Center for the Study of Race Politics and Culture

CSRPC Teaching Opportunities

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CSRPC Graduate Lectureships

Description: The College and the Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture are calling for applications by advanced graduate students to teach one undergraduate course of their own design on topics related to race and ethnic studies. Courses in any related topic or thematic may be proposed. The Center is especially interested in courses that posit race and processes of racialization in comparative and transnational frameworks; highlight the intersection of race and ethnicity with other identities (gender, class, sexuality and nationality); and/or interrogate social and identity cleavages within racialized communities.

Eligibility: Advanced graduate students (Ph.D. candidates with at least one chapter of the dissertation written) in any discipline at the University of Chicago are encouraged to apply. The stipend is $5,000 and is available for one quarter only. Six Graduate Lectureships will be awarded. Students applying to teach in other departments may not teach the same course for CSRPC during that academic year.

CSRPC BA Preceptorship

Description: The Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture, which coordinates the major/minor in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES), invites applicants for a yearlong preceptorship position during the coming academic year. The preceptor will work closely with about 6 to 8 fourth-year students enrolled in the CRES major along with some rising third-years during Spring Quarter. The preceptor will be responsible for guiding students in preparation of a bachelor’s thesis. In addition, preceptors will assist undergraduates earlier in their program, providing thesis advice and program support. Current salary is $7,500 for three quarters.

• Interest in and ability to advise in an interdisciplinary program devoted to the comparative study of race and ethnicity
• Excellent writing and editorial skills
• Teaching experience and a wide acquaintance with the University of Chicago
• Advanced graduate student (admitted to candidacy) in Humanities or Social Sciences

Primary Responsibilities
• Reading, editing and supervising the writing of students’ B.A. essays
• Leading a three-quarter sequence of courses helping students to find research materials and guiding them in academic writing skills
• Holding weekly office hours