2013 Awards and Honors


Richard Saller Dissertation  (Division of the Social Science, University of Chicago)

                      Caroline Elizabeth Schuster
                      Social Collateral: Microcredit Development and the
                      Politics of Interdependency in Paraguay

Lichtstern Dissertation Prize (Best PhD Dissertation in Anthropology)

                     Jeffrey S. Kahn
                     Islands of Sovereignty: Haitian Migration and the
                     Borders of Empire

Daniel F. Nugent Dissertation Prize (Historical Anthropology)

                      João Felipe Ferreira Gonçalves                      
                      The Hero’s Many Bodies: Monuments, Nationalism and 
                      Power in Havana and Miami

Sol Tax Dissertation Prize (For the Dissertation which “combines highest intellectual merit with relevance to anthropology and action”)

                      Nusrat Sabina Chowdhury       
                      Energy Emergency: Phulbari and Democratic Politics in

Society for Historical Archaeology 2013 Kathleen Kirk Gilmore Dissertation Prize

                      Rebecca Sara Graff
                      The Vanishing City: Time, Tourism, and the Archaeology of
                      Event at Chicago’s 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition

Society for Linguistic Anthropology Graduate Student Paper Prize 2013

                      Elise Ann Kramer
                      “Speaking for the Voiceless: Metaphors of Power and Agency in 
                       American Political Discourse”

Association for Africanist Anthropology Bennetta Jules-Rosette Graduate Paper Award 2013

                     George Paul Meiu           
                     “Beach-Boy Elders and Young Big-Men”
                      (To be published in Ethnos)

Council on the Anthropology of Reproduction Graduate Student Paper Award 2012

                     Kathryn Elissa Goldfarb          
                    “Replacement and Remediation: Loss and the Pleasure of the 

Ignacio Martín-Baró Human Rights Essay Prize (PhD Level)

                    Jonah Simcha Rubin  (Spain)
                    "Transitional Justice Against the State: Implications of Local 
                     Interpretations of Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation" 
                    (A version of it also submitted to the International Journal of
                     Transitional Justice

Roy D. Albert Prize (55053)  (Best MA essay in Anthropology)

                    Eric Michael Hirsch
                    “Atmospheric Ethics, Grounded Ambivalence: Global Climate
                     Change  and the Politics of Crisis, Knowledge, 
                     and Survival in the Maldives (2008-2012)

                    Kaya Naomi Williams   
                    “ ‘We Aspire to be Transformative’: Maintaining an Alternative
                       within American Criminal Justice”


Dr. Aizik Wolf Human Rights Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship 2013-14

                      Julia Marie Housel Sizek  (Native North America/Undergrad)

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships

                      Zachary David Sheldon (Middle East)

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships  ACADEMIC YEAR 

                     Jason Michael Enos (Latin America)
                     Patrick Charles Lewis (Turkey/Kurdistan)
                     John O’Donnell Mullee (Latin America)
                     Jonah Simpson (Russia/Ukraine)

SUMMER 2013 GRANTS (Pre-field)

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships – SUMMER

                      John O’Donnell Mullee (Portuguese – in Brazil)            
                      Giovanni Michele Ricci  (Czech – in Prague)

African Language Studies Fund

                      Jorge Antonio Campos-Tellez

Edward L. Ryerson Fellowship in (Greek/Roman) Archaeology

                     Sarah Ellen Adcock (Turkey)

Human Rights Pozen Graduate Research Fellowships (U Chicago)

                     Claudia Gastrow (Angola)
                     Maira Hayat  (Pakistan)
                     Dongyoung Kim (Korea)
                     Meghan Morris  (Colombia)
                     G. Duff Morton  (Brazil)
                     Christopher Sheklian  (Turkey/Armenia)
                    Jeremy Siegman (Israel/West Bank)

Nicholson Center for British Studies Research Fellowship

                    Geneviève Godbout (Antigua/British Archives)
                    Mudit Trivedi (India/British Archives)      
                    Jan Harm Schutte (South Africa/British Archives)

Center for East Asian Studies: Chinese Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Grants

                    Victoria Nguyen   
                   Jan Harm Schutte

Center for East Asian Studies: Japan Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Grants

                   Karl H. Love Oskarson Kindstrand
Alessandra Maria Sabelli

Center for East Asian Studies: Korean Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Grants            

                   Heangjin Park (427401)

American Philosophical Society - Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research

                  Christopher Michael Grant (Haiti)

Canadian Institute for Research on Linguistic Minorities

                  Hannah Renée McElgunn (Acadia/Chiac)

American Institute of Pakistan Studies Summer Research Grant

                  Maira Hayat (Lahore/Islamabad)

Social Science Division Summer Grants (New)

                 Elizabeth Jane Brummel (Kenya)
                 Falina Enriquez (Brazil)
                 Julie Alyssa Hanlon (India)
                 Owen Nathaniel Kohl (Croatia)
                 Simon James May (Fiji)
                 Theodore Rose (Sierra Leone)

Department of Anthropology Leiffer Pre-Field Research Fellowships

                 Sarah Ellen Adcock (396405) (Turkey/Archaeology)
                 Hannah Rachel Chazin (363072) (Arch. Data Analysis)
                 Yazan Haitham Bishara Doughan (377160) (Jordan)
                 Christopher Michael Grant (364121) (Haiti)
                 Colin Michael Egenberger Halverson (396715) (US Urban)
                 Maira Hayat (413103) (Pakistan)
                 Rebecca Kate Journey (420485) (Denmark)
                 Karl H. Love Oskarson Kindstrand (427378) (Japan)
                 Mary Denise Robertson (396512) (South Africa)
                Jan Harm Schutte (412829) (London, Beijing)
                Jeremy Abraham Siegman (413455) (Israel/West Bank)
                Kaya Naomi Williams (396551) (New Orleans)

Center for Latin American Studies Travel Grants (Latin America/Iberia)

               Nicholas Carby Denning (Ecuador)
               Karma Franklin Frierson (Mexico)
               Christopher Michael Grant (Haiti)
              John O’Connell Mullee (Argentina/Brazil)

De la Vauvre Summer Research Fellowships (Chicago-France Center)

              Kristin Gee Hickman (France)

Jain Studies Program in India

              Julie Alyssa Hanlon (India)

Committee on Southern Asian Studies (COSAS) Pre-Dissertation Research Travel

              Kristyn Nicole Mahealani Hara (Cambodia/Rsch) 
              Cameron Stephen Hu  (Indonesia/Summer)


IIE Fulbright

                      Hannah Rachel Chazin (Armenia)                     
                      Emma Elizabeth Hite (Mongolia)
                      Eric Michael Hirsch (Peru)

Fulbright-Hays (DDRA) Fellowships (Awarded Aut’12 for 2012-13)

                      Natalja Denise Czarnecki  (Rep. of Georgia)
                      Michal Ran-Rubin (920363) (Israel)

Inter-America Foundation Grassroots Development Fellowships

                     Eric Michael Hirsch (Peru)
                     Meghan Morris (Colombia)

Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research

                    Alexander David Blanchette (US/Porkopolis)
                    Sean Michael Dowdy (India)
                    Eric Michael Hirsch  (Peru)
                    Erik Lee Levin (Peru/Amazonia)
                    Amy Leia McLachlan  (Colombia/Amazonia)
                    Madeleine Theresa McLeester (US/Environment)
                    Meghan Morris (Colombia)
                    Mary Denise Robertson (South Africa)
                    Anna Maria Weichselbraun (Austria)
                    Xiaobo Yuan (China)

Social Science Research Council – Mellon International Dissertation Research Fellowship [SSRC-IDRF]

                   Meghan Morris (Colombia)
                   Anna Maria Weichselbraun (Austria)

NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants [NSF-DDIG]

                   Lauren M. Zych  (New Orleans/Archaeology)
                   Kaya Williams (US, Criminal Justice System)

Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion Research Grant [IMTFI]

                  Sean Michael Dowdy (India)
                  Eric Michael Hirsch  (Peru)

CHSS Fishbein Fellowship

                  Francis Alan McKay (Naropa Inst.)

Chicago Center for Jewish Studies Travel Grant

                 Yaqub Hashim Hilal (Israel)

University of Chicago SSD Research/Travel Grants (up to -$2500)

                Hannah Rachel Chazin (Orin Williams/Arizona)
                Yazan Haitham Bishara Doughan (Overseas Diss/Jordan)
                Claudia Gastrow  (Janco/Angola)
                Geneviève Godbout (Janco/Antigua)
                Colin Michael Egenberger Halverson (Orin Williams/US Urban)
                Kathryn Anne Ludwig Mariner (Orin Williams, TX/Calif)

University of Chicago SSD Research Awards (New Money)

               Jonah Michael Augustine (Bolivia)
               Zachary James Chase (Peru/WriteUp)
               Geneviève Godbout (Antigua)
               Kristyn Nicole Mahealani Hara (Cambodia)
               Emma Elizabeth Hite (Mongolia)
               Anna Jabloner (San Francisco/Gene Data Bases) 
               Sarah A. Kautz  (Japan) 
               Kiho Kim (China) 
               Tal Liron (Mongolia)
               Francis Alan McKay  (Naropa Inst, etc)
               Stacy Ann Pape (France/Maghreb)
               Christopher Nicholas Sheklian (Turkey)


Dumbarton Oaks Junior Fellowship (Pre-Columbian Studies)

                      Zachary James Chase (Peru/Archaeology)

 P.E.O.  Scholar Award 

                    Anna Katherine Guengerich (Peru/Archaeology)

Center for the Study of Race, Culture & Politics Research Dissertation Fellowship

                   Adela Amaral Lugo (Mexico)

Michael and Ling Markovitz Dissertation-Year Fellowship

                  Jason David Ramsey (Mexico)

Department of Anthropology Lichtstern Dissertation Fellowship

                  Owen Nathaniel Kohl (Croatia)

Department of Anthropology Mark Hanna Watkins Dissertation Fellowship

                      Falina Enriquez (Brazil)
                      Simon James May (Fiji)

Committee on Southern Asian Studies (COSAS) (Dissertation Write-Up)

                     Julie Alyssa Hanlon (India) 
                     Malavika Reddy  (Thailand) 
                     Adam Carl Sargent (India) 
                     Gabriel Omar Tusinski (East Timor) 
                     Brian Christopher Wilson (Goa)

DFI (Diversifying Faculty in Illinois)

                     Kathryn Anne Ludwig Mariner (US/Urban)

Department of Anthropology Mark Hanna Watkins Post-Field Fellowships              

                      Yazan  Haitham Bishara Doughan (Jordan)
                      Anna Jabloner (Gene Data Bases)
                      Madeleine Theresa McLeester  (Calumet/Archaeology)

MAPSS Preceptorships                  

                      Jessica Sarah Robinson Robinson

Anthropology Department Starr Lectureships

                      Jonah Michael Augustine 
                                  “Fetishism and the ‘Spirit of Matter’”

                      Lee Cabatingan 
                                  “Law, Lawyers, and the Courtroom”

                      Frederick Benjamin Ketchum 
                                  “Ethics of Medicine and Biotechnology”

                      G. Duff Morton (Decline)

                      Jessica Sarah Robinson 
                                  “Good to Think With; Good to Live With; Good to Eat:
                                    The Anthropology of Human-Animal Relations”

                      Joseph Jay Sosa 
                                  “Anthropology of Democracy”

                      Eli David Thorkelson 
                                  “Ethnographic Methods”

Anthropology Preceptor for 2013-14

                      Kathryn Elizabeth McHarry (Decline)
                      Gabriel Omar Tusinski