Michicagoan Graduate Conference in Linguistic Anthropology

The annual “Michicago” conference provides an occasion for students and faculty of the two academic communities to discuss contemporary issues in the sociocultural study of language and related semiotic forms. Graduate students from a number of programs (anthropology, linguistics, sociology, literature, and so on), and at all levels of graduate study participate by presenting conference papers, dissertation proposals, or research reports. Although each conference is assigned a thematic orientation, we welcome any and all topics of linguistic anthropological interest, most broadly construed.

There is no registration fee, and the cost of most meals and travel expenses to and from the host institution are customarily covered. The conference is usually held in April or May. In odd-numbered years it takes place in Ann Arbor; in even-numbered years Chicago. An electronic call-for-papers is sent out two or three months in advance via each institution’s departmental email lists.
Faculty Sponsors

The faculty sponsors at Chicago are Michael Silverstein, Susan Gal, and John Lucy. At Michigan they are Judith Irvine, Bruce Mannheim, and Webb Keane.


2010  Linguistic Terrains: Landscapes and Socioscapes, Chicago

2009  Ambiguity – Confusion – Creativity – Play, Ann Arbor

2008  Linguistic Worlds in Collision, Chicago

2007  Documents and Inscriptions,  Ann Arbor

2006  Language Trust,  Chicago

2005  Voice and Inequality,  Ann Arbor

2004  Evidence, Authority, Legitimation, Chicago

2003 Politics, Performance, and the Sign, Ann Arbor

2002  New Medias, New Publics, Chicago

2001  Politics and Poetics, Ann Arbor

2000  Anthropologies and Histories of Language, Chicago

1999  Inaugural Conference, Ann Arbor