2004 Awards and Honors


Roy D. Albert Prize (Best MA essay in Anthropology)

     Hannah P. Woodroofe
     "Patterns of Carnage: Three Cosmetic Technologies and the
      Problem of Violence in the United States between the Wars"


 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships

     Jeremy L. Jones (Zimbabwe)
     Azande Mangeango  (Equatorial Africa)
     Jonathan Daniel Rosa  (US-Ling)

Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)

     Laura-Zoe Humphreys (Cuba)

Fonds quebecois de recherche sur la societe et la culture (FQRSC)

     Laura-Zoe Humphreys  (Cuba)

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS/Title VI) ACADEMIC YEAR

     Meghan Ree Ablott (Latin America-Portuguese)
     Alan Frederick Greene  (East Europe-Russian)
     Brian Arthur Horne  (East Europe-Russian)
     Kelda Ann Jamison  (East Europe-Russian)
     Larissa Jasarevic  (East Europe-Czech)
     Erik L. Levin (Jt/Ling) (Latin America-Portuguese)
     Marina Mikhaylova  (East Europe-Polish)
     Matthew David Rich  (South Asia-Bengali)
     Amy June Sousa  (South Asia-Hindi) (declined)
     Lauren Anne Wynne  (Latin America-Nahuatl)

Mellon First Year Fellowships in the Humanities
     Kerry Ryan Chance (New) (South Africa)
     Meredith Lindsay McGuire (New) (India)
     Lawrence Akbar Ralph (New) (US)

Jacob K. Javits Fellowship

     Ali Gale Scotten (New) (Middle East - Archaeology)

Graduate Achievement Fellowship (Social Science Division)

     Jason David Ramsey (Mexico)

SUMMER 2004 GRANTS (Pre-field)

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (various) - SUMMER

     Joseph Grim Feinberg  (East Europe-Czech)
     Peter Joseph Graif (South Asia-Nepali)
     Brian Arthur Horne (East Europe-Russian)
     Lauren Shan Keeler  (East Asia-Chinese)
     Tal Liron  (East Asia-Mongolian)
     Azande Mangeango  (Middle East-Arabic)
     Lauren Anne Wynne  (Latin America-Yucatec Maya)

Center for Latin American Studies Travel Grants (Latin America/Iberia)

     Emilia Arellano (Mexico)
     Christopher Gordon Ball  (Brazilian Amazon)
     Diana Bocarejo  (Colombia)
     Santiago Giraldo (Colombia)
     Trevor Anthony Goldsmith  (Spain)
     Zada Nicole Johnson  (Cuba)
     Steven Brian Kosiba  (Peru)
     Maria del Rocío Magaña  (Mexico)
     Jason David Ramsey (Peru?)
     Gustavo Rivera (Brazil)
     Jennifer Schaffer  (Peru)

American Institute of India Studies Advanced Language Program in India

     Amy June Sousa (Hindi in Jaipur, India) [declined]

Committee on South Asian Studies Pre-Doctoral Research

     Nusrat Chowdhury (Bangladesh)
     Amy June Sousa (India)

Francois Furet Travel Grants ($1000-$2000 each - to France)

     Alison Sharon Kohn (Bolivia & France)

National Security Education Program (NSEP). Daivd L. Boren Graduate Fellowships

     Beatrice Jauregui (for summer in India) (declined)

Nova Scotia Museum Research Grant

     Michelle Anne Lelièvre (Nova Scotia)

Institute of Turkish Studies

     Kabir Tambar (Turkey)

Graduate Internship in Egyptian and Nubian Art at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

     Debora Denise Heard

Center for East Asian Studies Small Research Travel Grants ($2000 each)

     Charles Wilbur Hartley (China)
     Hu LIN (China)
     Shunsuke Nozawa  (Japan)

African Language Study Fund (($1000-$2000 each)

     Betsey Behr Brada (Botswana)
     Jeffrey Sterling Kahn (Benin)

Department of Anthropology Leiffer Pre-Field Research Fellowships ($2000 or less)

     Betsey Behr Brada (Botswana)
     Nusrat Sabina Chowdhury (Bangladesh)
     Bernard Michael Dubbeld (South Africa)
     Royal Omar Ghazal  (Missouri Reactor)
     Maria del Rocío Magaña (Tucson/Sonora)
     Shunsuke Nozawa (Japan)
     Kabir Tambar (Turkey)
     Jeremy Francis Walton (Turkey)
     Hadas Weiss (West Bank/Palestine)


Fulbright (various)

     Jayson McKenzie Beaster-Jones  Fulbright-Hays (India)
     Robert Winslow Blunt  Fulbright-Hays (Kenya)
     Justine Buck  Fulbright-Hays (Russia/Buryatia)
     Maria Clewes Garrett    IIE-Fulbright (Germany) decline
     Trevor Anthony Goldsmith   IIE-Fulblright (Spain)
     Courtney J. Handman  Fulbright-Hays (Papua New Guinea)
     Sarah Brohard Muir  Fulbright-Hays (Argentina)
     John Lewis Osburg   Fulbright-Hays (China)
     Alejandro Ivan Paz   Fulbright-Hays (Israel)
     Namita Sanjay Sugandhi  Fulbright-Hays (India)
     Namita Sanjay Sugandhi  IIE-Fulbright (India) decline

Social Science Research Council
International Dissertation Field Research Fellowship Program

     Robert Winslow Blunt (Kenya)
     Courtney J. Handman  (Papua New Guinea)
     John Lewis Osburg (China)
     Nitzan Shoshan (Germany)

Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research

     Aaron Mike Ansell (Brazil)
     Sarah Froning Deleporte (France)
     Omar Kutty  (India)
     Alejandro Paz (Israel)
     John Lewis Osburg (China)

NSF Dissertation Improvement Grants

     Sean Timothy Mitchell (Brazil) (Technology Studies)
     Alejandro Ivan Paz (Israel) (Linguistics)
     Laura Michele Popova (Russia) (Archaeology)


     Justine Buck (Russia/Buryatia)

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation German Chancellor (Bundeskantzler) Scholarship

     Maria Clewes Garrett (Germany)

German Marshall Fund of the United States-Dissertation Fellowships

     Maria Clewes Garrett (Germany) (deferred for 2005-06)

Chateaubriand Fellowships (Bourses Chateaubriand en Sciences Sociales et Literature)

     Sarah Froning Deleporte (France)
     Kimberly Alison Arkin  (France)

American Institute of Indian Studies Junior Research Fellowship

     Peter Gavin Johansen (907471) (India)

Lady Davis Fellowship Trust

     Alejandro Ivan Paz  (Israel) [declined]

Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales Exchange Fellowship

     Michael Abiodun Ralph (France)

University of Chicago Special Overseas Fellowships ($1000-$1500)

     Steven B. Kosiba  (Peru)
     Laura Popova  (Russia)
     Michael Abiodun Ralph  (Senegal)
     Jeremy Francis Walton  (Turkey)


Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

     Michael Lewis Cepek (Ecuador)

American Council of Learned Societies East Europe Dissertation Fellowship

     Jessica Rachel Greenberg (Serbia)

American Association of University Women Dissertation Fellowship

     Krista Ann Lewis (Yemen-Archaeology)

Josephine de Kármán Fellowship

     Mateo Taussig-Rubbo (US Legal)

United States Institute of Peace Jennings Randolph Program Dissertation Fellowship

     Lori Ann Allen (Palestine)

Harry Frank Guggenheim Dissertation Fellowship

     Lori Ann Allen (Palestine)

Dan David Prize Scholarship (Tel Aviv University)

     Daniel Benedict Monterescu (Israel)

Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation International Scholarly Exchange Fellowship

     Anya Bernstein (Taiwan)

Smithsonian Institution Predocotral Research Fellowship

     Daniel Blyn Noveck (Mexico)

Hannah Holborn Gray Advanced Fellowship in the Humanities & Humanistic Social Sciences

     Nitzan Shoshan (Germany)

Mellon Foundation/University of Chicago Dissertation-Year Fellowships

     Thomas Hays Guthrie (US)
     Marina Louise Peterson  (US)

Center for East Asian Studies Dissertation-Year Fellowships

     Jeffrey Thomas Martin (China)

Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture - Hormel Dissertation Fellowship

     Jennifer Helen Spruill (South Africa)

SSCD Dissertation Teaching and Research Fellowships

     Alison Sharon Kohn (Boliva)
     Benjamin Harris Eastman (Cuba)

Department of Anthropology Mark Hanna Watkins Post-Field Fellowships ($5000 each)
     Sareeta Amrute (Germany) (decline)
     Kenneth Brian McGill (Germany)
     Andrea Muehlebach  (Italy)

Department of Anthropology Mark Hanna Watkins Dissertation-Year Fellowships

     Alexander Dale Mawyer (French Polyneisa)

Committee on South Asian Studies Dissertation-Year Fellowships

     Asad Ali Ahmed  (Pakistan)
     Sareeta Bipin Amrute  (India)
     Thomas Frederick Asher  (India)
     Jenny Huberman  (India)
     Omar Kutty  (India)
     Genevieve Lakier  (Nepal)
     Shankar Ramaswami  (India)
     Christopher Edward Walker  (Tibet)