2008 Awards and Honors


Daniel F. Nugent Dissertation Prize (Historical Anthropology)

     Yiching WU 
     The Other Cultural Revolution: Social Protest and the Politics of Class in China, 1966-1969

Sol Tax Dissertation Prize  (For the Dissertation which "combines highest intellectual merit with relevance to anthropology and action"

     Andrea Karin Muehlebach
     The Moral Neo-Liberal: Welfare State and Ethical Citizenship in Contemporary Italy 

Roy D. Albert Prize  (Best MA essay in Anthropology)

     Caroline Elizabeth Schuster  
     Banking on Indigeneity: The Politics of Microcredit in Argentina's Altiplano

Ruth Murray Essay Prize - Center for Gender Studies (Honoring the best essays written in the areas of women's studies, feminist criticism or gender studies) 

     John Lewis Osburg
     Entertaining is my job': Masculinity, Sexuality, and Leisure among Chengdu's New Rich Entrepreneurs

Nicholson Center Award  (Best undergraduate essay in the field of British Studies) 

     Danae Konstantinos Roumis 
     False Perceptions and Falciparum: A Political Ecology of Malaria in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania


 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships

     Kathryn Anne Ludwig  (Mesoamerica/Linguistics)

Social  Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)

     Geneviève Godbout (Latin America)
     Joshua Daniel Lee Zaks WALKER (DR Congo)
     Shirley Ceensem Yeung (Europe) 

DFI (Diversifying Faculty in Illinois)

     David Munaver Bholat

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS/Title VI) ACADEMIC YEAR

     Natalja Denise Czarnecki (East Europe-Polish) 
     Sean Michael Dowdy  (South Asia-Hindi)
     Danielle Josselyn Flam (East Asia-Chinese) 
     Sarah A. Kautz  (East Asia-Japanese)
     Owen Nathaniel Kohl (CEERES-Croatian/Bosnian/Serbian)
     Nelly Samoukova  (East Europe-Polish)
     LaShandra Patrice Sullivan (Latin America-Portuguese)
     Tatiana Tchoudakova (East Europe-Uzbek)
     Gabriel Omar Tusinski (Latin America-Portuguese)
     Brian Christopher Wilson (South Asia-Urdu)

American Institute of Indian Studies Academic Year Language Fellowship

     Julie Alyssa Hanlon (Tamil in Madurai)

SUMMER 2008 GRANTS (Pre-field)

Social Science Research Council - Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowships

     Anna Jabloner (Science Studies)

West African Research Association (WARA) Pre-Doctoral Fellowship

     Kathryn Elizabeth McHarry (Senegal)

Mellon/Mays Travel and Research Grant

     Jonathan Daniel Rosa

US Department of State Critical Language Scholarship

     Erin Elizabeth Pappas (Russian in Russia)

ACLS Southeast Europe Language Training Grant

     Benjamin Eugene White (Albanian in Arizona)

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (various) - SUMMER

     William John Feeney (Japanese in Japan)
     Ali(son) Michelle Feser (Middle East-Arabic/Middlebury)
     Danielle Josselyn Flam (Chinese - Beijing Language/Culture Univ)
     Chelsey Louise Kivland (Latin America - Haitian Creole - Boston U)
     Sarah A. Kautz (Japanese - Middlebury)
     Owen Kohl (East Europe - BCS in Russ/EE Summer Lang Inst Pittsburgh)
     Malavika Reddy (Thai - U Wisconsin -- FLAS via SEASSI)
     Joseph Jay Sosa (Portuguese - Rio de Janeiro)
     LaShandra Patrice Sullivan (Portuguese - Rio de Janeiro)
     Gabriel Omar Tusinski (Indonesian - U Wisconsin -- FLAS via SEASSI)

Kathryn Wasserman Davis Fellowship, Middlebury College

     Claudia Gastrow (Brazil) (for Sum. Portuguese at Middlebury)

Provost's Summer Fellowships

     Yazan Haitham Doughan  (Jordan) 
     Kathryn Elissa Goldfarb (Japan)
     Elizabeth Gaines Anderson Fagan (Armenia)
     Kathryn Jane Franklin  (Armenia)
     Chelsey Louise Kivland  (Haiti)
     Mary Theresa Frances Leighton  (Bolivia/Chile)
     Benjamin Peter Luley (France)
     Madeleine Theresa McLeester (Calumet)
     David Bartholomew Pacifico  (Peru)
     Matthew David Rich  (Bangladesh)
     Melissa Sara Rosenzweig  (Turkey)
     Lisa Simeone (France)
     Joshua Daniel Lee Zaks Walker (DR Congo)

Committee on Southern Asian Studies (COSAS) ($3600 each)

     Julie Alyssa Hanlon (375236) (Excavation in Lattes, France)
     Adam Carl Sargent (375274) (Hindi in Varanasi)
     Gabriel Omar Tusinski (368590) (Prefield research E. Timor)

Center for East Asian Studies Small Research Travel Grants ($3000 each)

     Danielle Josselyn Flam (China)
     Kiho Kim (China)

African Studies Student Research Fund

     Robert Winslow Blunt (Kenya)
     Kerry Ryan Chance (South Africa)
     Claudia Gastrow (Angola)
     George Paul Meiu (Kenya)

African Language Studies Fund

     Kerry Ryan Chance (South Africa)
     Ania Hannig (Ethiopia
     Joshua Daniel Lee Zaks Walker (DR Congo)

Human Rights Program Internship (UC)

     Balogun Theodore Rose (Liberia)

NSF Summer Institute on Research Design in Cultural Anthropology

     David Munaver Bholat (Money/Banking)

Center for Latin American Studies Tinker Travel Grants (Latin America/Iberia)

     Jonah Michael Augustine (376365) (Bolivia, $875)
     Anna Katherine Guengrich (350387) (Peru, $1200)
     Mary Theresa Frances Leighton (368253)  (Bolivia, $875)
     David Bartholomew Pacifico (377174)  (Peru, $1350)
     Jonah Simcha Rubin  (350281)  (Spain, $1200)
     Joseph Jay Sosa (383813)  (Brazil, $1400)
     LaShandra Patrice Sullivan (351423)  (Brazil, $1400)

Department of Anthropology Leiffer Pre-Field Research Fellowships

     Michael Anthony Di Giovine (Italy) 
     Anita Hannig (Ethiopia) 
     Averill Jacob Leslie (Vermont)
     Tatiana Tchoudakova (Buryatia) 
     Gabriel Omar Tusinski (East Timor)
     Brian Christopher Wilson  (India) 


Fulbright (various)

     Kerry Ryan Chance - Fulbright-Hays (South Africa)
     Alan Frederick Greene - Fulbright-Hays (Armenia)
     Elina Inkeri Hartikainen - Fulbright-Hays (Brazil)
     Chelsey Louise Kivland - Fulbright-Hays (Haiti)
     Maureen Elizabeth Marshall - Fulbright-Hays (Armenia)
     Meredith Lindsay McGuire - Fulbright-Hays (India)
     Matthew David Rich - Fulbright-Hays (Bangladesh)

Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research

     Kerry Ryan Chance (South Africa)
     Elina Inkeri Hartikainen (Brazil)
     Brian Arthur Horne (Russia)
     Chelsey Louise Kivland (Haiti)
     Kathleen Lorne McDougall (South Africa)
     Erik Lee Skjon (Mozambique)

Social Science Research Council - International Dissertation Research Fellowship

     Filipe Lemos Calvão (Angola)
     Kerry Ryan Chance (South Africa)
     Marcos Alexander Mendoza (Argentina/Patagonia)
     Elayne Mary Oliphant (France)

NSF Dissertation Improvement Grants

     Alan Frederick Greene (Armenia)
     Chelsey Louise Kivland (Haiti)
     Laurence A. Ralph  (US) (Law/SocSci)
     Gustavo Rivera, Jr. (Brazil)
     Jonathan Daniel Rosa  (US)
     Steven B. Kosiba (Archaeology/Peru)
     Erik Lee Skjon (Mozambique)

American Institute of Indian Studies Junior Research Fellowship

     Meredith Lindsay McGuire  (India)

American Institute of Bangladesh Studies Junior Research Fellowship

     Matthew David Rich (Bangladesh)

 Program for Cultural Cooperation Between SPAIN's Ministry of Culture and United States Universities

     Byron Ellsworth Hamann  (Spain/Mexico)

American Philosophical Society - Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research (Max possible $5000)

     Kerry Ryan Chance  (362183) (South Africa)

University of Chicago Special Overseas Fellowships ($1000-$2000)

     Brian Arthur Horne (Russia)
     Mary Theresa Frances Leighton (Chile)

Janco/Orin Williams Travel Grants (Social Science Division)

     Michelle Anne Lelièvre (Nova Scotia)
     Hu Lin (China)


American Academy of Arts and Sciences Visiting Scholar Program

     Rocío Magaña (US/Mexico Border) [PostDoc]

Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship

     Beatrice Ann Jauregui (351250) (India)

Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships

     Joseph Doyle Hankins (Japan)
     Kabir Tambar (Turkey)                

Josephine de Kármán Fellowship

     Catherine Kuhn Fennell (US Urban)

Collegium Budapest Junior Fellowship

     João Filipe Gonçalves (Cuba)

American Educational Research Association (AERA) Dissertation Fellowship

     Jonathan Daniel Rosa (Chicago Education) [decline]

Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture

     Hadas Weiss (Israel)

William Rainer Harper/Provost's Dissertation-Year Fellowship

     Jolie Nicole Nahigian (US)

Michael and Ling Markovitz Dissertation-Year Fellowship

     Sarah Brohard Muir (Argentina)

Mellon Foundation/Social Sciences Dissertation-Year Fellowship

     Larisa Jasarevic  (Bosnia)

Karla Scherer Center for the Study of American Culture Dissertation Year Fellowship

     Rebecca Sara Graff (Chicago Archaeology)

Center for East Asian Studies Dissertation Writing Fellowships

     Hu Lin (China)
     Shunsuke Nozawa  (Japan)

Committee on South Asian Studies Dissertation-Year Fellowships

     Andrew Michael Bauer (India) 
     Nusrat Sabina Chowdhury (Bangladesh)
     Peter Joseph Graif  (Nepal)
     Beatrice Anne Jauregui (India) (1 Qtr)
     Urmila Nair  (India/Tibet in Exile)

Institute for Turkish Studies

     Jeremy Francis Walton (Turkey)

Martin Marty Center Junior Fellowship

     Jeremy Francis Walton  (Turkey)

Department of Anthropology Mark Hanna Watkins Dissertation-Year Fellowships

     Andrew Peter Graan (Macedonia/Media)

Department of Anthropology Mark Hanna Watkins Post-Field Fellowships  

     Lauren Anne Wynne (Yucatan)

SSCD Dissertation Teaching and Research Fellowships

     Gretchen Elisabeth Pfeil (Senegal)
     Marston Hunt Morgan (New Caledonia)
     Betsey Behr Brada (South Africa)