Students who plan to declare a Minor in Anthropology must complete the Consent to Complete a Minor Program form and submit it to their College Academic Advisor. Academic Advisors will review the minor requirements with students prior to students submitting the form.


Note: Courses cannot double count between majors and minors, so students need to have a separate set of courses to fulfill their minor.



Minor Program Requirements


The minor in Anthropology consists of six courses. The requirements for the minor are:

ANTH 10100

Introduction to Anthropology


or ANTH 21107

Anthropological Theory

One Methods course from the following:


ANTH 21420

Ethnographic Methods


ANTH 28400

Bioarchaeology and the Human Skeleton


ANTH 29500

Archaeology Laboratory Practicum


an approved alternative in archaeological, linguistic, or biological anthropology


Four additional courses listed or cross-listed as ANTH


Total Units


Language courses do not fulfill the Anthropology minor requirements. Courses in the minor may not be double-counted with the student's major(s), other minors, or general education requirements. The department will not accept petitions for non-Anthropology courses.