Latin American Civilizations Teaching Assistantships

Each academic year the Center for Latin American Studies appoints advanced graduate student Teaching Assistants for the Introduction to Latin American Civilizations course sequence through an internal competition.

With funding from the Collegiate Social Sciences Division, the Center for Latin American Studies typically offers Teaching Assistantships for the three-quarter sequence Introduction to Latin American Civilization. Advanced graduate students who specialize in Latin America, regardless of academic discipline, are encouraged to apply.

Teaching Assistants complete all reading assignments, attend class lectures, lead Friday discussion sections, hold office hours for students, meet regularly to discuss course material and teaching strategies, and design and grade class assignments and exams. Please note: Each quarter, one of the Friday discussion sections is conducted in Spanish and one is conducted in Portuguese as part of the college’s Languages Across Chicago initiative. Spanish-proficient and Portuguese-proficient candidates are encouraged to apply to lead these sections!

Typically, the autumn quarter of Latin American Civilization examines the major pre-Columbian civilizations, the Iberian conquest and the foundations of colonial society. The winter quarter explores late colonial history, with particular emphasis on recentralization efforts and the independence movements, as well as the difficulties associated with political and economic development. The spring quarter examines themes central to understanding modern Latin America, including revolutionary movements, U.S.-Latin American relations, and economic and cultural transformations.