2015 Awards and Honors


Lichtstern Dissertation Prize 
(Best PhD Dissertation in Anthropology)

Peter Joseph Graif
"Talk/Intelligible: Language and Objecthood in Deaf Kathmandu"

Daniel F. Nugent Dissertation Prize
(Historical Anthropology)                  

Jason David Ramsey                      
“Spaces of Possession: Negotiating 'Ruin' at the Mexican Periphery”     

Sol Tax Dissertation Prize  (For the Dissertation which “combines
highest intellectual merit with relevance to anthropology and action”)

Falina Enriquez                       
“Composing Cultura: Musical Democracy and Multiculturalism in Recife, Brazil”                               

Roy D. Albert Prize
(Best MA essay in Anthropology)

Cameron Stephen Hu
"The Contingent World: Indonesia and the Time of Disaster Management"

Society of Africanist Archaeologists Graduate Student Paper Prize

Matthew Charles Knisley
“Disciplinary Déjà Vu: Semiotic Ideologies of
Primitivity and the Case of East African ‘Hunter-Gatherers’”

Lichtstern BA Essay Prize (Social Cultural/Linguistic Anthropology)

Emily Paige Bronston-Joseph
“Living the Quanfified Body: Health Tracking and the
Role of Technology in Embodied Life"

Dahlberg BA Essay Prize (Archaeology/Physical Anthropology)

Ellen Jane Platts
“Ritual Lived Daily: Monumental and Pastoral Landscape
Relationships in Bronze Age Central Mongolia”


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships

Eléonore Capucine Rimbault
Alice Yeh

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships 

Marc R. Kelley (South Asia – Urdu)          
Patrick Charles Lewis (CEERES/Turkish)          
John O’Donnell Mullee  (Portuguese)          
Hanna Marie Pickwell  (Chinese)          
Steven Daniel Schwartz Portuguese)          
Jonah Orrin Simpson (CEERES/Kazakh)

SUMMER 2015 GRANTS (Pre-field)

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (various) –

James Robert Countryman (Croatian in Zagreb)
Jenna Marie Henderson (Arabic at UofC)
Patrick Charles Lewis  (Kurdish in Mardin, Turkey)
John O’Donnell Mullee  (Portuguese in Maceió, Brazil)           
Giovanni Michele Ricci  (Czech in Prague)           
Jonah Orin Simpson  (Russian in St. Petersburg) [decline]

South East Asian Summer Language Institute U Wisconsin

Moodjalin Sudcharoen  (Burmese)

American Institute of Indian Studies
Summer Language Fellowships

Marc R. Kelley  (Urdu in Lucknow)

Association for the Study of Middle East & Africa
Research & Travel Grant

Jorge Antonio Campos Tellez (Somaliland)

African Language Studies Fund

Harini Kumar (Wolof/Senegal)         
Matthew Charles Knisley  (Tanzania)           
Stacy Ann Pape (Comoros Islands)

African Studies Small Grant Program            

Matthew Charles Knisley  (Tanzania)          
Stacy Ann Pape  (Comoros Islands)

Human Rights Pozen Graduate Research Fellowships

Sayantan Saha Roy  (India)

Nicholson Center for British Studies Research Fellowship

Maira Hayat

American Institute of Pakistan Studies

Maira Hayat           
Mark R. Kelley

Center for East Asian Studies:
Japan Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Grants

Hiroko Kumaki

Center for East Asian Studies:
China Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Grants

Do Dom Kim        
Heangjin Park

Social Science Division Summer Grants            

Chen Chen  (China)           
Cameron Stephen Hu (North Dakota, Bakken Formation)          
Britta Elisabeth Ingebretson (China)         
Lake Carlton Polan  (US Urban)          
Adam Carl Sargent  (India)          
Anna Maria Weichselbraun (Vienna)          
Shirley Ceensem Yeung (Switzerland)

Center for Latin American Studies Tinker Travel Grants

Raymond Alexander (Sandy) Hunter (Peru)
Hilary Morgan Leathem (Oaxaca)                     
Perry Atom Wong  (Guatemala & Oaxaca)

Department of Anthropology
Leiffer Pre-Field Research Fellowships 

Hannah Eisler Burnett (Gulf Coast)          
Cameron Stephen Hu (North Dakota, Bakken Formation)          
Raymond Alexander (Sandy) Hunter (Peru)          
Hiroko Kumaki  (Japan)
Harini Kumar (Senegal)          
Myungji Lee (Turkey)          
John O’Donnell Mullee  (Brazil)          
Johanna Alaimo Pacyga (Senegal)          
Lake Carlton Polan (US Urban)          
Estefania Paz Vidal Montero  (Chile)

Committee on Southern Asian Studies (COSAS)
Pre-Dissertation Research Travel

Mannat Johal           
Marc R. Kelley  (declined for AIIS)          
Moodjalin Sudcharoen  (Burmese at Wisconsin)

Social Science Division Emerging Leader Internships

Hannah Eisler Burnett           
Sonia Alexandrine Porelle Grant           
Rafadi Hakim


IIE Fulbright

Nory Kaplan Kelly (Ireland) [undergrad]                     
Zachary David Sheldon  (Jordan)

Fulbright-Hays (DDRA) Fellowships
(Awarded Aut’14 for 2014-16)

Emma Elizabeth Hite (Mongolia)                     
Matthew Charles Knisley (Tanzania)          
Jeremy Abraham Siegman (Israel/Palestine)

Japan Foundation – Japanese Studies Fellowship Program

Karl H. Love Oskarson Kindstrand (Japan)

American Institute of Indian Studies Junior Fellowship

Julie Alyssa Hanlon (India) [Daniel H.H. Ingalls Memorial Fellowship]

Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research           

Hannah Rachael Chazin (Data Analysis, Arizona State)
Maira Hayat  (Pakistan)          
Victoria Nguyen (China)          
Sayantan Saha Roy  (India)          
Jeremy Abraham Siegman  (Israel/Palestine)

National Science Foundation
Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants

Ella Patricia Butler (US Taste industry)
Maira Hayat (Pakistan)
Victoria Nguyen (China)
Jeremy Abraham Siegman (Israel/Palestine)

University of Chicago SSD
Overseas Dissertation Research Grants

Ella Patricia Butler (US taste industry)
Maira Hayat  (Pakistan) Orrin Williams Fund
Mary Denise Robertson (South Africa) Orrin Williams Fund

University of Chicago SSD
Long-Term Research Awards

Ali Michele Feser (Rochester/Kodak)           
Nicholas Carby Denning (Ecuador)          
Suchismita Das (Sikkim)           
Martin Carroll Doppelt  (France)           
Christopher Michael Grant (New Orleans)          
Johanna Alaimo Pacyga (Senegal)           
Haeden Eli Stewart (Western Canada)


Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships                     

Sean Michael Dowdy (India) 
Xiaobo Yuan (China)                 

William Rainey Harper Dissertation Year Fellowships          

Hannah Rachel Chazin (Armenia)          
Amy Leia McLachlan (Colombia)          
Zhiying Ma  (via CHDV)  (China)

Michael and Ling Markovitz Dissertation-Year Fellowship           

Genevieve Godbout (Antigua)

Pozen Family Center for Human Rights
Dissertation Fellowship

Michal Ran-Rubin (Israel/Palestine)

Hannah Holborn Gray Advanced Fellowships in the
Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences

Colin Michael Egenberger Halverson  (US Medical)

Department of Anthropology
Lichtstern Dissertation Fellowship

Adam Carl Sargent   (India)

Department of Anthropology
Mark Hanna Watkins Dissertation Fellowship

Madeleine Theresa McLeester (Calumet Region)

Committee on Southern Asian Studies (COSAS)
(Dissertation Write-Up)

Kristyn Nicole Mahealani Hara  (Cambodia)         
Shefali Jha  (India)   
Malavika Reddy  (Thailand)

Chinag Chin-kuo Foundation Fellowship          

Zhiying Ma (China)

Center for East Asian Studies
Chinese Studies Dissertation Writing Fellowship 

Zhiying Ma [declined]

Center for East Asian Studies Japanese Studies
Toyota Dissertation Writing Fellowship

William John Feeney

Department of Anthropology
Mark Hanna Watkins Post-Field Fellowships

Molly Kathleen Cunningham  (Detroit)                      
Andrea Lilly Ford (US Medical)                     
Yaqub Hashim Hilal (Israel)                     
Britta Elisabeth Ingebretson (China)

Martin Marty Center Junior Fellowship

Julie Alyssa Hanlon (India)

Urban Doctoral Fellows Program (U Chicago)                     

Andrea Louise Jenkins (US)                     
Zhiying Ma (China)

Anthropology Department Starr Lectureships

Sarah Ellen Adcock                                  
“Anthropology at World's End: Studying Societal Collapse”

Christopher Michael Grant                                  
“Archaeologies of Modernity”

Colin Michael Egenberger Halverson                                  
“Idioms of Biopolitics: On Health, Power, and Medicine”

Andrea Louise Jenkins                                  
“Ethnographic Methods”         

Adam Carl Sargent
“Anthropology of Labor”

Kaya Naomi Williams                                 
“Race and Incarceration in American Culture”                   

Ignacio Martín Baró Prize Lectureship
Latin American Studies

Eric Michael Hirsch

Anthropology Preceptor for 2015-16                    

Owen Nathaniel Kohl

MAPSS Preceptors

Francis Alan Mckay
Jonah S. Rubin