2014 Awards and Honors


Richard Saller Dissertation Prize
Division of the Social Science, University of Chicago         

Alexander David Blanchette         
“Conceiving Porkopolis: The Production of Life on the American "Factory" Farm”

Lichtstern Dissertation Prize 
(Best PhD Dissertation in Anthropology)        

Marcos Alexander Mendoza         
“Topographies of Risk: Social Practice and Environmental
Capitalism in Patagonia”        

Daniel F. Nugent Dissertation Prize 
(Historical Anthropology)              

George Paul Meiu         
"Ethno-Erotic Economies: Imagining Samburu Futures in Postcolonial Kenya”    

Sol Tax Dissertation Prize  (For the Dissertation which “combines
highest intellectual merit with relevance to anthropology and action”)

Tatiana Chudakova         
“Recovering Health: Tibetan Medicine and Biocosmopolitics in Russia”                 

Roy D. Albert Prize (Best MA essay in Anthropology)

Eleanor Jane Bush         
“ ‘First, Catch Your Indian:’ Domesticity and Conversion in Indian Assimilation, 1879-1900"

Joseph Cropsey Prize (Best MA Thesis in
Classical and Political Philosophy)

Rachel (Ray) Ann Noll          
“Carceral Stasis: Ecological Ethics Beyond Vitalism”


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships

Emily Rose Bock
Lauren Marie Ledin

Social Sciences and Humanities
Research Council of Canada

Sonia Alexandrine Porelle Grant       
Hannah Renee McElgunn

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships 

Marc R. Kelley  (South Asia – Urdu)      
Patrick Charles Lewis  (CEERES/Persian)          
Jonah Simpson (CEERES/Russian/Ukranian)
Perry Wong (Latin America - Mayan)
Alice Yeh (East Asia - Chinese)

SUMMER 2014 GRANTS (Pre-field)

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (various) – SUMMER

Kristin Gee Hickman  (Arabic in Fes, Morocco)
Patrick Charles Lewis (Turkish at Bogazici, Istanbul)
John O’Donnell Mullee (Portuguese in Sao Paulo)
Giovanni Michele Ricci (Czech in Prague)          
Jonah Simpson (436096) (Russian in Kazan)

African Language Studies Fund 

Kristin Gee Hickman (Morocco)
Matthew Charles Knisley (to Zambia)

Edward L. Ryerson Fellowship in (Greek/Roman) Archaeology

James Robert Countryman (Croatia/Dalmatian Coast)

Human Rights Pozen Graduate Research Fellowships

Hiroko Kumaki (Japan)          
Jeremy Abraham Siegman (Israel/Palestine)

Nicholson Center for British Studies Research Fellowship

Lee Elizabeth Cabatingan

Center for East Asian Studies:
Japan Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Grants

Hiroko Kumaki           
Karl H. Love Oskarson Kindstrand  (Japan)

Center for East Asian Studies:
Korean Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Grants

Dongyoung Kim

Social Science Division Summer Grants

Sarah Ellen Adcock (Turkey)          
Adela L. Amaral  (Mexico)          
Sean Michael Dowdy (India)          
William John Feeney (Japan)          
Christopher Michael Grant (New Orleans)
Michal Ran-Rubin (Israel)          
Joseph Julian Ziems Weiss (Haida, British Columbia)

Department of Anthropology
Leiffer Pre-Field Research Fellowships

Ella Patricia Butler (US)          
Rebecca Kate Journey (Denmark)          
Matthew Charles Knisley (Zambia)          
Stacy Ann Pape (Marseilles, France)          
Sayantan Saha Roy (India)

Center for Latin American Studies Travel Grants

Nicholas Carby-Denning (Ecuador)
Raymond Alexander (Sandy) Hunter (Peru)
John O’Connell Mullee  (Brazil)

Committee on Southern Asian Studies (COSAS)
Pre-Dissertation Research Travel

Suchismita Das (Sikkim)

Labex Archimède/CNRS – France  
(under the project of Elsa Ciesielski, U. Montpelier 3)

Martin Carroll Doppelt  (for bone sample analysis)


IIE Fulbright                       

Sarah Ellen Adcock   (Turkey)                     
Karma Franklin Frierson (Mexico)                     
Kristin Gee Hickman  (Morocco)

Fulbright-Hays (DDRA) Fellowships
(Awarded Aut’13 for 2013-14)

Zebulon York Dingley  (Kenya)     
Eric Michael Hirsch (Peru)     

Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research           

Ella Patricia Butler (US – Taste industry)          
Colin Michael Egenberger Halverson  (Mayo Clinic)          
Mary Theresa Frances Leighton (Engaged Anthro Grant)           
Maureen Elizabeth Marshall  (Engaged Anthro Grant)

National Science Foundation
Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants    

Kevin Bryce Lowry   (Mongolia)           
Anna Maria Weichselbraun  (Internatl Atomic Energy Agency)

American Center for Maghrib Studies Long Term Grant          

Kristin Gee Hickman  (Morocco)

Milgrom Family Support Group (U Chicago)          

Christien Philmarc Tompkins (New Orleans Schools)

Chemical Heritage Foundatoin Doan Fellowship          

Ella Patricia Butler

University of Chicago
SSD Overseas Dissertation Research Grants

Adela L. Amaral (Mexico)          
Victoria Nguyen  (China)

Oppenheimer Memorial Trust

Mary Denise Robertson  (South Africa)

University of Chicago SSD Long-Term Research Awards           

Ella Patricia Butler  (US Taste Industry          
Hannah Rachel Chazin  (Armenia)
Molly Kathleen Cunningham (Detroit)          
Natalja Denise Czarnecki (Rep of Georgia)          
Yaqub Hashim Hilal   (Israel)          
Kevin Bryce Lowry   (Mongolia)          
Mary Denise Robertson  (South Africa)          
Mudit Trivedi (India)


Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships

Yazan Haitham Bishara Doughan

Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships

Kathryn Anne (Ludwig) Mariner

Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowships

Kathryn Anne (Ludwig) Mariner  [declined]                     
Joseph Jay Sosa  (Brazil)

American Anthropological Association
Minority Dissertation Fellowship

Adela L. Amaral

Frederick Douglass Institute
Predoctoral Fellowship (U Rochester)

Adela L. Amaral

William Rainey Harper Dissertation Year Fellowships

Francis Alan Mckay (via CCHS)          
Jonah S. Rubin           
Brian Christopher Wilson (368405)

Mellon Foundation/Social Sciences
Dissertation-Year Fellowship

Lee Elizabeth Cabatingan

Michael and Ling Markovitz Dissertation-Year Fellowship

Gregory Duff Morton (376446) (Brazil)

Hannah Holborn Gray Advanced Fellowships in the
Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences

Eric Michael Hirsch  (Peru)

Department of Anthropology
Lichtstern Dissertation Fellowship

Lisa Marie Simeone

Department of Anthropology
Mark Hanna Watkins Dissertation Fellowship

Elizabeth Gaines Anderson Fagan

CHSS Fishbein Fellowship          

Francis Alan Mckay  [decline]

Committee on Southern Asian Studies (COSAS)
(Dissertation Write-Up Fellowships)

Julie Alyssa Hanlon            
Kristyn Micole Mahealani Hara

Center for East Asian Studies
Chinese Studies Dissertation Writing Fellowship 

Chen Chen

Department of Anthropology
Mark Hanna Watkins Post-Field Fellowships   

Amy Leia McLachlan (Colombia)                     
Adam Carl Sargent  (India)                     
Xiao-bo Yuan  (China)         

Martin Marty Center Junior Fellowship

Xiao-bo Yuan  (China)                

Urban Doctoral Fellows Program (U Chicago)

Chen Chen  (China)                     
Amy Leia McLachlan  (Colombia)                     
Michal Ran-Rubin (Israel)

Anthropology Department Starr Lectureships

Hannah Rachel Chazin       
"Living/Thinking/Doing with Animals:                                  
Archaeology of Human-Animal Relations”

Sean Michael Dowdy                                  
“The Gift and the Anti-Gift”                     

Meredith Lindsay McGuire                                  
“Globalizing India: Beyond ‘Tradition’ and ‘Modernity’                     

Christien Philmarc Tompkins                                 
“How does it feel to be a problem?: Race and Anthropology”                     

Joseph Julian Ziems Weiss                                  
“Classical Readings in Political Anthropology”                     

Lisa Marie Simeone                                  
“Ethnographic Methods”

Anthropology Preceptor for 2014-15                     

Gabriel Omar Tusinski