Joshua Babcock

PhD Candidate

Race and racialization; decolonial theory; semiotics of image; audience and authority; language ideologies; media and mediatization; urban planning and design (Southeast Asia – Singapore).

Abhishek Bhattacharyya

PhD Candidate

Borderlands, Subaltern and Postcolonial Studies, Cultural Translation, Revolution, Knowledge, Social and Political Movements, Marxism, Performance, Literature - Bangla, Telugu, Hindi.

Kelly Wilcox Black

PhD Candidate

South Asian Archaeology, Human-Animal Relationships, Human-Environmental Interactions, Zooarchaeology, Dental Microwear Analysis, Paleoecology.

Janet Connor

PhD Candidate

Citizenship and Migration; Enregisterment; Ethics and Politics of Sustainability; Language and Society; Scale-making; Semiotics; Urban Studies; Welfare State; Europe (Scandinavia/Norway).

Jamie Countryman

PhD Candidate

Environmental history and historical ecology, ethnobotany and archaeobotany, colonialism, classical and modern empire, land relations, food systems, biodiversity, ferals.

Do Dom Kim

PhD Candidate

Documentation practice; migration and mobility; state and citizenship; legal identity; media; Southern China.

Matthew C. Knisley

PhD Candidate

Eastern Africa; Foraging & early food production; Political ecology; Colonialism; Race; Time & temporality; Landscape theory/methods (GIS, survey); Material analysis (ceramics, sourcing & trade, rock art).

Harini Kumar

PhD Candidate

Anthropology of Islam, senses and embodiment, temporality, gender, forms of knowledge production, place-making, South India

Lauren Ledin

PhD Candidate

Bioarchaeology; Bronze Age China; mortuary theory; life course; kinship and relatedness; childhood; personhood; gender.

Taylor Lowe

PhD Candidate

Design anthropology; systems theories; cosmopolitics; political anthropology; theories affect and aesthetics; Thailand.

Jack Mullee

PhD Candidate

Technicity, Semiotics, STS, Infrastructure, Scale, State Spaces/Political Anthropology, Social Rights, Public Administration, Universal Health, Software Studies, Anthropology of Number; São Paulo/Brazil, Buenos Aires/Argentina.

Johanna A. Pacyga

PhD Candidate

Missionization, Colonialism, Gender & Religion, West Africa, North America, French Empire, Human-Plant Relationships, Archives, Archaeology.

Heangjin Park

PhD, University of Chicago, 2021; Teaching Fellow in the Department of Anthropology and the College)

Manufacturing “Korea” in China: The Coproduction of Commodity Value and Nationalist Imaginaries in the Chinese Kimchi Industry

Gretchen Elisabeth Pfeil


Linguistic and semiotic anthropology, Privacy/information management, Information sovereignty, West Africa/Sahel, African cities, Economic anthropology, Religion (Islam, American charismatic Protestantism), Gender/femininity, Domesticity, Markets in grains/fungible (“bulk”) commodities, Containment/enclosure.

Lake Polan

PhD Candidate

Privacy; technology and law; science studies; United States; securitization; economic and political anthropology.

Eléonore Rimbault

PhD Candidate

Life of cultural forms and categories; ideologies of childhood and animality; dynamics of stigmatization; techniques of the body; visual culture and non-textual archives; memory and identity; historical anthropology; ethnographic methods; contemporary India; history of Southern India.

Steven Schwartz

PhD Candidate

Resource extraction, energy, climate governance, infrastructure, indigeneity, indigenous environmental politics, Colombia and Venezuela, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Raffaella Taylor-Seymour

PhD Candidate

Socio-cultural anthropology, gender and sexuality, religion and spirituality, subjectivity, ancestors, the politics of tradition, Christianity, land and landscapes. Southern Africa/Zimbabwe.

Alice Yeh

PhD Candidate

Anthropology of Christianity, text and intertextuality, register, semiotics, migration, transnational China.

Yukun Zeng

PhD Candidate

Value/Semiotics/Literacy and Reading/Education/Religion/Media and Journalism/China/East Asia/Sinophonic Societies.