Karin D. Knorr Cetina


Contact Information

Office: Social Science 424
Phone: (773) 702-4333
Email: karin.knorr@uni-konstanz.de, knorr@uchicago.edu
Website: n/a

(PhD, U of Vienna 1971) Otto Borchert Distinguished Service Professor of Anthropology, Sociology and of the Social Sciences in the College and Chair of the Sociology Department specializes in economic anthropology/sociology, the anthropology of science, knowledge and technology, globalization and global society studies, contemporary social theory, and qualitative methods.

Selected Works

Selected Publications

Year Title / Publications PDF
n.d. Maverick Markets: The Virtual Societies of Financial Markets. Completed book manuscript ready for submission.
2017 Dimensionen und Dynamiken synthetischer Gesellschaften (Dimensions and Dynamics of Synthetic Societies). Friedrich Krotz, Cathrin Despotovic, and Merle-Marie Kruse, eds., Mediatisierung als Metaprozess: Transformationen, Formen der Entwicklung und die Generierung von Neuem.
2016 Österreichische Soziologie im globalen Wettbewerb-ein transatlantischer Blick zurück und in die Zukunft (Austrian Sociology within a Global competition-a Transatlantic Perspective on its Past and Future). Helmut Staubmann, ed., Soziologie in Österreich-Internationale Verflechtungen.
2016 Wissenskulturen-Wissenschaftliche Praxis und gesellschaftliche Ordnung (Scientific Cultures-Scientific Practice and Social Order). Nina Baur, Chistina Besio, Maria Norkus, and Grit Petschick eds., Wissen-Organisation-Forschungspraxis. Der Makro-Meso-Mikro-Link in der Wissenschaft.
2015 Living Data in Financial Markets--Concepts and Consequences" In ed. Florian Süssenguth, Die Gesellschaft der Daten--Über die digitale Transformation der sozialen Ordnung. Bielefeld.
2015 What is a Financial Market? Global Markets as Media-Institutional Forms. In eds. Patrick Apers and Nigel Dodd, Re-Imagining Economic Sociology. Oxford University Press.
2015 (with Werner Reichmann) Professional Epistemic Cultures. In eds. Ines Langemeyer, Martin Fischer, and Michaela Pfadenhauer, Epistemic and Learning Cultures--Woher und wohin sich Universitäten entwickeln. Weinheim: Beltz Juventa.
2014 What if the Screens Went Black? The Coming of Software Agents. In eds. Beate Geissler and Oliver Sann, Volatile Smile. Nürnberg: Verlag für Moderne Kunst.
2014 Instituionist Theorizing. In R. Swedberg, ed., Theorizing in the Social Sciences: Turning to the Context of Discovery. Stanford University Press.
2012 What is a Financial Market? Global Markets as micro-institutional and post-traditional forms. In: Karin Knorr Cetina and Alex Preda (eds.) Handbook of the Sociology of Finance. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
2012 Handbook of the Sociology of Finance. (ed with Alex Preda) Oxford: Oxford University Press.
2010 Financial Analysis: Epistemic Profile of an Evaluative Science. In C. Camic, et al., eds., Knowledge Making, Use and Evaluation in the Social Sciences. University of Chicago Press.
2010 The Epistemics of Information: A Logic of Knowledge Consumption. Journal of Consumer Culture. 10(2):1-31.
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2005 How Are Global Markets Global? The Architecture of a Flow World. In Knorr Cetina & Prada, eds., The Sociology of Financial Markets.
2005 (Ed. w/ A. Prada) The Sociology of Financial Markets. Oxford University Press.
2003 From Pipes to Scopes: The Flow Architecture of Financial Markets. Distinktion. 7: 7-23.
2002 Inhabiting Technology: Features of a Global Lifeform. Current Sociology. July Special Issue on The Sociology of Technology.
2002 (w/ Urs Bruegger) Global Microstructures: The Virtual Societies of Financial Markets. American Journal of Sociology. 107(4): 905-950.
2001 Transparency Regimes and Management by Content in Global Organizations: The Case of Institutional Currency Trading. Journal of Knowledge Management.
2000 (w/ Urs Bruegger) The Market as an Object of Attachment: Exploring Postsocial Relations in Financial Markets. Canadian Journal of Sociology. 25(2): 141-168
1999 Epistemic Cultures: How the Sciences Make Knowledge. Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Press.
1997 Sociality with Objects: Social Relations in Postsocial Knowledge Societies. Theory, Culture and Society. 14(4): 1-30.
1995 How Superorganisms Change: Consensus Formation and the Social Ontology of High-Energy Physics Experiments. Social Studies of Science. 25: 119-47.
1992 The Couch, the Cathedral and the Lab: On the Relationship between Experiment and Laboratory Science. In A. Pickering, ed., Science as Practice and Culture. University of Chicago Press.
1981 The Manufacture of Knowledge: An Essay on the Constructivist and Contextual Nature of Science. Oxford: Pergamon Press.