PhD Recipients

Date Name Field Geographic Area Dissertation Title
1955 Anastasio, Angelo S/C? - Intergroup Relations in the Southern Plateau
1952 Armstrong, Robert Gelston S/C Africa-SubSaharan State Formation in Negro Africa
1959 Avis, Virginia (Dept only) Phys - Brachiation and Human Society: An Appraisal
1954 Baer, Melvyn J (Dept only) Phys - Pattens of Growth of the Skull as Revealed by Vital Staining
1955 Bailey, Wilfrid C S/C NoAmer-West Social Organization of a Mormon Village
1951 Birdwhistell, Ray L S/C - Socialization and Mobility Potential
1954 Bruner, Edward M S/C Native America A Study of Cultural Change and Persistence in a Mandan-Hidatsa Indian Village
1957 Caldwell, Joseph R Arch NoAmer-East Trend and Tradition in the Prehistory of the Eastern United States
1958 Callender, Charles D S/C Native America Central Algonkain Social Organization
1950 Caudill, William S/C NoAmer-Ethnic Japanese-american Acculturation and Personality
1954 Collier, Donald Arch? S/C LatAmer-Peru Cultural Chronology and Change of the Viru Valley, Peru
1951 Collier, Malcolm S/C Native America Local Organization among the Navaho
1951 De Vos, George A (Alum only) - - -
1956 Donoghue, John D (Dept only) S/C EAsia-Japan An Eta Community in Northern Japan: A Study of Intergroup Relations
1954 Drake, St. Clair S/C Europe-Britain World Ideologies, Social Structure and Race Relations in Great Britain
1954 Emerson, John N Arch NoAmer The Archaeology of the Ontario Iroquois
1953 Fallers, Lloyd A (Tom) S/C Africa-Bantu Bantu Bureaucracy: A Study of Role Conflict and Institutional Change in the Soga Political system
1950 Fathauer, George H S/C Native America Mohave Social Organization with Special Emphasis upon Age-Sex Categories
1959 Fernea, Robert A S/C MidEast-Iraq Irrigation and Social organization among the El Shabana: A Group of Tribal Cultivators in Southern Iraq
1959 Fowler, Melvin L Arch NoAmer-MidWst The Modoc Rock Shelter: A Study of the Processes of Ecological Adaptation of Primitive Cultue in the Central Mississippi Valley Area
1954 Fox, Robert Bradford S/C SEAsia-Philippines Religion and Society among the Tagbanuwa of Palawan Island, Philippines (Eggan, )
1958 Frantz, Charles S/C EEurope-Russia The Doukhobor Political system: Social Structure and Social organization in a Sectarian Society
1953 Gavan, James A Phys Primates Growth and Development of the Chimpanzee: A Longitudinal and Comparative Study
1956 Gearing, Frederick Osmond S/C Native America History of Cherokee Political Organization
1950 Getty, Harry T S/C NoAmer-SW Interethnic Relationships in the Community of Tucson
1952 Gibson, Gordon S/C Africa-Bantu Social Organization of the Southwestern Bantu
1958 Gray, Robert F S/C Africa-East The Sonjo: An Irrigation-based Society of East Africa
1952 Halpern, Katherine Spencer S/C Native America Mythology and Values: An Analysis of Navaho Cantway Myths
1958 Helm (MacNeish), June S/C Native America The Lynx Point People: A Northern Athabascan Band
1957 Herold, Elaine Bluhm Arch NoAmer-SW Patterns of Settlement in the Southwestern United States A.D 500-1250
1958 Hickey, Gerald C S/C SEAsia-N Vietnam Social Systems of Northen Vietnam (Eggan, Norton Ginsburg, )
1953 Howell, F. Clark Phys - Cranial Base Structure in Man
1953 Kaplan, Bernice A Arch? - Technological and Social Change: Paracho, A Case in Point
1955 Kaut, Charles R S/C Native America The Western Apache Clan system: Origina and Development
1959 Kelly, Gail M S/C Africa-Ghana The Ghanaian Intelligentsia (Dept says 1959, Alumni says 1957)
1959 Kleindienst, Maxine R Arch Africa-East Composition and Significance of a Late Acheulian Assemblage Based on an Analysis of East African Occupation Sites
1958 Leacock, Seth (Alum only) - - -
1959 Leslie, Charles M S/C LatAmer-Mexico Now Are We Civilized: A Study of the World View of the Sapotec-Specaking Indians of Mitla, Oaxaca
1959 Levy, Jerrold E S/C Native America After Custer: Kiowa Political and Social organization from the Reservation Period to the Present
1958 Litvak, Ruth Marzano (Alum only) - - -
1959 Lynch, Francis X S/C - Social Class in a Bikol Town
1955 Marriott, McKim S/C SoAsia-India Caste Ranking and Community Structuring in Five Regions of India and Pakistan (Eggan, Lloyd Warner, Redfield, Tax, Crane)
1954 Mayer-Oakes, William J Arch NoAmer Fort Ancient Relationships to the Late Prehistoric Occupation of the Upper Ohio Valley
1956 McCormack, William S/C SoAsia-India Changing Leadership of a Mysore Village (Marriott?)
1956 Mendelson, Edward S/C LatAmer-Chile? Some Aspects of Religion and World View in Santiago
1959 Merrill, Robert S S/C? - Routine Innovation
1953 Mulloy, William T S/C Native America A Preliminary Historical Outline for the Northwestern Plains
1956 Murra, John V Arch LatAmer-Peru Economic Organization of the Inca State
1955 Nash, Manning S/C LatAmer-Guatemala Cantel: The Industrialization of a Guatemalan Community
1950 Neumann, Georg S/C-Phys Native America Racial Differentiation in the American Indian
1958 Park, George K S/C Europe-Norway An Afterpiece to Peasantry: A Study of Change in North Norway
1955 Pehrson, Robert Niel (Dept only) S/C Europe-Arctic? Bilateral Network of Social Relations in Konkawa Lapp District
1956 Polgar, Steven S/C - Akan Clerks: An Intermediate Group in a Situation of Culture Contact and Directed Culture Change
1956 Roberts, Robert Edward Thomas (Dept only) S/C - A Comparative Study of Social Stratification and Intermarriage in Multiracial Societies
1955 Ross, William T S/C Native America Navaho Kinship and Social Organization
1951 Rowe, Chandler W Arch NoAmer The Effigy Mound Culture of Wisconsin
1959 Sangree, Walter H S/C Africa-Bantu Structural Continuity and Change in a Bantu Tribe: The Nature and Development of Contemporary Tiriki Social Organization
1958 Sibley, Willis E S/C SEAsia-Philippines Manalad: The Maintenance of Unity and Distinctiveness in a Philippine Village (Eggan, Evett Hester, Redfield, Tax)
1950 Snodgrasse, Richard M S/C-Phys NoAmer-Chicago Physical Growth, Development, and Maturation in a Sample of Chicago Private School Boys with Special Reference to the Wetzel Grid
1958 Stanley, Sameul L S/C Native America Historical Change in Tlingit Social Structure
1951 Starr, Betty W (Dept only) S/C? Native America? Los Tuxtlas: A Study of Levels of Communal Relations
1952 Tappen, Neil C Phys - A Functional Analysis of the Face by the Split-line Technique
1951 Taylor, Herbert C S/C? Arch? - Social Change and Cultural Death: A Diachronic Study
1957 Tomashevich, George V S/C EEurope-Serbia Continuity and Change in Serbian Civilization in the Wake of the Ottoman Conquest
1958 Vidyarthi, Lalita P S/C SoAsia-India The Sacred Comples of a Traditional City of Northern India (Redfield, Singer, Marriott, Eggan)
1959 Watson, Patty Jo Arch Near East Early Village Farming in the Levant and Its Environment
1951 Wax, Rosalie S/C - The Development of Authoritarianism
1959 Weingrod, Alex S/C MidEast-Israel From the Millah to the Moshav: Culture Contact and Change in a New-Immigrant Village in Israel
1951 Whiteford, Andrew S/C - A Pattern of Intergroup Relations: A Case Study of Cooperation