Mareike Winchell


Contact Information

Office: Haskell 205
Phone: (773) 702-6755

(PhD UC Berkeley 2015; Assistant Professor) Mareike Winchell is a sociocultural anthropologist with interests in indigeneity and nationalism; political subjectivity; the ethics of exchange and kinship; wealth, duty, and authority; ritual and place-making; cartography and territory; and how histories of colonial violence reverberate in and refract the present. Her current book project, After Servitude: Cartographies of Indigenous Belonging in Bolivia, asks about the practices by which people inhabit the aftermaths of labor servitude and what becomes of these practices given state efforts to remap rural lives. Melding ethnographic and interview-based research with archival materials, spatial analysis, and political theory, the book argues that the Bolivian government’s decolonizing agrarian reform distributes greater rights and resources to vulnerable groups while at the same time also recalibrating existing ways of addressing a bonded past. She is also undertaking research for a second, related archival project, Just Documents: Property, Possession, and Bolivia's Decolonial Archive, which explores how former domestic servants in Bolivia sought to recast the often-violent intimacies of agrarian servitude as a basis for land claims following the state’s abolition of forced hacienda labor in 1953. By lingering with the gaps in the Bolivian government’s agrarian archive, the work attends to bureaucratic opacity as an expression of some Quechua groups’ refusals of the goods afforded through mid-20th century projects of revolutionary reform. Finally, she is developing a collaborative media project focused on the cultivation of embodied forms of history in the production of Quechua-language documentary films.

Selected Publications

Year Title / Publications PDF
n.d. Just Documents? Property, Possession, and the Postcolonial Archive. Book Project.
n.d. "Matters of Bureaucracy: Mediation, Governance, and the Politics of Touch." Article manuscript.
n.d. After Servitude: Cartographies of Indigenous Belonging in Bolivia. Book manuscript.
n.d. "Unsettling Injury: Polluting pasts and ritualized reckonings in Ayopaya Bolivia." In preparation for journal submission.
2018 "After Servitude: Bonded Histories and the Encumbrances of Exchange in Indigenizing Bolivia." Journal of Peasant Studies 45 (2): 453-473. PDF
2017 "Economies of obligation: Patronage as relational wealth in Bolivian gold mining." HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 7 (3): 1-25. PDF
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