Sabena Allen

Native North America/Southeast Alaska (Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian). Dispossession, climate change, place and storywork, sacred objects, oral history.

Jianghong An

East Asia - China. Political and legal anthropology, linguistic anthropology, ideology, state, sovereignty, bureaucracy, urban space, infrastructure; migrant petitioners.

Zachary Arrington

Caribbean - Puerto Rico; Latin America - Mexico/Chile. Colonialism, statecraft, geography, boundary, global capitalism, social production of space and collective relationship to place, the aesthetics and politics of dispute.

Krithika Ashok

South Asia - India; political and legal anthropology; legal language; litigants and court practice; state and citizenship; political subjectivity.

Erin Atwell

PhD Candidate

Egypt, Islamic preaching, ethical self-fashioning, embodiment, intimacy, humanitarian reason, anthropology of religion, textuality and materiality.

Henry Bacha

Historical anthropology; historical archaeology; ethnohistory; legal anthropology; Marxism; political economy; historiography and historical methods; social movements; colonialism; anthropology of religion and ritual; the Catholic Church; Christian theology; missions and mission Christianity; Latin America; the Andes; Amazonia; the Southern Cone; Iberia; the French Americas.

Hadeel Badarni

PhD Candidate

Middle East - Palestine. Techno-scientific capitalism, geopolitics of energy production, political ecology, political economy; renewable electrification of Palestine.

Blair Bainbridge

(joint w/CHSS) USA - Sci/Tech. Astronomy and the geosciences;  the search for habitable worlds; redefinitions of life and living amidst climate crisis; imaging practices; just futures; speculative fiction. Pronouns: she/hers.

Hannah Eisler Burnett

PhD Candidate

United States, US South, political ecology, environmental justice, STS, multispecies ethnography, feminist anthropology, race and racism, water, coasts, fisheries, oysters, ecosystem restoration.

Hazal Corak

Europe and the Mediterranean. Maritime anthropology. Anthropology of labor and finance. Materiality and metallurgy.

Jamie Countryman

PhD Candidate

Environmental history and historical ecology, ethnobotany and archaeobotany, colonialism, classical and modern empire, land relations, food systems, biodiversity, ferals.

Alice Diaz Chauvigné

PhD Candidate

(Archaeology) Latin America - Colombia. Archaeology, zooarchaeology, Tairona polity, human-animal interactions, transitions and transformation between the pre-Columbian and colonial periods.

Martin C. Doppelt

PhD Candidate

France; Western Europe; History, sociology, anthropology of European archaeology; Iron Age; Isotopic analyses; Assemblage Theory; Ontology; Value Theory.

Kirsten Forsberg

(Arch) West Africa - Mali. Hidden inequalities of heterarchical societies in Iron Age West Africa, bioarchaeological analysis.

Caressa Franklin

Germany & Central Europe, North Africa, Middle East. Perceptions of criminality and criminal embodiment viewed through a raciolinguistic lens. Music as signifying criminality in various languages; gendered politics of criminality -- what looks and sounds criminal in a given place.

Robert Gelles

USA - Legal/political. American conservative public interest law, semiotics, historical conditions that make litigation possible, how public interest law may alter relations among law, the state and the public.

Rachel George

PhD Candidate

East African Rock Art. African Great Lakes Region: Lake Victoria & Tanzanian Southern Highlands. Community archaeology; ethnography and oral history as evidence for interpreting rock art; contemporary ritual practices at rock art sites; community-based collaborative rock art interpretation; community-based rock art heritage management; rock art archiving practices.

Emma Gilheany

PhD Candidate

Sub-Arctic/Arctic, landscapes/seascapes/icescapes, Inuit sovereignty, environmental anthropology, archaeology of the contemporary, settler colonialism, missionization, Cold War, collaborative and public archaeology, ethnographic/experimental film.

Lorenzo Granada

Latin America - Colombia (Amero).  Materiality, landscapes, disaster, ruination and temporality.

Christopher Grant

PhD Candidate

(Arch) USA - Louisiana (New Orleans); French Caribbean - Haiti. Labor and subjectification, urban landscapes, built environment; material culture; craftsmanship, urban experience; loss, displacement, belonging. "Crafting Community: Race, Creative Labor, and Everyday Aesthetics in the Creole Faubourgs of New Orleans, 1790-1896."

Nicole (Nikki) Grigg

(Arch) USA - Mid-Atlantic.  Urban archaeology, archaeology of diaspora, historical capitalisms, constructions of heritage, memory, public archaeology.

Siyun Guo

(Arch) Northwest China (Bronze Age). Cultural frontier regions (the Gansu/Hexi Corridor); a study of temporality from the perspective of subsistence practices - utilizing zooarchaeology & paleosoil records.

Daniel R. Hansen

PhD Candidate

(Archaeology) Early medieval Scotland; northern Europe; archaeology of social identity/ethnicity; semiotics of landscape; archaeology and linguistics.

Debora Heard

(Arch) Africa - Egypt/Nubia, Gebel Barkal, Sudan. State Power: ideology, religion and material culture; Archaeology of Ideology: iconography, landscape and ritual. "In the Houses of the Ram and the Lion: Religious Displays of Political Subjectivity in the Kushite Temples of Amun and Apedemak."

Debora Heard

Marie Helmy

Egypt, Coptic Christians (claim to pre-Arab/Islamic roots in Egypt). Racialization of Islam, empire and colonialism, transnational racial identity formations, crtical race theory; Coptic nationalism.

Jay M. Henderson

PhD Candidate

USA - Urban and suburban Chicago and virtual. Service dog training for U.S. vetrans; anthropology of ethics and the ordinary; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and trauma.

Emma Hite

PhD Candidate

(Arch) Mongolia; Inner Asia. Prehistory of Mongolia and the eastern Eurasian steppe; the Xiongnu and steppe empires, mobile pastoralism, bioarchaeological and zooarchaeological methods and theory; multispecies ethnography, human-animal studies, materiality. "Imperial Body-Politic(s): Human-Animal Relationships of the Xiongnu Empire at Elst Ar, Central Mongolia."

Kenzell Huggins

Southeast Asia - Singapore. Media, creativity, semiotics, materiality, globalization, textuality.

Carol Iglesias Otero

PhD Candidate

Meteorology/weather stations/climate; mathematics, abstraction, and environmental justice; agriculture, temporality, and reparations; psychoanalysis and embodiment; aesthetics/perception;  Central America - Caribbean.

Kasia Kalina

Caribbean & Pacific Colombia. History and historicity; militarism, slavery, and accumulation; debility/capacity; political geography; science, reason, and technology.

Sarah Kautz

PhD Candidate

(Arch) East Asia - Japan. Material aspects of Western interaction with early modern Japan (the Dutch at Dejima); Commodities and materiality, cultural property management and tourism; value and commensuration, feasting, early modern globalization and commerce, sociality of economic transactions, alterity. "Dejima: An Archaeology of Intercultural Commerce in Early Modern Japan."

Marc Kelley

PhD Candidate

Intuition; science and the human sensorium; technoscientific imaginaries; uncertainty and nonknowledge; governance; techniques of the body. United States.

Marc Kelley

Hunter Kennedy

PhD Candidate

Political/legal anthropology, indigenous sovereignty, placemaking, environmental activism, knowledge production, public/street art, development, toxicity, history of social science, Navajo Nation, U.S. Southwest, Arizona.

Daliyah Killsback

Native North America (Northern Cheyenne Nation and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes); legal anthro, linguistic anthro, settler-colonialism, sovereignty and food sovereignty, semiotics, race and racialization, Indigeneity and Afro-Indigeneity

Kimberly Kolor

South Asia - Tamil-speaking Sri Lanka.  Materiality and affect, history and historicities, aesthetics and politics, images and publics, Islam, the 'secular' and 'religious'.

Emily Kuret

PhD Candidate

Linguistic anthropology; image-texts, chronotope and qualia; romanticism and history of art, ekphrasis; everyday aesthetics, aesthetic communities, personhood, well-being. Europe, Greece/Athens.

Lauren Ledin

PhD Candidate

Bioarchaeology; Bronze Age China; mortuary theory; life course; kinship and relatedness; childhood; personhood; gender.

Qi Li

(Arch) (joint w/ EALC) East Asia - China. Shang China, Erligang, agriculture.

Lucie Lollkova

(Arch) Cloth and clothing; textile production; materiality and affect; human/non-human interactions; objects of personal adornment; mortuary archaeology; heritage and museums. East Asia – China, Japan, and Central Europe.

Lucie Lollkova

Nicholas Lorenz

(jt w/Divinity/Anthropology and Sociology of Religions). Islam in Europe, knowledge transmission and reception, the relationship between faith and reason, anthropology and theology, transnational religion, secularism, imagination and the senses.

Taylor Lowe

PhD Candidate

Design anthropology; systems theories; cosmopolitics; political anthropology; theories affect and aesthetics; Thailand.

Dominik Lukas

PhD Candidate

Archaeology. Production of scientific knowledge and digital technology: digital applications in archaeology, fieldwork recording, systems of documentation - Ontology Gap and Living Archive(s).

Alexander MacNeil

PhD Candidate

Anthropology of design; sense, attention, and spectacle; technical systems and mediation; futures and temporal politics; capitalism; political rationalities and governance; Osaka, Japan.

Jolen Martinez

U.S., Latin America – Feminist STS, temporality and narrativity, computer science, information theory, embodiment, cybernetics, extractivism, critical race theory, mysticism and sense.

Reed McConnell

US Southwest (Imperial Valley, California):  Environmental anthropology; new/historical materialisms, the desert, temporality/theories of the end of time, toxic threat, the body, waste, modern ruins, post-apocalyptic tourism, the Hollywood film industry, the Frankfurt School.

Marcus McGee

Latin America - Mexico. Urban and semi-urban areas; violence, media, politics; crime and its mediations; gender and sexuality.

Alyssa Mendez

Greece, Southern Europe, human geography, ‘green’ energy, extraction, infrastructure, multi-species worlds, future-making, anarchism 

Nikhita Mendis

PhD Candidate

Spain - Andalusia, North America. Moorish agricultural practices, STS, ecologies, historicity & temporality, ethics & aesthetics, form, language, the senses and embodiment, Islamic Traditionalism in Europe, trans-local Sufi networks, the secular.

Saadia Mirza

Western Europe; USA; Afghanistan. Landscape Studies; Media Studies; Architectural Theory; Remote Sensing; History of Cartography; History and Anthropology of Knowledge; History and Anthropology of Science and Technology.

Ashima Mittal

PhD Candidate

South Asia - India. Medical anthropology, STS, capitalism, globalization, global health; public-private partnerships, outsourced clinical trials in public health infrastructure.

Emily Mulford

(Arch) Latin America - Argentina. Contemporary ethnoarchaeolgy, mortuary monuments, material sources and oral/textual counterparts, practices of resistance. Assemblages of memories curated by loved ones of those who were disappeared during Argentina's "Dirty War."

Daniel Muras

South Africa; New York City; homelessness; urban anthropology; the intersection of neoliberalism and decolonization; poverty and the welfare state; structural violence; socio-spatial and -temporal production through everyday practice; embodiment, intimacy, and the senses; phenomenology and (inter)subjectivities; collective urban political activism; human-animal studies

Kirah Nelson

USA - Urban. Social-media fueled activism; narratives of power/disempowerment generated by marginalized communities; politicized use of media, political activism, violence; Charleston, SC; Black Lives Matter.

Max Nikol

linguistic anthropology, comparison, multimodal expressivity, truth-telling, media and interaction, cosmopolitanism, postsecularism, World Englishes, art music, Serbia, North America

Max Nikol

William Ockendon

USA - South. Anthropology of time and historical consciousness, political anthropology especially nationalism and identity, the ontological turn, landscape and space, phenomenology, subjectivity, anthropology and history.

William Ockendon

Bob Offer-Westort

Linguistic anthropology; narration and the structuring of reason; language preservation and revitalization; reflexive mediatization and metasemiotics. African Red Sea coast.

Bob O-W

Nida Paracha

South Asia - Pakistan (Karachi). Legal anthropology, national law and its relation to marginalization and criminalization of ethnic identities; migrant experiences of the state and law in both rural and urban spaces; Karachi Central Prison, criminalizing rural migrants, socializing migrants into citizens.

Emma Pask

PhD Candidate

(joint w/ CHSS) North American History and Anthropology; STS; Ecology and Climate Politics; State Violence and Militarism; Political Economy of Extraction; Borders and Boundaries; Territory and Sovereignty; Feminist and Queer Criticism.

Hanna Pickwell

PhD Candidate

urban China (Beijing); material culture; secondhand and used commodity exchange; consumption; aesthetics; oldness and usedness; popular religion; popular culture

Lake Polan

PhD Candidate

Privacy; technology and law; science studies; United States; securitization; economic and political anthropology.

Helena Ratte

Post-socialism, migration and mobility, political imagination after the Cold War; civic organizations, NGOs and funding agencies; ex-Yugoslavia/Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Sweden

Resham Tessa Redmond

West Africa, Mexico, Central America. Postcolonial archaeology, community-based research, activist research methods.

Anne-Sophie Reichert

PhD Candidate

Europe/Germany, Anthropology of the Body and the Senses, Anthropology of Art, Feminist Science and technology Studies, Philosophy of Science, Embodiment, Aesthetics, Skills, Expertise.

Fernando Revelo La Rotta

Middle East - Egypt. Identity/subjectivity, gender and sexuality, refugees and migrants, ethnography of queer subjectivities and marginalization in Egypt.

Sophia Rhee

Southeast Asia - Singapore. The Port of Singapore; logistics, security, surveillance, visual art, visual anthropology. Port facilities, terminals, management science and the practice of logistics, networked flows, emphasis on flows vs border and encounters.

Giovanni Ricci

PhD Candidate

Europe - Germany/Austria/Czech Republic. Language and technology, semiotics, politics of the Internet, Pirate Parties, "Anonymous" and anonymity, "trolls" and trolling. "Engineering Contemporary Politics: Pirate Parties and Technical Work in the Czech Republic."

Dinayuri Rodriguez

Latin America, the Caribbean, Dominican Republic. Anarchism, Afro-latinidad and the politics of Afro-latinx identity; immigration, diaspora, and the politics of mobility; intersubjectivity, solidarity; representation in media and popular culture; independent media production; documentary film and ethnographic filmmaking; Performance Studies, Ethnic Studies, Black Studies, Critical Race Theory.

Matthew Rossi

Forensics; crime and disorder; policing; urban security; moral panic; privacy; politics and policymaking; state epistemologies; science and technology studies; legal anthropology; American studies; U.S.

Sarah Shaer

Middle East - United Arab Emirates.  Political legitimacy and authority; exchange relations; citizenship.

Alex Shams

PhD Candidate

Middle East – Iran, Iraq, Levant. South Asia. Urban and historical anthropology, heritage, sacred space, architecture, religious identity, Islamic modernity, Shia Islam, transnationalism, pilgrimage, tourism, political economy, petrocapitalism, urban renewal, gentrification.

Tanima Sharma

PhD Candidate

Caste and labour politics in North India; worker and peasant identities and movements; racial capitalism; the good life; social reproduction; Hindutva infrastructures.

Will Shine

Archaeology, Historical Anthropology, Eastern North America, Great Lakes, Landscape Studies, Indigenous Archaeologies, Archaeologies of Colonialism, Historiography, Archives and Archival Power

Will Shine

Shubham Shivang

(joint w/ Cinema Media Studies) South Asia - India. Linguistic anthropology & film studies. The Bhojpuri-speaking region of North India, the film industry, semiotics of film.

Lauren V. Sutherland

PhD Candidate

Borders, National security, Homeland security, Migration, Governance, Global capital and Commodity flows, Human Rights regimes, Policing, Infrastructure, Bureaucracy, Violence, Nationalism, Imperialism and Colonialism, Environment, Political Economy, Geography, Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory, U.S. and North America, Mexico.

Jessica Urban

(Arch) Britain: Middle Ages/Early Modern. Circulation of affect through material form (especially architecture/small churces in the English countryside) repetition and replication of interaction and experience, aesthetics, sensory experience of space/spatial layout.

Philip Watson

(Arch)  Roman archaeology, economic anthropology, materiality, maritime archaeology, the Balkans.

Alaina Wibberly

Sonoran borderlands, historical archaeology, settler colonialism & extractive industries, waste and toxicity, ecologial futures, landscape, GIS

Perry Wong

PhD Candidate

Central and North America. Linguistic anthropology, semiotics, American ethnology and linguistics. "Mayan in Cunén, El Quiché, Guatemala."

Hannah Woodroofe

PhD Candidate

USA Urban - Youngstown, OH. The Rustbelt; impoverishment and underclass traditions, waste-markets (scrap, junk, post-occupancy real estate), housing, infrastructural decay, post-waged work, sociality in the sagging city. "Feral Houses, Junk-Work, and Scrap Sociality: An Anthropology of Rustbelt Afterlife."

Feng Ye

China. Cultural and linguistic anthropology, translation, semiotic technology, media, nationalism and the state.

Yukun Zeng

PhD Candidate

Value/Semiotics/Literacy and Reading/Education/Religion/Media and Journalism/China/East Asia/Sinophonic Societies.

Shuting Zhuang

Qinghai/Tibet, China. Multi-species ecology, body and landscape, mobilities, animal ethics, semiotic anthropology, Tibetan Buddhism. Production of scientific knowledge through multi-species investigation in China's first national park in Qinghai.