Recent Job Placements (2012)

Start date Autumn 2012 unless otherwise noted

Aaron Ansell
S/C, Latin America-Brazil
Committee: Michael Silverstein*, Manuela Carneiro da Cunha, Dain Borges, Claudio Lomnitz, Moishe Postone
Visiting Assistant Professor (spousal hire), Religion and Culture, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Christopher Ball
S/C- Jt. w/ Linguistics, Latin America-Brazil
Committee: Michael Silverstein*, Manuela Carneiro da Cunha, Amy Dahlstrom, Susan Gal, Jerrold Sadock
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Anthropology/Economics/Political Science, MacEwan University, Edmonton, Alberta

J. Bernard Bate
S/C, South Asia-India
Committee:  Paul Friedrich*, McKim Marriott, Arjun Appadurai, John Kelly, E. Valentine Daniel
Associate Professor (Tenured), Social Sciences/Anthropology, Yale-National University of Singapore

Andrew Bauer
Archaeology, South Asia-India
Committee: Kathleen Morrison*, Adam T. Smith, Mark Lycett, Carla Sinopoli
Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Archaeology (Tenure Track), University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign

Frank Bechter
S/C-Ling, US-Deaf Studies
Committee:  Michael Silverstein*, Susan Gal, Peter Seitel
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology, James Madison University

Greg Beckett
S/C, Latin America-Haiti
Committee: Stephan Palmie*/[Rolph Trouillot*], John Comaroff, John Kelly
Assistant Professor of Anthropology (Tenure Track), Bowdoin College

David Bholat
S/C – Financial, Europe-Britain
Committee:  Jean Comaroff*, John Kelly, Moishe Postone
Analyst, Bank of England

Alexander Blanchette
S/C, US-Agribusiness
Committee: Joseph Masco*, Susan Gal, Judith Farquhar, Jessica Cattelino, Brad Weiss
Assistant Professor of Anthropology (Tenure Track), Tufts University (to begin 2013)
Weatherhead Fellow, School of Advanced Research-Santa Fe, 2012-13

Kerry Chance
S/C, Africa-South Africa
Committee: Jean Comaroff*, John Comaroff, Judith Farquhar, Susan Gal
ACLS New Faculty Fellow, Social Anthropology, Harvard University

Nusrat Chowdhury
S/C, South Asia-Bangladesh
Committee: William Mazzarella*/Dipesh Chakrabarty*, Jean Comaroff, John Comaroff, Joseph Masco
Assistant Professor of Anthropology (Tenure Track), Amherst College

Andrew Gilbert
S/C, Southeast Euopre-Bosnia-Herzegovina
Committee: Susan Gal*, John Comaroff, John Kelly, Victor Friedman
Assistant Professor of Anthropology (Tenure Track), McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

Kathryn Goldfarb
S/C, East Asia-Japan
Committee:  Judith Farquhar*, Michael Fisch, Susan Gal, Danilyn Ruthrford
Postdoctoral Fellow, Program on US-Japan Relations, Harvard University

João Felipe Gonçalves
S/C, Latin America – Cuba/Miami
Committee: Stephan Palmié*, Susan Gal, Dain Borges, Lisa Wedeen
Postdoctoral Lecturer, Latin American Studies Program, University of Chicago

Andrew Graan
S/C, SE Europe-Macedonia
Committee: Susan Gal*, Michael Silverstein, Victor Friedman
Lecturer in Anthropology, University of Virginia

Jessica Greenberg
S/C, Southeast Europe-Serbia
Committee: Susan Gal*, Jean Comaroff, Victor Friedman, Lisa Wedeen, Elizabeth Povinelli
Assistant Professor of Anthropology (Tenure Track), University of Illinois-Urbana

Rebecca Graff
Arch, US-urban
Committee:  Shannon Dawdy*/Michael Dietler*, Raymond Fogelson, Anna Agbe-Davies
Postdoctoral Lecturer, Social Science Collegiate Division, University of Chicago

D. Ryan Gray
Archaeology, US-New Orleans
Committee: Shannon Dawdy*, Alan Kolata, François Richard
Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Archaeology (Tenure Track), University of New Orleans

Byron Hamann
S/C- Jt. w/ History, Mexico/Spain
Committee: Kathleen Morrison*/Tama Herzog*, Manuela Carneiro da Cunha,
Constantine Fasolt, William Christian
Assistant Professor of Art History (Tenure Track), Ohio State University

Anita Hannig
S/C-Medical, Africa-Ethiopia
Committee: Jean Comaroff*, Judith Farquhar, Emily Osborn, Adeline Masquelier
Florence Levy Kay Fellow in Medical Anthropology, Brandeis University

Matthew Hill
S/C, Latin America-Cuba, World Heritage Sites
Committee: Susan Gal*/Claudio Lomnitz*, Stephan Palmié, Saskia Sassen
Associate Director, Center for Heritage and Society, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Laura-Zoe Humphreys
S/C- Jt. w/ Cinema/Media Studies, Latin America-Cuba
Committee: William Mazzarella*/Tom Gunning*, Stephan Palmié, Lauren Berlant
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities/Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University

Jeffrey S. Kahn
S/C-Legal (PhD/JD-Yale), Latin America-Haiti/US
Committee: Jean Comaroff*, John Comaroff, Joseph Masco, Stephan Palmié
Law Clerk to Judge Judith A.W. Rogers, US Court of Appeals, Washington, DC

Chelsey Kivland
S/C, Latin America/Haiti
Committee: Stephan Palmié*/Jean Comaroff*, Judith Farquhar, Greg Beckett
McKennan Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Anthropology, Dartmouth College

Michelle Lelièvre
Archaeology, North America-Nova Scotia
Committee: Kathleen Morrison*/Adam T. Smith, Shannon Dawdy, Raymond Fogelson, Cavid Christianson
Assistant Professor of American Studies/Anthropology (Tenure Track), College of William and Mary

Marina Mikhaylova
S/C, Europe-Lithuania
Committee: Susan Gal*, William Mazzarella, Michael Silverstein, Jennifer Cole
Assistant Professor (Teaching) of Anthropology, Temple University

Shunsuke Nozawa
S/C-Ling, East Asia-Japan
Committee: Michael Silverstein*, Judith Farquhar, Susan Gal
Lecturer, Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Languages & Literatures, Dartmouth College

Elayne Oliphant
S/C, Europe-France
Committee: Susan Gal*/Danilyn Rutherford*, Rachel Fulton Brown, Martha Ward
Lecturer, Anthropology, University of California at Berkeley, Autumn 2012
Visiting Assistant Professor, Sweet Briar College, Virginia, Spring 2013

Shankar Ramaswami
S/C, South Asia-India
Committee: John Comaroff*/Arjun Appadurai*, Dipesh Chakrabarty
Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, India

Gustavo Rivera
S/C, Latin America-Brazil
Committee: Stephan Palmié*, Adam T. Smith, Dain Borges
Foreign Service Consular Adjudicator (Officer), US Department of State (Brazil)

Galit Sarfaty
S/C-Legal (PhD/JD-Yale), World Bank
Committee: John Comaroff*, Joseph Masco, Jacob Levy, Sally Engel Merry
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) University of British Columbia Faculty of Law at Allard Hall

Caroline (Carly) Schuster
S/C, Latin America-Paraguay
Committee: Jessica Cattelino*/John Comaroff*, Julie Chu, Alan Kolata
Postdoctoral Fellow, Academy Scholars Program, Harvard University

James Slotta
S/C – Jt. w/ Linguistics, Oceania-Papua New Guinea
Committee: Michael Silverstein*, Susan Gal, Amy Dahlstrom, Salikoko Mufwene
Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Franklin and Marshall College

LaShandra Sullivan
S/C, Latin America-Brazil
Committee: John Comaroff*/Joseph Masco*, Dain Borges, Jean Comaroff
Predoctoral/Postdoctoral Scholar in Residence, Anthropology, Reed College

Jermey Walton
S/C, Middle East-Turkey
Committee: William Mazzarella*, John Comaroff, John Kelly, Lisa Wedeen, Hussein Agrama
Levant Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University

Hadas Weiss
S/C, Middle East-Israel/Palestine
Committee: John Kelly*, Jean Comaroff, Moishe Postone
Postdoctoral Fellow, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

Lauren Wynne
S/C, Latin America-Mexico/Yucatán
Committee: Judith Farquhar*, Joseph Masco, John Lucy
Assistant Professor of Anthropology (Tenure Track), Utica College