2012 Awards and Honors


Richard Saller Dissertation Prize – Division of the Social Science, University of Chicago

                      Lily Hope Chumley
                      Self-Styling: Practicing Creativity and Remaking
                      Aesthetics in Postsocialist China

ACLS New Faculty Fellows Program          

                      Kerry Ryan Chance

Lichtstern Dissertation Prize (Best PhD Dissertation in Anthropology)

                      Betsey Behr Brada
                      Botswana as a Living Experiment

Daniel F. Nugent Dissertation Prize (Historical Anthropology)

                      Byron Ellsworth Hamann 
                      Inquisitions and Social Conflicts in Sixteenth-Century
                      Yanhuitlan and Valencia

Sol Tax Dissertation Prize  (For the Dissertation which “combines highest
intellectual merit with relevance to anthropology and action”)

                      Shunsuke Nozawa  
                      The Advent of Readers: The Project(ion) of Memory and the
                      Semiotics of Everyday Life in Japanese Personal Historiography

Roy D. Albert Prize  (Best MA essay in Anthropology)

                      Anna Maria Weichselbraun 
                      “ ‘People here speak five languages!’: 
                       The Reindexicalization of Linguistic Minorityhood 
                       among Carinthian Slovenes in Vienna, Austria”

                     Xiao-bo Yuan 
                     “God(s) in Translation:  Missionary Discourses and the
                      19th Century ‘Term Question’ in China”

Ignacio Martin-Baro Human Rights Essay Prize

                    Jeffrey Sterling Kahn 
                    “Border Laboratories: Lawfare and the Rights of Haitian Asylum
                     Seekers in the United States”


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships

                      Kelly Lynn Wilcox Black (India/Archaeology)

Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship

                     Christien Philmarc Tompkins (US/Urban)

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS/Title VI) ACADEMIC YEAR

                     Jason Michael Enos (Latin America/Hatian Kreyol)
                     Zachary David Sheldon  (South Asia/Persian)
                     Giovanni Michele Ricci (CEERES/Czech)

SUMMER 2012 GRANTS (Pre-field)

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (various) – SUMMER

                      Natalja Denise Czarnecki (Georgian – in Tblisi)  
                      Kristyn Nicole Mahealani Hara (Khmer) (thru Wisconsin)

Critical Language Study (CLS) Fellowship Program

                      Christopher Nicholas Sheklian (Advanced Turkish in Izmir)

Social Science Research Council Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (SSRC-DPDF)

                      Eric Michael Hirsch (Peru)

Land Deal Politics Initiative (LDPI) Small Grant / Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies

                      Meghan Morris  (Cuba)

Vienna Center for Disarmament and Nonproliferation Pre-doctoral Fellowship

                      Anna Maria Weichselbraun (Vienna)

DAAD Intensive Language Study Scholarship

                      Matthew Murphy Furlong (German language study in Berlin)

Human Rights Program Research Travel Grant (U Chicago)

                      Lauren Nicole Coyle (UK/Ghana)    
                      Mark Anthony Geraghty (Rwanda)  
                      Maira Hayat (Pakistan)  
                      Zhiying MA (China) 

African Language Studies Fund

                     Zebulon York Dingley 
                     Kristin Gee Hickman 
                     Matthew Charles Knisley 
                     Joshua Daniel Lee Zaks Walker

Edward L. Ryerson Fellowship in (Greek/Roman) Archaeology

                   Sarah Ellen Adcock (Turkey) 

Nicholson Center for British Studies Research Fellowship

                   Lauren Nicole Coyle (Archives in London/Ghana)
                   Geneviève Godbout (Archives in Britain/Antigua)

University of Chicago Center in Beijing Fellowships

                   Miao Jenny Hua (China)          
                   Kiho Kim  (China)
                   Xueting Liu  (China)
                   Victoria Nguyen (China)
                   Jan Harm Schutte (China)

Center for East Asian Studies: Japanese Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Grants

                  Alessandra Maria Sabelli (Japan)

American Center for Mongolian Studies

                  Kevin Bryce Lowry (383459) (4K Summer field survey- Mongolia)

American Philosophical Society - Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research

                  Erik L. Levin Peru/Amazonia

Department of Anthropology Leiffer Pre-Field Research Fellowships

                  Ella Patricia Butler (Las Vegas)
                  Chen Chen (China)
                  Meghan Morris  (Colombia)
                 Jan Harm Schutte (China)

Center for Latin American Studies Travel Grants (Latin America/Iberia)

                  Karma Franklin Frierson  (Vera Cruz, Mexico)
                  Christopher Michael Grant  (Haiti)
                  Eric Michael Hirsch  (Arequipa, Peru)
                  Meghan Morris  (Cuba)

Committee on Southern Asian Studies (COSAS) Pre-Dissertation Research Travel

                 Suchismita Das  (Sikkim) 
                 Julie Alyssa Hanlon (Tamil language in Pondicherry)

François Furet Travel Grant

                  Martin Carroll Doppelt

Center for the Study of Race, Culture & Politics Research Travel Grant

                 Christien Philmarc Tompkins (New Orleans)

Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate - Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences  (AGEP-SBE) [funded by NSF] 

                Falina Enriquez (Brazil)
                Andrea Louise Jenkins (Native North America)
                Kaya Williams (US/Urban)


IIE Fulbright

                      Christopher Paul Bloechl (Mexico)
                      Kristyn Nicole Mahealani Hara (Cambodia)
                      Britta Elisabeth Ingebretson (China)
                      Sean Patrick McClellan (Guatemala) [undergraduate]
                      Shana Noelle Ricart  (Japan)
                      Tiffany Michele Taylor (India)  [undergraduate]
                      Xiao-bo Yuan (China)

Fulbright Hays (DDRA)

                      Natalja Denise Czarnecki (Rep. of Georgia)
                      Michal Ran-Rubin (Israel)

Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research          

                      Lee Cabatingan (Cuba)
                      Yazan Haitham Bishara Doughan  (Jordan)
                      Britta Elisabeth Ingebretson  (China)
                      Anna Jabloner  (US/Gene Data Bases)
                      Joseph Jay Sosa Brazil
                      Joseph Julian Ziems Weiss (British Columbia 1st Nations)

Social Science Research Council – International Dissertation Research Fellowship [SSRC-IDRF]

                      Geneviève Godbout (Antigua)
                      Christopher Nicholas Sheklian (Turkey)

NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants  [NSF-DDIG]

                      Frederick Benjamin Ketchum  (Germany/Medical)
                      Brian Christopher Wilson (India/Goa)       

Monbukagakusho Scholarship

                    Shana Noelle Ricart  (Japan)

American Institute of Indian Studies Junior Fellowships

                   Mudit Trivedi  (India)       

American Research Institute in Turkey (ARIT) Dissertation Research Grant

                   Christopher Nicholas Sheklian (Turkey)

American Philosophical Society - Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research

                   Erik L. Levin  (Peru/Amazonia)

Palestinian American Research Center (PARC) Grant

                  Michal Ran-Rubin (Israel/Palestine)

Institute for Scholars Fellowship, Columbia University Middle East Research Center in Amman

                  Yazan Haitham Bishara Doughan (Jordan)

Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP) Grant

                  Erik L. Levin (Peru/Amazonia)

National Geographic Committee for Research and Exploration Young Explorers Grant

                  Kristyn Nicole Mahealani Hara  (Cambodia/Archaeology)

University of Chicago SSD Travel Fellowships

                  Joe Bonni (France/Archaeology)
                  Elizabeth Jane Brummel (Kenya) 
                  Zachary James Chase (Peru/Andes)
                  Chen Chen (China) 
                  Megan Elizabeth Edwards (N. Ireland) 
                  Jessica Sarah Robinson Robinson (Bahamas) 
                  Lisa Simeone  (West Africa?=)


Social Science Research Council Eurasia Program Dissertation Development Award

                      Tatiana Chudakova (Russian/Buryatia)

Social Science Research Council Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship

                      Bernard Michael Dubbeld  (South Africa)
                      Kathleen Lorne McDougall (South Africa)

University of California San Diego Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

                      Sarah Lynn Luna

Scholar in Residence – Reed College  (Diversity Teaching/Writing pre-doc appointment)

                     LaShandra Patrice Sullivan (Brazil)

DFI (Diversifying Faculty in Illinois)

                    Kathryn Anne Ludwig Mariner (US/Urban)
                    LaShandra Patrice Sullivan  (Brazil)

Mellon Foundation/Social Sciences Dissertation-Year Fellowship (U of C)

                    Nitya Deepa Das Acevedo  (India)

Michael and Ling Markovitz Dissertation-Year Fellowship

                   Megan Elizabeth Edwards (Northern Ireland)

Benjamin Bloom Dissertation Fellowship

                  Kathryn Elizabeth McHarry (Senegal)

Department of Anthropology Lichtstern Dissertation Fellowship

                   Elise Ann Kramer (US)

Department of Anthropology Mark Hanna Watkins Dissertation Fellowship

                   Mary Theresa Frances Leighton (Andes/North America)

Center for East Asian Studies Chinese Studies Dissertation Writing Fellowship

                   Cheng-guang ZHAO (China)

Committee on Southern Asian Studies (COSAS) (Dissertation Write-Up)

                   Nitya Deepa Das Acevedo (India) [Decline]
                   Gabriel Omar Tusinski (East Timor)

Department of Anthropology Mark Hanna Watkins Post-Field Fellowships          

                      Melissa Sara Rosenzweig  (Turkey/Archaeology)

Martin Marty Center Junior Fellowship (Religion)

                     Nitya Deepa Das Acevedo (India) (declined)

MAPSS Preceptorships                            

                      Zachary James Chase (Archaeology/History/Andes)
                      Tracey Alexandra Rosen (Greece/China)

Anthropology Department Starr Lectureships

                      Nitya Deepa Das Acevdo 
                                  “Reading Ethnographies in Legal Anthropology:
                                   Rethinking the Horizons of the Law”

                      Claudia Gastrow 
                                  “Urban Africa: Writing the World from an African Metropolis”

                      Anna Katherine Guengerich 
                                  “The Archaeology of the Everyday”

                      Elise Ann Kramer 
                                  “Language, Politics and Identity in the US”

                      Mary Theresa Frances Leighton 
                                  “Ethnographic Methods”

                      Gabriel Omar Tusinski 
                                  “The Substance of Kinship”

Anthropology Preceptor for 2012-13

                     Kathryn Elizabeth McHarry (Decline/Bloom Fellow)
                     Jason David Ramsey