PhD Candidate



Dissertation Title: Manufacturing “Korea” in China: The Politics of Logistics in the Chinese Kimchi Industry

My research and teaching interests are broadly concerned with the global circulation of commodities, industrial production and distribution of food, and nationalism in contemporary Northeast Asia (South Korea and China).

I am finishing up my dissertation, Manufacturing "Korea" in China: The Politics of Logistics in the Chinese Kimchi Industry. Based on 13 months of fieldwork in a kimchi factory in Qingdao, China, the dissertation examines how "Korean" kimchi is produced and distributed in China, and more importantly, how the meanings of "Korea" and "China" are articulated in the commodity supply chain. By attending to the nationalist worldviews embedded in the commodity supply chain, my research explores how economic interdependence and political division are co-produced in Northeast Asia.

Currently, I am participating in the project "Logistics in the Making of Mobile Worlds" with Julie Chu, Jennifer Cole, and Jack Mullee, a multi-year collaborative research project funded by the Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society. This year, we launched our online campaign "#Logistics in the Time of Covid," where we curate short essays, photos, and videos on various aspects of social life that have been significantly affected by logistical coordination during the COVID-19 pandemic.