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(PhD Estadual de Campinas 1975; Professor Emerita) Sociocultural anthropology, Amazonian ethnology, traditional peoples’ land and intellectual rights, indigenous history, ethnicity, slavery and emancipation; Brazil. (Out of Residence 2010-11)

Selected Publications

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2002 (w/ Mauro Almeida) A Enciclopédia da Floresta: o Alto Juruá. Práticas e Conhecimentos das Populações. São Paulo: Editora Companhia das Letras.
2001 (w/ Mauro Almeida) Global Environmental Changes and Traditional People. In D. Hogan and M. Tommalsquim, eds. Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change: Brazilian Perspectives. Rio de Janeiro: Academia Brasileria de Ciências, 79-98.
2001 Role of UNESCO in the Defense of Traditional Knowledge. In P. Seitel, ed., Safeguarding Traditional Cultures: A Global Assessment. Washington, DC: Smithsonian/UNESCO.
2000 (w/ Mauro Almeida) “Indigenous People, Traditional Peopla and Conservation in the Amazon,” in Brazil: Burden of the Past, Promise of the Future. Daedalus, Journal of the American Academy of Sciences. 129(2): 315-338.
1995 Children, Politics and Culture: the Case of Brazilian Indians. In. S. Stephens, ed., Children and the Politics of Culture. Princeton University Press, 282-291.
1994 O futuro da questao indigena. Estudos Avancados.
1994 (Co-ed. w/ E. Viveiros de Castro), Amazonia: Etnologia e Historia Indigena, São Paulo, NHII, USP.
1993 Imagens de indios do Brasil: o seculo XVI. In Ana Pizarro, ed., America Latina: Palavra, literatura e cultura. Campinas, Brazil: Editora da Unicamp, pp. 151-172.
1992 Legislacao Indigenista no seculo XIX. Sao Paulo, EDUSP e Comissao pro-Indio, 362 pp.
1992 (Editor) Historia dos Indios no Brasil. Sao Paulo, Cia. das Letras, FAPESP/SMC, 612 pp.
1991 Cannibalisme. In P. Bonte and M. Izard, eds., Dictionnaire de l’Ethnologie et de l’Anthropologie. Paris, Presses Universitaires de Frances, p. 124.
1991 Custom is not a Thing, it is a Path: Reflections on the Brazilian Indian Case. In A. An’naim, ed., Human Rights in Cross-Cultural Perspectives. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, pp. 276-294.
1990 Notes and Documents. Introduction to “On the Amelioration of Slavery” (1816) by Henry Koster. Slavery and Abolition, A Journal of Comparative Studies II(3):368-376.