Recent Job Placements (2014)

Start date Autumn 2014 unless otherwise noted

Lori Allen,
S/C, Middle East-Israel Palestine
Committee: Jean Comaroff*/Nadia Abu El Haj*, William Mazzarella, Rashid Khalidi
Lecturer in Anthropology (Tenured), School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Betsey Brada
S/C-Medical, Africa-Botswana
Committee: Jean Comaroff*, Judith Farquhar, Susan Gal, Joseph Masco, Mark Nichter
Postdoctoral Fellow, Global Health and Health Policy Program, Princeton University
(Renewed for a 3rd year)

Kerry Chance
S/C, Africa-South Africa
Committee: Jean Comaroff*, John Comaroff, Judith Farquhar, Susan Gal
Postdoctoral Fellow, W.E.B. DuBois Research Institute at the Hutchins Center, Harvard University
(Declined a 3-year “Thinking Matters” PostDoc at Stanford)

Zachary Chase
Archaeology/History, Latin America-Andes
Committee: Alan Kolata*/Dain Borges*, Shannon Dawdy, Adam Smith
Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology (with promise of Tenure Track), Brigham Young University.  (Jan 2015 start)

Lauren Coyle
S/C, Africa-Ghana
Committee: John Comaroff*/Jean Comaroff*/Francois Richard*, Ralph Austen
PostDoctoral Fellowship, Committee on Social Studies, Lecturer in the Law School, Harvard University

Falina Enriquez,
S/C-Ling; Latin America-Brazil
Committee: Michael Silverstein*, Stephan Palmié, Dain Borges, Travis Jackson, Alexander Dent
Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Latin American Studies (Tenure Track), University of Wisconsin-Madison

Claudia Gastrow
S/C, Africa-Angola
Committee: Jean Comaroff*/William Mazzarella*, John Comaroff, Rachel Jean-Baptiste
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Social Anthropology, University of the Whitwatersrand

Rebecca Graff
Historical Archaeology, US-Chicago
Committee: Shannon Dawdy*/Michael Dietler*, Raymond Fogelson, Anna Agbe-Davies
Assistant Professor of Anthropology (Tenure Track), Lake Forest College

Beatirce Jauregui
S/C, South Asia-India
Committee:  John Kelly*, Jessica Cattelino, John Comaroff, Joseph Masco
Assistant Professor of Criminology, University of Toronto

Jeffrey S. Kahn
S/C, Legal Anthropology, US/Caribbean
Committee: Jean Comaroff*, John Comaroff, Joseph Masco, Stephan Palmié
Assistant Professor of Anthropology (Tenure Track), University of California at Davis (to start 2015)

Paul Kockelman
S/C-Ling, Latin America-Guatemala
Committee: Michael Silverstein, Elizabeth Povinelli, John Lucy
Full Professor, Anthropology, Yale University

Sarah Luna
S/C-Gender, Latin America-Mexico
Committee:  Susan Gal*, Julie Chu, Melissa Wright
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies, University of Houston

Maureen Marshall 
Archaeology, West Asia-Armenia
Committee: Adam Smith*, Kathleen Morrison, M.C. Lozada
Lecturer, Social Science Collegiate Division, University of Chicago;
Outreach and Communications Coordinator,
Center for East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies
University of Chicago

Jeffrey Martin
S/C, East Asia-China
Committee: Jean Comaroff*/Michael Silverstein*, Parsenjit Duara, Judith Farquhar, Jessica Cattelino
Assistant Professor of Anthropology and East Asian Languages and Cultures (Tenure Track)
University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign

Alex Mawyer
S/C, Oceania-French Polynesia
Committee: John Kelly*, Susan Gal, Michael Silverstein, Elizabeth Povinelli
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), Center for Pacific Island Studies, University of Hawaii

Simon J. May
S/C, Oceania-Fiji/British Empire
Committee: John D. Kelly*/John Comaroff*, Joseph Masco, Martha Kaplan
Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Lafayette College, Spring 2015

George Paul Meiu 
S/C, Africa-Kenya
Committee: Jean Comaroff*, Judith Farquhar, John Comaroff, Jennifer Cole
Assistant Professor of Anthropology and African/African American Studies (Tenure Track)
Harvard University

Sarah Muir
S/C, Latin America-Argentina
Committee: John Comaroff*/Elizabeth Povinelli*, Susan Gal, Claudio Lomnitz, Joseph Masco
Term Assistant Professor (3 years), Barnard College

Shankar Ramaswami
S/C, South Asia-India
Committee: Arjun Appadurai*/John Comaroff*, Dipesh Chakrabarty
Lecturer in South Asian Studies, Dept. of South Asian Studies
Harvard University (3 yrs)

David Pacifico
Archaeology, Latin America-Peru
Committee:  Alan Kolata*, François Richard, Adam T. Smith, Melissa Vogel
Lecturer, Social Science Collegiate Division, University of Chicago

Jason Ramsey
S/C/Archaeology, Latin America-Mexico
Committee: Shannon Dawdy*, Stephan Palmié, John Lucy, Julie Chu, François Richard
Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of the Fraser Valley. WinSpr 2015

Melissa Rosenszweig
Archaeology, South West Asia-Turkey
Committee:  Kathleen Morriosn*, Gil Stein, Adam Smith, Timothy Matney, Joy McCorrisoton
NEH Postdoctoral Research Fellowship,
W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research (Jerusalem), 2014-15.
Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Classics (Tenure Track), Miami University of Ohio, to begin Aut 2015

Caroline (Carly) Schuster
S/C, Latin America-Paraguay
Committee: Jessica Cattelino*/John Comaroff*, Alan Kolata, Julie Chu
Assistant Professor of Anthropology (Tenure Track),  Australian National University

LaShandra Sullivan
S/C, Latin America-Brazil
Committee: John Comaroff*, Joseph Masco, Jean Comaroff, Dain Borges
Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Studies and Anthropology/Sociology, Williams College, 2014-15
Assistant Professor of Anthropology (Tenure Track), Purdue University, starting Autumn 2015

Joshua Walker
S/C, Africa-DR Congo
Committee: Jean Comaroff*//François Richard*, John Comaroff, Filip De Boeck
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the WITS Institute for Social and Economic Research (WISER),
University of the Witwatersrand

Hadas Weiss
S/C, Middle East – Israel/Palestine
Committee: John Kelly*, Jean Comaroff, Moishe Postone
Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, Central European University