Recent Job Placements (2011)

Start date Autumn 2011 unless otherwise noted

Kimberly Arkin 
S/C, Europe-France
Committee: John Comaroff*, Leora Auslander, Claudio Lomnitz, Susan Gal
Assistant Professor of Anthropology (Tenure Track), Boston University

Andrew Bauer
Archaeology, South Asia-India
Committee: Kathleen Morrison*, Adam T. Smith, Mark Lycett, Carla Sinopoli
Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Archaeology (potentially Tenure Track),
DePauw University

Anya Bernstein
S/C-Legal (PhD/JD-Yale), East Asia-Taiwan
Committee: Susan Gal, Judith Farquhar, Michael Silverstein, Prasenjit Durara
Bigelow Teaching Fellow, The Law School, University of Chicago

Yarimar Bonilla
S/C, Latin America-Guadeloupe
Committee: Rolph Trouillot*/Jean Comaroff*, Stephan Palmi”e, Jennifer Cole
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Latino & Hispanic Caribbean Studies/Anthropology,
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Betsey Brada
S/C-Medical, Africa-Botswana
Committee: Jean Comaroff*, Judith Farquhar, Susan Gal, Joseph Masco, Mark Nichter
Postdoctoral Fellow, Global Health and Health Policy Program, Princeton University

Kerry Chance
S/C, Africa-South Africa
Committee: Jean Comaroff*, John Comaroff, Judith Farquhar, Susan Gal
College Fellows Program, Harvard University

Lily Chumley
S/C, East Asia-China
Committee: Judith Farquhar*, Susan Gal, Michael Silverstein
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Media, Culture, and Communication, New York University

Gabriella Coleman
S/C, US-Science/Tech
Committee: Jean Comaroff*/John Kelly*, Nadia Abu El-Haj, Gary Downey, Christopher Kelty 
Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy (Tenured), Art History & Communication Studies
McGill University

Rebecca Graff
Archaeology, US-urban
Committee:  Shannon Dawdy*/Michael Dietler*, Raymond Fogelson, Anna Agbe-Davies
Earl S. Johnson Postdoctoral Instructor, Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences,
University of Chicago

Sarah Graff
Archaeology, Middle East – Syria
Committee: Michael Dietler*, Kathleen Morrison, Adam T. Smith
Honors Faculty Fellow (Tenure Track) Barrett Honors College, Arizona State University

D. Ryan Gray
Archaeology, US-New Orleans
Committee: Shannon Dawdy*, Alan Kolata, François Richard
Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Archaeology, University of New Orleans

Chelsey Kivland -  Frederick C. Douglass PD U Rochester (declined for Newcombe)
S/C, Latin America/Haiti
Committee: Stephan Palmié*/Jean Comaroff*, Judith Farquhar, Greg Beckett
Postdoctoral Fellow, Frederick C. Douglass Institute, University of Rochester (Declined in favor of a Newcombe Dissertation Fellowship.)

Steven Kosiba
Archaeology – Latin America-Peru/Inca
Committee: Alan Kolata*/Adam T. Smith*, Michael Dietler, Kathleen Morrison, Brian Bauer
Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Archaeology (Tenure Track), University of Alabama

Hu Lin
Archaeology, East Asia-China
Committee: Adam Smith*, Kathleen Morrison, Anne Underhill
Tenure Track appointment, Department of History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Andrew Graan
S/C, SE Europe-Macedonia
Committee: Susan Gal*, Michael Silverstein, Victor Friedman
Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Wake Forest University

Marston Morgan
S/C, Oceania-New Caledonia
Committee: John Kelly*, Francois Richard, Michael Silverstien
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Department of General Studies (Tenure Track)
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia (Ultimately decided to decline)

Shunsuke Nozawa
S/C-Ling, East Asia-Japan
Committee: Michael Silverstein*, Judith Farquhar, Susan Gal
Adjunct, IES Abroad, Tokyo Program

Mihir Pandya
Committee: John Comaroff*/John Kelly*, Shannon Dawdy
Postdoctoral Research Associate; Science, Technology and Society Research Cluster;
University of Southern California

Justine Buck Quijada
S/C-Religion, Russia-Buryatia
Committee: Susan Gal*, Adam T. Smith, Elizabeth Povinelli
Assistant Professor of Religion (Tenure Track), Wesleyan University

Jonathan Rosa
S/C-Ling, US-Chicago Schools
Committee: Susan Gal*, Michael Silverstein, Kesha Fikes
Assistant Professor of Anthropology (Tenure Track), University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Kathryn Schechter
S/C-Medical, US
Committee: Raymond Fogelson*, Judith Farquhar, Michael Silverstein
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Rush Medical College, Chicago
also in private practice as a psychotherapist

Stephen K. Scott
S/C, Latin America-Bolivia
Committee: Michael Silverstein*, John Kelly, Alan Kolata, Joseph Masco
Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Barnard College

Kabir Tambar
S/C, Middle East-Turkey
Committee: Jean Comaroff*, Danilyn Rutherford, Lisa Wedeen, Saba Mahmood, Elizabeth Povinelli
Assistant Professor of Anthropology (Tenure Track), Stanford University