Careers & Placements

Graduates of the doctoral program in anthropology at the University of Chicago have generally been successful at finding academic and research positions. This reflects the recognized excellence of the anthropology program and our students’ achievements in presenting and publishing papers, garnering awards, and making contacts outside the University. The Department has an active program for assisting job seekers, circulating postings to all students currently on the job market, and maintaining an active credentials file to facilitate letters of recommendation. Professionalization workshops and one-on-one advice assist post-field students in the process of constructing CV’s and preparing job talks and job application letters.

Students should also be aware of fluctuations in the academic job market and should multiply their options by being prepared for other work that may require anthropological skills. Policy research centers and government agencies hire social scientists with expertise in qualitative methods. Many undergraduate or community colleges prefer to hire scholars who have broad knowledge of several branches of anthropology as well as demonstrated teaching skills. Some archaeologists find temporary or long-term employment in contract archaeology. The University’s Center for Teaching and Learning, as well as its office of Career Advising and Planning Services (CAPS), both assist with the development of job search skills for the academic, business and public sectors. 

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