Manuela Carneiro da Cunha

(PhD, University of Campinas 1975) Professor of Anthropology and of Social Sciences in the College, has dealt with indigenous Amazonian cultures, the re-emigration of freed slaves to West Africa in the nineteenth century and the history of Brazilian legislation and policy towards indigenous peoples from the 16th century to the present, focusing on ethnicity, history and myth. She has been much involved with indigenous rights in Brazil; she is presently conducting a multi-disciplinary pilot project in the Amazon on the sustainability of extractive reserves and on Amazonian ethnoscience. 

Judith B. Farquhar

(PhD U Chicago 1986; Max Palevsky Professor Emerita) Medical anthropology; anthropology of everyday life; popular culture studies; post-structural and critical theory; China.

James W. Fernandez

(PhD Northwestern 1962; D Honoris Causa Amherst 1993; UNED-Spanish National University 2015; Professor Emeritus; joint appointment with History of Culture) Cultural anthropology; narrative and narrative ethnography; trope theory; culture change; Africa; Europe; Western Mediterranean; Atlantic Fringe (Celtic World).

McKim Marriott

(PhD U Chicago 1955; Professor Emeritus) Cultural anthropology; ethnosociology and ethnopsychology; formal methods; simulations; South Asia; Japan.

Ralph W. Nicholas

(PhD U Chicago 1962; William Rainey Harper Professor Emeritus; President, American Institute of Indian Studies) Cultural, social, and psychological anthropology; religion; kinship; South Asia, Bengal.