of Spring: Gajan in Village Bengal. Delhi: Chronicle Books.
2002 The Fruits of Worship: Practical Religion in Bengal. Delhi: Chronicle Books.
1982 The village mother in Bengal. In J.J. Preston, ed., Mother Worship: Theme and Variations. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, pp. 192-209.
1981 The goddess Sitala and epidemic smallpox in Bengal. Journal of Asian Studies 41:21-44.
1977 (with Ronald B. Inden) _Kinship in Bengali Culture. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.