Graduates of the doctoral program in anthropology at the University of Chicago have generally been successful at finding academic and research positions. This reflects the recognized excellence of the anthropology program and our students’ achievements in presenting and publishing papers, garnering awards, and making contacts outside the University. The Department has an active program for assisting job seekers, circulating postings to all students currently on the job market, and maintaining an active credentials file to facilitate letters of recommendation. Professionalization workshops and one-on-one advice assist post-field students in the process of constructing CVs and preparing job talks and job application letters.

Students should also be aware of fluctuations in the academic job market and should multiply their options by being prepared for other work that may require anthropological skills. Policy research centers and government agencies hire social scientists with expertise in qualitative methods. Many undergraduate or community colleges prefer to hire scholars who have broad knowledge of several branches of anthropology as well as demonstrated teaching skills. Some archaeologists find temporary or long-term employment in contract archaeology. The University’s Center for Teaching and Learning, as well as UChicagoGRAD, assist with the development of job search skills for the academic, business, and public sectors.

Academic Appointments of Recent Department Graduates, 2018

Greg Beckett

S/C, Caribbean/Haiti
Committee: Stephan Palmie*/[Rolph Trouillot*], John Comaroff, John Kelly
Assistant Professor of Anthropology (Tenure Track), Western University, Ontario, Canada

Kerry Ryan Chance

S/C, South Africa
Committee: Jean & John Comaroff**, Judith Farquhar, Susan Gal
Associate Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen, Norway

Nicholas Carby-Denning

S/C, Latin America/Ecuador
Committee: Susan Gal*, Judith Farquhar, Michael Fisch, John Kelly
Senior Lecturer, Anthropology, University of Colorado-Denver

Zebulon York Dingley (Jt. w/ History)

Committee: Jean Comaroff*/Emily Osborn*, John Comaroff, Ralph Austen
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies, University of Rochester

Yazan Haitham Bisharah Doughan

S/C-Ling.  Middle East/Jordan
Committee: Susan Gal*, Michael Silverstein, Hussein Agrama, Lisa Wedeen
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Brandeis University (2018-20)

William John Feeney

S/C-Ling, Japan
Committee: Michael Silverstein*/Susan Gal*, Michael Bourdaghs
Postdoctoral Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), in Japan

Kathryn Jane Franklin

Archaeology, Armenia
Committee: Adam T. Smith*/Kathleen Morrison*, Shannon Dawdy, François Richard
Lecturer (TT) in Medieval History, Dept. of History, Classics & Archaeology,
Birkbeck-University of London

Karma Franklin Frierson

S/C, Latin America/Mexico
Committee: Stephan Palmié*, Shannon Dawdy, Justin Richland
Postdoctoral Fellow, Latin American Studies, Rutgers University

Owen Nathaniel Kohl

S/C, Balkans
Committee: Susan Gal*, Victor Friedman, Stephan Palmié, Travis A. Jackson, Philip Bohlman
Lecturer, Anthropology, University of Illinois, Chicago

Sarah Lynn Luna

S/C, Latin America/US
Committee:  Susan Gal*, Julie Chu, Melissa Wright
Assistant Professor, Anthropology & Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Davidson College

David Bartholomew Pacifico

Archaeology, Andes
Committee:  Alan Kolata*, François Richard, Adam T. Smith, Melissa Vogel
Assistant Professor, Art History & the University Museum, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Shankar Ramaswami

S/C, India
Committee: John Comaroff*/Arjun Appadurai*, Dipesh Chakrabarty
Associate Professor & Associate Dean,  Jindai Global Univesity Law School, India
(Research & Executive Director, Centre of Justice Studies)

Malavika Reddy

S/C, Thailand
Committee: John Kelly*, John Comaroff, Susan Gal
Assistant Professor, Anthropology (Thailand), Harvard University

Jonah S. Rubin

S/C, Spain
Committee: Jean Comaroff*/Hussein Agrama*, Jennifer Cole, Stephan Palmié, James Fernandez
Assistant Professor (TT), Anthropology, Knox College

Christopher Nicholas Sheklian

S/C, Turkey/Armenia
Committee: Hussein Agrama*, Susan Gal, Julie Chu, John Kelly
Director, Zhorab Research & Inforamtion Center, Diocese of the
Armenain Church of America (Eastern) + Fordham affiliation.

Jeremy Abraham Siegman (Jt. w/ Political Science)

S/C, Israel/Palestine
Committee: William Mazzarella*/Lisa Wedeen*, Hussein Agrama, Julie Chu, Rebecca Stein
College Fellow, Committee on Degrees in Social Studies, Harvard Univerersity

Christien Philmarc Tompkins

S/C-Education; US
Committee: Joseph Masco*, Shannon Dawdy, Kaushik Sunder Rajan
Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Rutgers University (New Brunswick)

Joseph J.Z. Weiss

S/C, Native North America/Haida
Committee: Justin Richland*/Raymond Fogelson*, Jean Comaroff, Joseph Masco
Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Wesleyan University