Associate Professor of Anthropology and of the Social Sciences in the College; Director of Graduate Studies

PhD, University of Michigan, 2008

On leave 2022-23

Alice Yao focuses her research on the impact of the Han Empire's conquest of frontier regions and seeks to explain the variable ways different communities and social classes respond to momentous changes in local history. Currently she is conducting an archaeological survey project in Southwestern China, which aims to recover the settlement sites of a local Bronze Age polity known as the "Dian" before its incorporation by the Han Empire. This ongoing project investigates the genesis of the Dian polity in relation to control over bronze production and the regional trade network developing between China and Southeast Asia.

Contact Information

Office: Haskell 318
Phone: (773) 702-8674

Watch Alice Yao discuss her research in southwest China

Selected Publications

Mapping past human land use using archaeological data: A new classification for global land use synthesis and data harmonization. PLOS ONE.

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Book cover of "The Ancient Highlands of Southwest China"

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