2009 Awards and Honors


Daniel F. Nugent Dissertation Prize (Historical Anthropology) [shared]

     Gregory Alan Beckett
     "The End of Haiti": History under Conditions of Impossibility

     Yarimar Bonilla
     A Striking Past: Labor and the Politics of History in Guadeloupe

Sol Tax Dissertation Prize (For the Dissertation which "combines highest intellectual merit with relevance to anthropology and action")

     Rocío Magaña
     Bodies on the Line: Life, Death, and Authority on the Arizona-Mexico Border

Canadian Asian Studies Association (CASA) South Asia Council Best Canadian Dissertation on South Asia

     Peter Gavin Johansen
     A Political Economy of Space: Social Organization and the Production of an Iron Age Settlement Landscape in Northern Karnataka

Roy D. Albert Prize (Best MA essay in Anthropology)

     Alexander David Blanchette
     'The Natural History of Fordist Industry': The American 'Factory' Hog Farm

Sakip Sabanci International Research Award (For the best submitted paper on the topic of "Pluralism in Contemporary Turkish Society and Politics")

     Kabir Tambar
     Paradoxes of Pluralism: Ritual Aesthetics and the Alevi Revival in Turkey

Society for Linguistic Anthropology Sapir Graduate Student Paper Prize

     Alejandro Ivan Paz
     "The Circulation of Chisme and Rumor: Gossip, Evidentiality and Authority in the Perspective of Latin Labor Migrants in Israel," to appear in Journal of Linguistic Anthropology.

Society for Urban, National and Transnational/Global Anthropology (SUNTA) Graduate Student Paper Prize

     Hadas Weiss
     "Immigration to Settlement: The Case of Ariel/West Bank," forthcoming in City and Society.

Bestor Prize, Society for East Asian Anthropology (Outstanding Graduate Paper)

     Kathryn Elissa Goldfarb
     "Making the Oral Contraceptive 'for Me' in Japan: Signifying Subjects with Bodies"

Central States Anthropological Society Student Paper Prize

     Joseph Julian Ziems Weiss
     "Rural Migrations and Pan-Native Selves: Native Rural-Urban Migration and Identity in Vancouver, B.C."


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships

     Sarah Ellen Adcock (Archaeology/Near East)
    Joseph Jay Sosa  (Brazil)
    Kaya Naomi Williams (US Urban/Legal)

Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)

    Christina Candida Campisi (Chile)
    George Paul Meiu (Kenya)

Fonds de Recherché sur la Societé et la Culture Quebec (FQRSC)

    George Paul Meiu (Kenya)

Hannah Holborn Gray Advanced Fellowship in the Humanities and Humanistic Social Sciences

    Michael Anthony Di Giovine (Italy)

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS/Title VI) - Academic Year

    Christopher Paul Bolechl (Latin America - Yucatec Maya)
    Natalja Denise Czarnecki (East Europe - Georgian)
    Sean Michael Dowdy (South Asia - Hindi)
    William John Feeney (East Asia - Japanese)
    Kathryn Jane Franklin (East Europe - Armenian)
    Julie Alyssa Hanlon (South Asia - Tamil/Malayalam)
    Britta Elisabeth Ingebretson (East Asia - China)
    Sarah A. Kautz (East Asia - Japanese)
    Owen Nathaniel Kohl (East Euorpe - Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian)
    Erin Elisabeth Pappas (East Europe - Polish)
    Shana Noelle [Ender] Ricart (East Asia - Japanese) (via Cornell)
    Adam Carl Sargent (South Asia - Hindi)

SUMMER 2009 GRANTS (Pre-field)

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (various) - Summer

     Christopher Paul Bloechl (Latin America - K'iche' Maya in Guatemala)
     Elizabeth Jane Brummel (Swahili in Kenya) (via Yale)
     Natalja Denise Czarnecki (Russian at Middlelbury)
     Sean Michael Dowdy (Hindi at AIIS Jaipur)
     William John Feeney (Japanese in Osaka)
     Britta Elisabeth Ingebretson (Chinese at IUP Beijing)
     Sarah A. Kautz (Japanese in Hokkaido)
     Owen Nathaniel Kohl (BCS in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zagreb)
     Erin Elizabeth Pappas (Russian in St. Petersburg) (via Duke)
     Shana Noelle [Ender] Ricart (Japanese)
     Adam Carl Sargent (Hindi at Landour/Moosoori)
     Benjamin Eugene White (Albanian in Tirana, Albania)
     Xiao-bo Yuan (Chinese at IUP Beijing)

Social Science Research Council - Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowships

     Christina Candida Campisi (Chile)

ACLS Southeast Europe Language Training Grant

     Benjamin Eugene White (Albanian)

Provost's Summer Fellowships

     Alexander David Blanchette (Oklahoma Panhandle)
     Joseph P. Bognanni [Bonni] (France)
     Michael Anthony Di Giovine (Italy)
     Nelly Samoukova (Russia)
     Gabriel Omar Tusinski (Portugal - Overseas Archives)

Nicholson Center for British Studies Research Fellowship

     Megan Elizabeth Edwards (Northern Ireland)

Center for Applied Linguistics  G. Richard Tucker Fellowship

     Jonathan Daniel Rosa (US - Urban Education)

Human Rights Program Internship (U Chicago)

     Claudia Gastrow (Angola)

African Language Studies Fund

     Elizabeth Jane Brummel (Kenya)
     Anita Hannig (Ethiopia)
     Richal Ran (Senegal)
     Joshua Daniel Lee Zaks Walker (DR Congo)

Department of Anthropology Leiffer Pre-field Research Fellowships

     Joseph P. Bognanni [Bonni] (France)
     Ali Michele Feser (Lebanon)
     Kathryn Jane Franklin (Armenia)
     Julie Alyssa Hanlon (Menorca, Spain)
     Madeleine Theresa McLeester (U Minn)
     David Bartholomew Pacifico (Peru)
     Jessica Sarah Robinson Robinson ( Bermuda)

Center for Latin American Studies Tinker Travel Grants

     Christopher Paul Bloechl (Nahuala, Guatemala)
     Christina Candida Campisi (Huasco Valley, Chile)
     Flaina Enriquez (Recife, Brazil)
     Anna Katherine Guengerich (Peru/Bolivia)
     Jonah S. Rubin (Mexico City)
     Joseph Jay Sosa (São Paulo, Brazil)

Committee on Southern Asian Studies (COSAS) Summer Language and Pre-Dissertation Travel Awards

     Malavika Reddy (Thailand)
     Mudit Trivedi (India)
     Brian Christopher Wilson (India)


Fulbright (various)

     Brinton Robert Ahlin - IIE Fulbright (Tajikistan)
     David Munaver Bholat - IIE Fulbright (England)
     Zachary James Chase - Fulbright-Hays (Peru)
     Elizabeth Gaines Anderson Fagan - Fulbright-Hays (Armenia)
     Elizabeth Gaines Anderson Fagan - IIE Fulbright (Armenia)
     Kathryn Elissa Goldfarb - IIE Fulbright (Japan)
     Kathryn Elissa Goldfarb - Fulbright-Hays (Japan)
     Owen Nathaniel Kohl - IIE Fulbright (Croatia)
     Benjamin Peter Luley - IIE Fulbright (France)
     Kathryn Elizabeth McHarry - Fulbright-Hays (Senegal)
     Caroline Elizabeth Schuster - Fulbright-Hays (Paraguay)
     LaShandra Patrice Sullivan - IIE Fulbright (Brazil)

Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research

     Mark Anthony Geraghty (Rwanda)
     Kathryn Elissa Goldfarb (Japan)
     Charles Wilbur Hartley (Archaeology/China)
     Mary Theresa Frances Leighton (Chile)
     Tatiana Tchoudakova (Buryatia)

Social Science Research Council - International Dissertation Research Fellowship

     Bernard Michael Dubbeld (South Africa)

NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants

     J. Ckristafer Baker (San Francisco)
     Alexander David Blanchette (Oklahoma Panhandle) [Sci/Tech]
     Alan Frederick Greene (Archaeology/Armenia)
     Joshua Daniel Lee Zaks Walker (DR Congo)

George Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust

     Benjamin Peter Luley (Archaeology/France)

Japan Foundation

     Kathryn Elissa Goldfarb (Japan)

Korea-ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Academic Exchange Program

     Yongjin Kim (Bali, Indonesia) [for use in 2010-11]

Institute for Money, Technology, and Financial Inclusion - UC Irvine

     Caroline Elizabeth Schuster (Paraguay)

University of Chicago Special Overseas Fellowships

     Zachary James Chase (Peru)
     Michael Di Giovine (Italy)
     Royal Omar Ghazal (Paris)
     Anita Hannig (Ethiopia)
     Nicholas Hensley Harkness (Korea)
     Maureen Elizabeth Marshall (Armenia)
     Melissa Sara Rosenzweig (Turkey)

Janco Travel Grants - Social Science Division

     Nusrat Sabina Chowdhury (Bangladesh)
     Zada Nicole Johnson (New Orleans)


Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

     Nusrat Sabina Chowdhury (Bangladesh)

Josephine de Kármán Fellowship

     Eitan Yadid Wilf (US Jazz culture)

Erskine A. Peters Dissertation Fellowship, Notre Dame

     Laurence Ralph (US urban)

Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies, University of Rochester

     Laurence Ralph (US Urban)

Michael and Ling Markovitz Dissetrtation-Year Fellowship

     Jeremy Linn Jones (Zimbabwe)

Mellon Foundation/Social Sciences Dissertation-Year Fellowship

     Marina Mikhaylova (Lithuania)
     Laurence Ralph (US Urban)
     Eitan Yadid Wilf (US Jazz culture)

Provost's/Benjamin Bloom Dissertation Fellowship

     Jonathan Daniel Rosa (Urban eduacation)

Department of Anthropology Mark Hanna Watkins Dissertation-Year Fellowship

     Betsey Behr Brada (Botswana)

Department of Anthropology Mark Hanna Watkins Post-Field Fellowship

     Lily Hope Chumley (China)

Committee on Southern Asian Studies (COSAS) Dissertation-Year Fellowships

     Andrew Michael Bauer (Archaeology/India)
     Royal Omar Ghazal (Archaeology/Oman/Indian Ocean Rim)
     Urmila Nair (Dharamsala, India/Tibet in Exile)