2006 Awards and Honors


Julien Mezey Dissertation Award, Association for the Study of Law, Culture, and Humanities

     Enid Gabriella Coleman
     The Social Construction of Freedom in Free and Open Source Software: Hackers, Ethics and the Liberal Tradition

Daniel F. Nugent Dissertation Prize (Historical Anthropology) 

     Alan Thomas Durston (for 2005)
     Pastoral Quechua: The History of Christian Translation in Colonial Peru, 1550-1650

     Thomas Hays Guthrie (for 2006)
     Recognizing New Mexico: Heritage Development and Cultural Politics in the Land of Enchantment

Sol Tax Dissertation Prize (For the Dissertation which "combines highest intellectual merit with relevance to anthropology and action")

     Enid Gabriella Coleman
     The Social Construction of Freedom in Free and Open Source Sofware: Hackers, Ethics and the Liberal Tradition

Roy D. Albert Prize (Best MA essay in Anthropology) 

     Jeffrey Sterling Kahn 
     Policing 'Evil': Witch Prisons and the Witch Hunt Franchise in the People's Republic of Benin 

Association for Political and Legal Anthropology (APLA) Student Paper Prize

     Jessica Rachel Greenberg
     Noć Reklamoždera: Democracy, Consumption, and the Crisis of Representation in Post-Socialist Serbia.  Political and Legal Anthropology Review.

Association for the Study of Nationalities Graduate Student Paper Award

     Jessica Rachel Greenberg
     'Goodby Serbian Kennedy': Zoran Ðinđić and the New Democratic Masculinity. East European Politics and Societies (20)1: 126-151.

Nicholson Center for British Studies BA Essay Prize

     Eliza Clark Riffe
     'A Matter of Life and Death': The Irish-American Archivist as a Cultural Biographer of Things


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships

     Michal Ran (Senegal)
     Balogun Theodore Rose (Sierre Leone)

Jacob K. Javits Fellowoship

     Caroline Elizabeth Schuster (Latin America - Southern Cone)
     Michal Ran (Senegal)

Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)

     Alexander David Blanchette (US - Industrial Agriculture)

Dolores Zohab Liebmann Fellowship

     Alan Frederick Green (Archaeology/Caucasus)

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS/Title VI) ACADEMIC YEAR

     Phoebe Rene France (Latin America-Portuguese)
     Alan Frederick Green (East Europe-Russian)
     Meghan Ree Hammond (Latin America-Portuguese) (decline)
     Nicholas Hensley Harkness (East Asia-Korean)
     Larisa Jasarevic (CEERES-Czech) (will decline for IREX)
     Maureen Elizabeth Marshall (East Europe-Russian)
     Marina Mikhaylova (East Europe-Polish)
     Matthew David Rich (South Asia-Bengali) 
     Nelly Samoukova (East Europe-Polish)
     Tatiana Tchoudakova (East Europe-Uzbek)
     Gabriel Omar Tusinski (Latin America-Portuguese)
     Lauren Anne Wynne (Latin America-Maya) (decline)

Inter-University Program in Beijing (Tsinghua) Young Scholar Fellowship

     Lily Hope Chumley (Academic year language study in Beijing)
     Lauren Shan Keeler (Academic year language study in Beijing) [decline]

SUMMER 2007 GRANTS (Pre-field)

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (various) - SUMMER

     Lily Hope Chumley (East Asia-Chinese-Tsinghua) [decline]
     Kathryn Elissa Goldfarb (East Asia-Japanese-Middlebury) 
     Nicholas Hensley Harkness (East Asia-Korean-Ewha)
     Kathryn Elizabeth McHarry (Wolof - via Indiana Univ.)
     Tracey Alexandra Rosen (East Asia-Chinese-Tsinghua)
     Caroline Elizabeth Schuster (Latin America-Guarani-Paraguay)
     Tatiana Tchoudakova (East Europe-Buryat)
     Gabriel Omar Tusinski (Indonesian, via U Wisconsin SEASSI)

Foreign Language Enhancement Program

     Kathryn Elizabeth McHarry (Wolof, Indiana University)
     Matthew David Rich (Sanskrit, SASLI-Wisconsin)     

Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture Travel Grants

     Simon James May  (Britain)
     LaShandra Patrice Sullivan (Angola) 

Human Rights Program Internship

     Kerry Ryan Chance (Centre for Civil Society, Durban, South Africa)

AGEP/SBE Summer Collaborative Research Grant

     Anthony Keith Alvarez (Archaeology)

Vance Lancaster Research Grant in Lesbian and Gay Studies

     Sarah Lynn Luna (US/Mexico border)

Edward L. Ryerson Fellowship in Archaeology

     Melissa Sara Rosenzweig (Israel)

Council for European Studies/Society for the Anthropology of Europe Prefield Fellowship

     Tracy Alexandra Rosen (Greece)

Center for East Asian Studies Small Research Travel Grants

     Nicholas Hensley Harkness (Korea)p

Center for Latin American Studies Travel Grants (Latin America/Iberia)

     Zachary James Chase (Peru)
     João Felipe Gonçalves (Cuba)
     Elina Inkeri Hartikainen (Brazil)
     Jeffrey Stirling Kahn (Haiti)
     Mary Theresa Frances Leighton (Peru)
     Marcos Alexander Mendoza (Argentina)
     Tien-Ann Shih (Spain)
     Lauren Anne Wynne (Yucatan) 

COSAS Language Study and/or Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowships

     Matthew David Rich  (Bangladesh)

African Language Studies Fund

     Kerry Ryan Chance
     Kathleen Lorne McDougall 
     Kathryn Elizabeth McHarry
     Gretchen Elisabeth Pfeil
     LaShandra Patrice Sullivan

Department of Anthropology Leiffer Pre-Field Research Fellowships ($2000 max.)

     Filipe Lemos Calvao (Angola)
     João Felipe Gonçalves (Cuba)
     Nicholas Hensley Harkness (Germany)
     Brian Arthur Horne (Russia)
     Zada Nicole Johnson (New Orleans)
     Simon James May (Britain)
     Eitan Yadid Wilf (Boston)

American Institute of Indian Studies Summer Language Program in India

     Urmila Nair (Tibetan in Dharmasala)

Fuerstenberg Fellowship (U Chicago)

     Erik Lee Levin (Latin America)


Fulbright (various)

     Betsey Behr Brada Fulbright-Hays (Botswana)
     Erik Christopher Brodnax  Fulbright Hays (Senegal)     
     Peter Joseph Graif  Fulbright Hays (Nepal)
     Azande Mangeango  Fulbright Hays (Sudan)
     Gustavo Rivera, Jr. Fulbright Hays (Brazil)
     Tracey Alexandra Rosen  Fulbright Hays (Greece)
     Tien-Ann Shih  Fulbright Hays (Peru)
     Rihan WenXin Yeh Fulbright-Hays (Mexico)
     Rihan WenXin Yeh  IIE Fulbright (Mexico) [decline]

Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research

      Rocío Magaña (Mexico)
      Azande Mangeango (Sudan)

NSF Dissertation Improvement Grants

     Santiago Giraldo (Archaeology/Colombia)
     Jeffrey Sterling Kahn (Law/Society, Haiti) 

Henry Luce Foundation/ACLS Grants to Individuals in East Asian Archaeology and Early History

     Hu LIN (Archaeology/China)

IREX-IARO (International Research & Exhang Board - Individual Advanced Research Opportuities

     Larisa Jasarevic (Bosnia-Herzagovina)

American Research Institute in Turkey

     Jeremy Francis Walton  (Turkey)

Dan David Prize Scholarship

     Eitan Yadid Wilf  (Filed work in Boston)

Nicholson Center Long-Term Dissertation Fieldwork Fellowship

     Simon James May (922870) (Britain)

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Doctoral Research Grant

     Catherine Kuhn Fennell (Chicago)

Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy Research Grant

     Katherine Kuhn Fennell (Chicago)

Smithsonian Institution Center for Materials Research and Education Short-Term Research Grant

     MaryFran Heinsch (Eurasia Kura-Araxes Ceramics)

University of Chicago Special Overseas Fellowships ($500-$2000)

     Laura-Zoe Humphreys (Cuba) 
     Urmila Nair  (India/Tibet in Exile)

Janco Travel Grants (Social Science Division)

     Royal Omar Ghazal (Oman)


Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

     Kimberly Alison Arkin (France)

Dumbarton Oaks Juntion Fellowship in Pre-Columbian Studies

     Byron Ellsworth Hamann (Mexico/Spain)

Carter G. Woodson Institute Predoctoral Residential Research Fellowship

     Yarima Bonilla (Guadaloupe)

Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture Dissertation Fellowship

     Sean Timothy Mitchell (Brazil)

American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise Israel Scholar Award

     Alejandro Ivan Paz (Israel)

Mellon Foundation/University of Chicago Dissertation-Year Fellowships

     Diana Bocarejo (Colombia)

Committee on South Asian Studies Dissertation-Year Fellowships

     Jayson McKenzie Beaster-Jones 
     Peter Gavin Johansen 
     Omar Kutty
        Namita Sugandhi

Center for East Asian Studies Dissertation Writing Fellowships

     Anya Bernstein (Taiwan)

Department of Anthropology Mark Hanna Watkins Dissertation-Year Fellowship

     Catarina Alexandra Krizancic  (Tahiti)
     (Also First Alternate for the SSD Harper Dissertation Fellowship)

Department of Anthropology Mark Hanna Watkins Post-Field Fellowship

     Courtney J. Handman (PNG)
     John Lewis Osburg (China)

SSCD Dissertation Teaching and Research Fellowships

     Steven Brian Kosiba (Peru)