Teaching in the Social Sciences College Core

Social Sciences Collegiate Division internships and lectureships including teaching in the following sequences

  • Self, Culture, and Society
  • Power, Identity, Resistance
  • Colonizations

Lectureships and Preceptorships in other Departments and Programs

Global Studies

  • Global Studies Core Lectureships
  • Global Studies Prize Lectureships
  • Global Studies Teaching Assistantship

Environmental and Urban Studies

  • Undergraduate Preceptorships
  • Environmental & Urban Studies Prize Lectureships
  • Environmental & Urban Studies Teaching Assistantships

Human Rights

  • Graduate lectureships

Civilizations Sequences

Other civilizations sequences, such as America in World Civilization and Ancient Empires may also advertise for Teaching Assistants as needed.

Center for Latin American Studies

Center for Gender Studies

  • Core courses in Gender Studies (co-teaching)
  • Gender & Sexuality in World Civilizations Teaching Internships
  • Theories of Gender and Sexuality
  • Advanced Theories of Gender and Sexualtiy Co-Teaching
  • Free-standing courses in Gender Studies
  • BA Preceptorship

Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture

  • Graduate Lectureships
  • BA Preceptorship

Masters of Arts Program in the Social Sciences

  • MAPSS frequently hires advanced graduate students to serve as preceptors.

This list does not exhaust the teaching opportunities available through the University’s various programs and centers. Please contact the centers and programs that interest you or consult Maja Stina Sunleaf in Haskell 119.

Writing Jobs

University of Chicago Writing Program jobs for graduate students, including:

  • Writing Interns in the Humanities Common Core
  • Lectors in Advanced Academic and Professional Writing (LRS)
  • Writing tutors in the library and dorms.

Other Employment Resources

University of Chicago Student Job Opportunities

Further information for international students