PhD Recipients

Date Name Field Geographic Area Dissertation Title
1986 Abercrombie, Thomas S/C LatAmer-Bolivia The Politics of Sacrifice: An Aymara Cosmolgy in Action (Sahlins/Turner, Coatsworth, Taussig, Rice)
1963 Ablon, Joan S/C Native America Relocated American Indians in the San Francisco Bay Area: Concepts of Acculturation, Success & Identity in the City
1946 Adams, John B Arch LatAmer-Mayan Contributions to the Study of Maya Art
1965 Adams, Robert McCormack Arch Near East Level and Trend in Early Sumerian Civilization
2007 Aftandilian, David Phys Native North America Animals, Agriculture, and Religion among Native Americans in Precontact Illinois: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Perception and Representation (Dietler*/Buikstra*, Fogelson, Tom Cummins, John Opie2
2006 Ahmed, Asad Ali S/C SoAsia-Pakistan Adjucating Muslims: Law, Religion and the State in Colonial India and Post-Colonial Pakistan (Kelly*, JL Comaroff, Povinelli)
1966 Aikens, C. Melvin Arch NoAmer-Utah Plains Relationships of the Fremont Culture: A Hypothesis Based on Two Fremont-Promontory Sites in Northern Utah (Eggan, Adams, Freeman)
1987 Albert, Steven S/C Oceania-PNG The Work of Marriage and of Death: Ritual and Political Economy among the Lak [Southern New Ireland, PNG] (Munn, Valeri, Sahlins, Lewis)
1999 Albro, Robert S/C Latin America-Bolivia Hazarding Popular Spirits: Metaforces of Political Culture and Cultural Politics in Quillacollo, Bolivia (Friedrich/Fernandez, K
1999 Albro, Robert S/C LatAmer-Bolivia Hazarding Popular Spirits: Metaforces of Political Culture and Cultural Politics in Quillacollo, Bolivia (Friedrich/Fernandez, Kolata, Turner)
1973 Alexander, (Henry) Jack S/C LatAmer-Caribbean The Culture of Middle-Class Family Life in Kingston, Jamaica (Smith, Schneider, Cohn)
2005 Allen, Lori A S/C MidEast-Palestine Suffering through a Nationalist Uprising: The Cultural Politics of Human Rights, Violence, and Victimhood in Palestine (Jean Comaroff*/Abu El-Haj*, Mazzarella, Khalidi)
1986 Allison, Anne S/C EAsia-Japan Sexuality as Ideology in Present-Day Japan (Cohn, Schneider, Harootunian)
1971 Allman, John Phys Primates The Representation of the Visual Field in the Cerebral Cortex of the Owl Monkey (actus trivirgatus)
1988 Alonso, Ana Maria S/C LatAmer-Mexico Gender, Ethnicity and the Constitution of Subjects: Accommodation, Resistance, and Revolution on the Chihuahuan Frontier (Smith, JeComaroff, Katz)
2001 Altshuler, David S/C EEurope-CzechRep Anchors of Identity: Property, Morality and Difference in Czech Society (JL Comaroff*, Gal, Munn, Turner)
2015 Amaral, Adela Arch LatAmer-Mexico The Archaeology of a Maroon Reducción: Colonial Beginning to Present Day Ruination (Dawdy*, Palmié, Kolata, L.A. Lewis)
2008 Amrute, Sareeta S/C Europe-Germany Producing Mobility: Indian ITers in an Interconnected World (Povinelli*/Gal*, JeComaroff, Kelly)
1960 Amyot, Jacques S/C SEAsia-Philippines The Chinese Community of Manila: A Study of Adaptation of Chinese Familism to the Philippine Environment
1955 Anastasio, Angelo S/C? - Intergroup Relations in the Southern Plateau
1994 Anderson, Jeffrey S/C Native America Northern Arapaho Knowledge and Life Movement (Fogelson, Friedrich, Munn, MacAloon)
1998 Anderson, Patricia Arch LatAmer-Mexico Yula, Yucatan, Mexico: Terminal Classic Maya Settlement and Political Organization in the Chichen Itza Polity (Kolata, Dietler, Freeman, EW Andrews)
1971 Anderson, Robert S/C SoAsia-India The Life of Science in India: A Comparative Ethnography of Two Research Institutes (M. Singer, Shils, Schneider)
2007 Ansell, Aaron S/C LatinAmer-Brazil Zero Hunger in the Backlands: Neoliberal Welfare and the Assault on Clientelism in Brazil (Silverstein*, Carneiro da Cunha, Borges, Postone, Lomnitz)
2008 Arkin, Kimberly S/C Europe-France ‘It’s the French and the Arabs against the Jews’: Identity Politics and the Construction of Adolescent Jewishness in France (JL Comaroff*, Lomnitz, Auslander)
1952 Armstrong, Robert Gelston S/C Africa-SubSaharan State Formation in Negro Africa
2004 Arndt, Grant P. S/C Native No.America No Middle Ground: Ho-Chunk Powwows and the Struggle for Socail Space in Native Wisconsin (Fogelson*, Povinelli, Silverstein, AT Straus)
1970 Aronson, Daniel S/C Africa-Nigeria Cultural Stability and Social Change Among the Modern Ijebu Yoruba (LeVine, Fallers, Nash)
2006 Asher, Thomas S/C SoAsia-India Bombay Dyeing and the Future of Laborers Past: Politics and Social Welfare in the Cotton Mills, 1918— (Kelly*, Mazzarella, JeComaroff)
1973 Attinasi, John S/C-Ling LatAmer-Mexico Lak T'an: A Grammar of the Chol (Mayan) Word (Friedrich, McQuown, Ramanujan)
1997 Auslander, Mark S/C Africa-Zambia Fertilizer Has Brought Poison: Crises of Reproduction in Ngoni Society and History [Zambia] (JeComaroff, JL Comaroff, Sahlins, Munn)
1974 Austin-Broos, Diane S/C LatAmer-Caribbean Symbols and Ideologies of Class in Urban Jamaica: A Cultural Analysis of Class (Smith, Cohn, Fallers)
1959 Avis, Virginia (Dept only) Phys - Brachiation and Human Society: An Appraisal
1998 Axel, Brian S/C SoAsia-India Promise and Threat: A Historical Anthropology of the Sikh Diaspora (Appadurai, JeComaroff, Cohn, Bhabha, Berlant)
1983 Ayers, Mary C S/C Oceania-PhNG This Side, That Side: Locality and Exogamous Group Definition in Morehead Area, Southwestern Papua
1954 Baer, Melvyn J (Dept only) Phys - Pattens of Growth of the Skull as Revealed by Vital Staining
1955 Bailey, Wilfrid C S/C NoAmer-West Social Organization of a Mormon Village
2007 Bakke, Gretchen S/C EEurope-Slovenia Contemporary Slovene Art and Artifice (Kelly*/Silverstein*, Rutherford, V. Friedman)
2007 Ball, Christopher (jt. w/Linguistics) S/C-Ling LatinAmer-Brazil Out of the Park: Trajectories of Wauja (Xingu Arawak) Language and Culture (Silverstein*, Carneiro da Cunha, Gal, Dahlstrom, Sadock)
1969 Banks, David J. S/C SEAsia-Maylasia Maylay Kinship: An Exploration of Malay Ideas about Social Relations (Schneider, Nash, Cohn)
1947 Barker, George C (Dept only) S/C NoAmer Social Functions of Language in a Mexican-American Community
1970 Barnett, Stephen S/C SoAsia-India The Sturctural Position of a South Indian Caste: Kontaikkatti Velalars in Tamilnadu (Marriott, M. Singer, Geertz, Tax)
1989 Barrett, Anthony S/C Africa-Kenya Sacrifice and Prophecy in Turkana Cosmology (JeComaroff, Smith, Turner, L.E. Sullivan)
1897 Barrows, David B. (Dept only) - Native America Ethnobotany of the Coahuilla Indians of Southern California
1979 Barstow, Jean S/C LatAmer-Bolivia An Aymara Class Structure: Town and Community in Carabuco (Smith, Katz, T. Turner)
1999 Bashkow, Ira S/C Oceania-PNG Whitemen’ in the Moral World of Orokaiva of Papua New Guinea (Stocking/Munn, Sahlins, Kelly)
1969 Basso, Ellen Becker S/C LatAmer-Brazil Xingu Society (Fogelson, Adams, Eggan, Schneider)
1992 Bastian, Misty S/C Africa-Nigeria The World as Marketplace: Historical, Cosmological, and Popular Constructions of the Onitsha [Nigera] Market System (Jean Comaroff, Cohn, Smith)
2000 Bate, John Bernard S/C South Asia-India Meedaittamil’: Oratory and Democratic Practice in Tamilnadu (Friedrich, Marriott, Appadurai, Kelly, EV Daniel [Ramanujan, M Sing
2000 Bate, John Bernard S/C SoAsia-India Meedaittamil’: Oratory and Democratic Practice in Tamilnadu (Friedrich, Marriott, Appadurai, Kelly, EV Daniel [Ramanujan, M Singer])
1978 Batteau, Allen S/C NoAmer-US Class and Status in an Egalitarian Community: A Study in the Structure of American Society [Appalachia]
2010 Bauer, Andrew Arch SoAsia-India Socializing Environments and Ecologizing Politics: The Production of Nature and Social Differentiation in Iron Age Northern Karnataka (Morrison*, AT Smith, Lycett, Sinopoli)
1990 Bauer, Brian Arch LatAmer-Peru State Development in the Cusco Region: Archaeological Research on the Incas in the Province of Paruro (Kolata, Buikstra, Parsons)
1998 Beal [Elizabeth] Anne S/c MidEast-Jordan Consumerism and the Culture of Consumption: Class, Gender, and National Identity Among Jordanian Elites (Fernandez, Gal, Khalidi)
2007 Beaster-Jones, Jayson S/C-Ling SoAsia-India Selling Music in India: Commodity Genres, Performing Cosmopolitanism, Accounting for Taste (Mazzarella*, Kelly, Stokes, Inden) [Defense 6/4/07]
2009 Bechter, Frank S/C US-Deaf Studies Of Deaf Lives: Convert Culture and the Dialogic of ASL Storytelling (Silverstein*, Gal, P. Seitel)
1977 Beck, Lois Grant S/C - Local Organization among Qashqa'i Nomadic Pastoralists in Southwest Iran (Smith, Yalman, Adams, Zonis [Fallers])
1982 Becker, Mary Druke S/C Native America Structure and Meaning of Leadership among the Mohawk and Oneida during the Mid-18th Century
2008 Beckett, Gregory S/C LatinAmer-Haiti The End Of Haiti: History under Conditions of Impossibility (Palmié*, JL Comaroff, Kelly [Trouillot])
1976 Beeman, William O. S/C-Ling MidEast-Iran The Meaning of Stylistic Variation in Iranian Verbal Interaction (Friedrich, Perry, Marriott, Bateson)
1999 Begley, Christopher Phys/Arc LatAmer-Honduras =Elite Power Strategies and External Connections in Ancient Eastern Honduras. (Buikstra, Dietler, Freeman, Kolata, Morrison, Stanish, Grove)
1984 Bell, Amelia Rector S/C Native America Creek Ritual: The Path to Peace (Fogelson, Munn, Hamp, JL Comaroff)
1947 Bell, Robert E (Dept only) Arch NoAmer Chronology in the Middle Mississippi
1996 Bender, Margaret C S/C Native America Reading Culture: The Cherokee Syllabary & the Eastern Cherokees 1993-1995 (Fogelson, Silverstein, T. Straus)
1970 Benedict, Peter S/C MidEast-Turkey Ula: An Anatolian Town, The Decline of a Mediating Center (Fallers, Adams, Tax, Yalman, Nash)
2003 Bennett, Jeffrey S/C Europe-Portugal Crisis, Revitalization, and Religious Politics in Portugal (1917-1932): The Fatima Apparitions and the Catholic Counterrevolution (Fernandez*, Kelly*, Carneiro da Cunha, Sahlins)
1946 Bennett, John W S/C - Subsistence Economy and Food-Ways in a Rural Community: A Study of Socio-Economic and Cultural Change
1930 Bennett, Wendell C. (Dept only) S/C Oceania-Hawaii Hawaiian Heiaus
1995 Berdahl, Daphne S/C Europe-Germany Where the World Ended’: Identity, Differentiation and Unification in the German Borderland (Fernandez, Cohn, M. Geyer, Stephens)
1998 Berkley, Anthony S/C LatAmer-Yucatan Remembrance and Revitalization: The Archive of Pure Maya (Silverstein/Hanks, Friedrich, Lomnitz)
2007 Bernstein, Anya S/C EAsia-Taiwan Why ‘Taiwan is too democratic’: Legitimation, Administration, and Political Belonging in Taipei (Gal*, Farquhar, Silverstein, Duara)
1978 Bernstein, Howard S/C SoAsia-India Social Structure and Dravidian Kin Terminology in a Raj Gond Village of South Central India (Nicholas, Inden, Smith)
1992 Bestor, Jane Fair S/C Europe-Italy Kinship and Marriage in the Politics of an Italian Ruling House: The Este of Ferrara in the Reign of Ercole I (1471-1505) (Valeri, Adams, Cohn)
1985 Betteridge, Anne S/C MidEast-Iran Ziarat Pilgramage to the Shrines of Shiraz [Iran] (T. Turner, Nash, Zonis [V. Turner, Tambiah])
2012 Bholat, David S/C WEur-Great Britain Re-Building Society: Northen Rock as a Real Abstraction (JeComaroff*, Kelly, Postone)
1973 Bialor, Perry A. S/C Europe-Greece A Century and a Half of Change: Transformations of a Greek Farming Community in the N.W. Peloponessor, Greece
1951 Birdwhistell, Ray L S/C - Socialization and Mobility Potential
1999 Bissell, William S/C Africa-Zanzibar City of Stone, Space of Contestation: Urban Conservation and the Colonial Past in Zanzibar (JL Comaroff, Appadurai, JeComaroff, RT Smith)
1982 Blanchard, David S/C Native America Patterns of Tradition and Change: The Recreation of Iroquois Culture at Kahnawake (Fogelson, Tax, V. Turner, Straus)
2013 Blanchette, Alexander S/C US Conceiving Porkopolis: The Production of Life on the American "Factory" Farm (Masco*, Farquhar, J Cattelino, B Weiss)
1973 Blank, Judith S/C SoAsia-India The Story of Chou Dance of the Former Mayurbhanj State, Orissa (M. Singer, Marriott, Ramanujan)
1999 Blom, Deborah Phys/Arc LatAmer-Bolivia Tiwanaku Regional Interaction and social Identity: A Bioarchaeological Approach (Buikstra/Kolata, R. Singer, Paul Goldstein, MC Lozada)
1972 Blu, Karen I. S/C Native America We People: Understanding Lumbee Indian Identity in a Tri-Racial Situation (Fogelson, Eggan, Schneider)
2002 Blue, Kathleen Brundret Phys Morphology Functional Morphology of the Forelimb in Victoriapithecus and its Implications for Phylogeny within the Catarrhini (Tuttle*, Buikstra, Hallgrimsson, Kerbis, R. Singer)
2010 Blunt, Robert S/C Africa-Kenya Of Money and Elders: Ritual, Proliferation, and Spectacle in Colonial and Postcolonial Kenya (JeComaroff*, JL Comaroff, Masco, Palmie)
2008 Bocarejo, Diana S/C LatinAmer-Colombia Reconfiguring the Political Landscape after the Multicultural Turn: Law, Politics, and the Spatialization of Difference in Colombia (JL Comaroff*/Palmie*, Carneiro da Cunha, Kelly, AT Smith)
2008 Bonilla Ramos, Yarimar S/C LatinAmer-Guadeloupe A Striking Past: Labor and the Politics of History in Guadeloupe (JeComaroff*/Trouillot*, Palmié, J. Cole)
1973 Boon, James A. S/C SEAsia-Indonesia Dynastic Dynamics: Caste and Kinship in Bali Now (Schneider, M. Singer, Friedrich)
1965 Borman, Leonard S/C NoAmer-US? Patient Council Innovations in a Mental Hospital (Tax, Leacock, Swartz)
1999 Boruchoff, Judith S/C LatAmer-Mexico Creating Continuity Across Borders: Reconfiguring the Spaces of Community, State and Culture in Guerrero, Mexico and Chicago (Friedrich, Turner, Lomnitz, Hanks)
1983 Bourgeois, Robert S/C Europe-Greece Polity and Society in the Epics of Homer: An Anthropological Study (Friedrich, Silverstein?, Shils, Redfield, Adkins)
1984 Bowen, John S/C SEAsia-Indonesia The History and Structure of Gayo Soceity: Variation and Change in the Highlands of Aceh [Sumatra, Indonesia] (Sahlins, Valeri, Cohn, Wheatley)
1948 Bowers, Alfred W S/C Native America A History of the Mandan and Hidatsa
1988 Bowie, Katherine S/C SEAsia-Thailand Peasant Perspectives on the Political Economy of the Northern Thai Kingdom of Chiang Mai in the 19c: Implications for the Understanding of Peasant Political [removed]Nicholas, Valeri, Reynolds)
2000 Boyer, Dominic S/C Europe-Germany Spirit and System: Mass Media, Journalism and the Dialectics of Modern German Intellectual Culture (Shalins, Appadurai, Gal, Turner, von Hallberg)
2011 Brada, Betsey S/C-Medical Africa-Botswana Botswana as a Living Experiment (JeComaroff*, Farquhar, Gal, Masco, M. Nichter)
1966 Brandewie, Ernest S/C Oceania-PNG An Internal Analysis of the Kinship System of the Mbowamb of the Central Highlands of New Guinea
2007 Brazeal, Brian S/C LatinAmer-Brazil/Amazonia Blood, Money and Fame: Nagô Magic in the Bahian Backlands (Palmié*/Apter*, Carneiro da Cunha, Borges)
2007 Brennan, Vicki S/C Africa-Nigeria Singing the Same Song: Music, Morality and Movement in Yoruba Churches (JeComaroff*/Apter*, Rutherford, Martin Stokes, Christopher Waterman)
1981 Briggs, Charles S/C-Ling NoAmer-US Our Strength is the Land: The Structure of Hierarchy and Equality and the Pragmatics of Discourse in Hispano (Spanish-American) Talk about the Past
1983 Brightman, Robert S/C Native America Animal and Human in Rock Cree Religion and Subsistence (Fogelson, Silverstein, Straus, Eggan, Hamp)
2003 Brinkman, Raymond S/C Native America Etsmeystkhw khwe snwiyepmshtsn: ‘You know how to talk like a Whiteman’ (Fogelson*, Friedrich, Silverstein) (Coeur d’Alene)
1942 Brown, Ina C S/C NoAmer-South A Comparative Study of the Relation of Social-Cultural Types to the Status of Negroes as Revealed in the School Practices of Southern Counties
1965 Brown, James A. Arch NoAmer-US The Prairie Peninsula: An Interaction Area in the Eastern U.S. (Eggan, Quimby, Binford)
1976 Brown, Jennifer S.H. S/C NoAmer-Canada Company Men and Native Families: Fur Trade, Social and Domestic Issues in Canada's Old Northwest (Stocking, Fogelson, Cohn)
1995 Brown, Keith S S/C Europe-Macedonia Of Meanings and Memories: The National Imagination in Macedonia (Sahlins, Fernandez, Stocking, JL Comaroff, Friedman)
1964 Brown, L. Keith S/C EAsia-Japan Dozoku: A Study of Descent Groups in Rural Japan (Eggan)
2015 Brummel, Elizabeth S/C-L Africa-Kenya 'Youth for Life': Language, Narration and the Quality of Youth in Urban Kenya (Gal*, Silverstein, J. Cole, JeComaroff, JL Comaroff)
1954 Bruner, Edward M S/C Native America A Study of Cultural Change and Persistence in a Mandan-Hidatsa Indian Village
1998 Bryant, Rebecca S/C Europe-Cyprus Educating Ethnicity: On the Cultures of Nationalism in Cyprus (Sahlins, JLComaroff, Friedrich)
1974 Buchdahl, David S/C NoAmer-US American Realities: Anthropological Reflections from the 'Counter Culture' (Schneider, Cohn, M. Singer, V. Turner)
1982 Buckley, Thomas S/C Native America Yurok Realities in the 19th and 20th Centuries (Fogelson, Friedrich, Silverstein, Straus)
1992 Bucko, Raymond S/C Native America Inipi: Historical Transformation and Contemporary Significance of the Sweat Lodge in Lakota Religious Practice (Fogelson, Friedrich, Stephens, DeMaillie)
2003 Buggenhagen, Beth Anne S/C Africa-Senegal At Home in the Black Atlantic: Circulation, Domesticity and Value in the Senegalese Murid Trade Diaspora (Apter, JeComaroff, JL Comaroff, Austen, Hunwick.)
1972 Buikstra, Jane E Phys Paleopath Hopewell in the Lower Illinois River Valley: A Regional Approach to the Study of Biological Variability and Mortuary Activity
1998 Bunzl, Matti S/C Europe-Austria From Silence to Defiance: Jews and Queers in Contemporary Austria (Stocking, Gal, Geyer)
1966 Burch, Ernest S/C Native America Authority, Aid, and Affection: The Structure of Eskimo Kin Relations (Eggan, Merbs, Friedrich)
1988 Burgess, Robin Arch Geoarchaeology Cave Geoarchaeology in the American Southeast and Southern Africa: Contrasting Late Pleistocene and Holocene Archaeological and Paleontological Contexts (Butzer, Adams, Rice, Klein, Freeman)
1999 Burgess, Shelley Phys LatAmer-Peru Chiribayan Skeletal Pathology on the South Coast of Peru: Patterns of Production and Consumption (Buikstra, Tuttle, Kolata, Singer, Aufderheide)
1993 Burgi, Peter Arch LatAmer-Bolivia The Inka Empire’s Expansion into the Coastal Sierra Region West of Lake Titicaca (Kolata, Buikstra, Salomon, Stanish)
1993 Buxhoeveden, Daniel Phys Primates Expression of Cortical Column Laterality and Development in Anthropoid Brains (Tuttle, Singer, Ulinski)
2015 Cabatingan, Lee S/C LatAmer-Caribbean Constructing a Jurisdiction, Creating a Sovereign Caribbean: Constitutional Moments at the Caribbean Court of Justice (Palmie*, Richland, Gal, JL Comaroff)
1976 Cachel, Susan Phys Primates Origins of the Anthropoid Grade (Tuttle, Dahlberg, Freeman, Butzer)
2007 Caffrey, Kevin S/C EAsia-China China’s Muslim Frontier: Empire, Nation, and Transformation in Yunnan (Kelly*/Fernandez*, Farquhar, Duara)
1957 Caldwell, Joseph R Arch NoAmer-East Trend and Tradition in the Prehistory of the Eastern United States
1958 Callender, Charles D S/C Native America Central Algonkain Social Organization
1962 Calnek, Edward E Arch LatAmer-Mexico Highland Chiapas before the Spanish Conquest
2013 Calvão, Filipe Lemos Olieiro Rodrigues S/C Africa-Angola The Rough and the Cut: Nature, Value, and the Fetish in Angola's Diamond Mines (JeComaroff*, JL Comaroff, Masco, Mazzarella)
1990 Canaan, Joyce S/C NoAmer-US Individualizing Americans: American Suburban Middle Class Teenage Ways of Growing Up (Sahlins, Turner, Schneider)
2003 Canepa Koch, Gisela S/C LatAmer-Peru Geopolitics and Geopoetics of Dance: Migration, Identity and Place in the Peruvian Imaginary: Fiestas and Devotional Dances in Paucartambo-Cuzco and Lima (Fernandez*, Apter, JeComaroff, Lomnitz)
1966 Carroll, Vern S/C Oceania Nukuoro Kinship (Schnieder, Fallers, Eggan)
1992 Carter, Donald S/C Europe-Italy Invisible Cities: Touba Turin Senegalese Transnational Migrants in Norhtern Italy (Cohn, Fernandez, RT Smith)
2001 Carter, Melinda Phys Skeletal Bio, Osteology Sensitivity to Stable Isotopes in Bone to Dietary Specialization between Sympatric Primates in Kibale National Park, Uganda (Buikstra*, Tuttle, Singer, Kerbix, Schoeller, Norr)
1970 Cartmill, Matthew Phys Primates The Orbits of Arboreal Mammals: A Reassessment of the Arboreal Theory of Primate Evolution
1980 Carucci, Laurence S/C Oceania-Marshall Is The Renewal of Life: A Ritual Encounter in the Marshall Islands (Sahlins, Schneider, Stocking)
2009 Castor, Nicole S/C LatinAmer-Trinidad Invoking the Spirit of Canboulay: Pathways of African Middle Class Cultural Citizenship in Trinidad (A. Apter*/JeComaroff*, JL Comaroff, Palmie
1984 Caton, Steven S/C-Ling MidEast-Yemen Tribal Poetry as Political Rhetoric from Khawlan at-Tiyal, Yemen Arab Republic (Silverstein, Friedrich, Smith)
1950 Caudill, William S/C NoAmer-Ethnic Japanese-american Acculturation and Personality
2007 Cavalcanti Roca dos Santos, Mariana S/C LatinAmer-Brazil Of Shacks, Houses, and Fortresses: An Ethnography of Favela Consolidation in Contemporary Rio de Janeiro (Lomnitz*/Carneiro da Cunha*, Rutherford, Sassen)
1984 Cederquist, (Karl) Robert Phys Human Variation Long-Term Effects of Orthopedic Force on Midfacial Growth (Dahlberg, Tuttle, Goepp)
2008 Centellas, Katherine McGurn S/C LatinAmer-Bolivia For Love of Land and Laboratory: Nation-Building and Bioscience in Bolivia (JeComaroff*/Kelly*, Carneiro da Cunha, Masco)
2006 Cepek, Michael S/C LatinAmer-Ecuador The Cofan Experiment: Expanding an Indigenous Amazonian World (T. Turner*/Carneiro da Cunha*, Kelly, Norman Whitten) [Tax Prize]
2011 Chance, Kerry S/C Africa-South Africa Living Politics: Practices and Protests of ‘the Poor’ in Democratic South Africa (JeComaroff*/JL Comaroff*, Farquhar, Gal)
1997 Chandler, Nahum S/C NoAmer-Ethnic The Problem of Purity: A Study in the Early Thought of W.E.B. DuBois (JL Comaroff, Smith, Thomas Holt, Robt Bernasconi, Cohn)
2016 Chase, Zachary (Jt. w/ History) Arch Latin America - Peru Performing the Past in the Historical, Ritual and Mythological Landscapes of Huarochirí, Perú (Kolata*/Borges, Dawdy, Tenorio)
1995 Chatterjee, Piya S/C SoAsia-India Encounters Over Tea: Labor, Gender, and Politics on an Indian Plantation (Cohn/JeComaroff, Smith)
2016 Chazin, Hannah Arch EEurope-Armenia The Politics of Pasture: The Organization of Pastoral Practices and Political Authority in the Late Bronze Age in the South Caucasus (AT Smith*/Kolata*, Dietler, N. Russell)
1991 Chiu, Yen Liang Fred S/C EAsia-Hong Kong The Moral Politics of Industrial Conflict in MNCs Located in Hong Kong: An Anthropological Case Study (Turner, Nicholas, JeComaroff, Sahlins, Alitto)
2004 Cho, Kyungjin S/C LatAmer-Chile The Culture of Boom-and-Bust and the Iquique Duty-Free Zone: Iquique’s Struggle to Find Its Place in the Chilean Nation-State (Fernandez*, Kelly, Masco, Turner)
1969 Chock, Phyllis Pease S/C NoAmer-US Greek-American Ethnicity (Schneider, Fallers, Yalman)
2012 Chowdhury, Nusrat S/C SoAsia-Bangladesh Energy Emergency: Phulbari and Democratic Politics in Bangladesh (Mazzarella*/Chakrabarty*, JeComaroff, Kelly, Masco)
2013 Chudakova, Tatiana S/C-Medical Russia-Buryatia Recovering Health: Tibetan Medicine and Biocosmopolitics in Russia (Farquhar*, Gal, JeComaroff, E Raikhel)
2011 Chumley, Lily Hope S/C EAsia-China Self-Styling: Practicing Creativity and Remaking Aesthetics in Postsocialist China (Farquhar*, Gal, Silverstein)
1985 Chun, Allen J. S/C EAsia-Hong Kong Land is to Live: A Study of the Concept of Tsu in a Hakka Chinese Village, New Territories, Hong Kong (Cohn, Schneider, Dalby)
1971 Clark, Geoffrey A. Arch Europe-Spain The Asturian of Cantabria [Spain]: A Reevaluation (Freeman, Adams, Braidwood)
2002 Clark, Lorri S/C US-Chicago Developing Responsibility: The Cultural Contexts of Workplace Preparation in Chicago (Fernandez*, Fogelson, Povinelli, Taub)
1961 Cole, Glen H Arch Africa-Pieistocene Culture Change in the Middle-Upper Pleistocene Transition in Africa South of the Sahara
2005 Coleman, Enid Gabriella S/C US-Sci/Tech The Social Construction of Freedom in Free and Open Source Software: Hackers, Ethics and the Liberal Tradition (Jean Comaroff*/Kelly*, Abu El-Haj, G.L. Downey, C.M. Kelty) [Tax Prize]
1999 Coleman, Steve S/C WEurope-Ireland Return from the West: A Poetics of Voice in Irish (Friedrich, Fernandez, Fogelson, Hanks, Hamp)
1954 Collier, Donald Arch? S/C LatAmer-Peru Cultural Chronology and Change of the Viru Valley, Peru
1951 Collier, Malcolm S/C Native America Local Organization among the Navaho
1949 Collins, June M S/C Native America The Influence of White Contact on Class Distinction and Political Authority among the Indians of Northern Puget Sound
2009 Colombi, Alice S/C Europe-Italy The Dialectic of Fascination: Intercultural Feminism and Third Way Welfare in Contemporary Italy (Gal*/Povinelli*, JL Comaroff)
1978 Conkey, Margaret Arch Europe-Spain An Analysis of Design Structure: Variability among Magdalenian Engraved Bones in North Coastal Spain (Freeman, Fogelson, Klein)
1975 Conkling, Robert S/C SEAsia-Indonesia Bureaucracy in Makassar, Indonesia: The Political Anthropology of a Complex Organization
1984 Conner, Michael Phys NoAmer-Midwest Population Structure and Biological Variation in the Late Woodland of West Central Illinois (Tuttle, Klein, Dahlberg, Struever, Buikstra)
1976 Cook, Della Collins Phys NoAmer-Midwest Pathologic States and Disease Process in Illinois Woodland Populations: An Epidemiologic Approach
2004 Cook, Ryan J. S/C LatAmer-Mexico Weather-Workers, Saucer Seekers, and Orthoscientists: Epistemic Authority in Centeral Mexico (Fogelson*, Fernandez, Kelly)
1975 Cook, Thomas Arch NoAmer-Midwest Koster: An Artifact Analysis of Two Archaic Phases in West-Central Illinois (Struever, Freeman, Adams, Brown)
1985 Cooper, Rex S/C NoAmer-US The Promises made to the Fathers: A Diachronic Analysis of Morman Covenant Organization with Reference to Puritan Federal Theology (Stocking, Cohn, Smith)
1987 Coronil, Fernando S/C LatAmer-Venezuela The Black Eldorado: Money, Fetishism, Democracy and Capitalism in Venezuela (Turner, Cohn, Coatsworth)
1983 Cortright, Gerald Phys Primates The Relative Mass of Hindlimb Muscles in Anthropoid Primates: Functional and Evolutionary Implications
2002 Couture, Nicole Claire Arch LatAmer-Bolivia The Construction of Power: Monumental Space and Elite Residence at Tiwanaku, Bolivia (Kolata*, Buikstra, Cummins, Turner)
1988 Coville, Elizabeth S/C SEAsia-Indonesia A Single Word Brings to Life: The Maro Ritual in Tana Toraja [Indonesia] (JeComaroff, Friedrich, Nash, Silverstein)
2014 Coyle, Lauren S/C Africa-Ghana Sovereigns of the Golden Twilight: Law, Land and Sacrificial Labor in Ghana (JL Comaroff*, JeComaroff*, FG Richard, RA Austen)
1974 Cramer, Douglas Phys Primates Cranio-facial Form in Two African Pongidae with Special Reference to the Pygmy Chimpanzee, pan paniscus
1993 Creuziger, Clementine S/C EEuorpe-Russia Childhood in Russia: Representation and Reality (Friedrich, Crone, Wachtel)
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