Everyday Matters: Embodied Life and Experience
Anthropology Department, University of Chicago, April 9-10, 2010
The Franke Institute for the Humanities, 1100 East 57th Street



1:30pm – 3pm: Gathering
Chair: Judith Farquhar (Anthropology, University of Chicago)

Body in the time of genomics
Margaret Lock (Social Studies of Medicine, McGill University)

Building the Biographies of Subjects: The body and bioarchaeologies
Maureen Marshall (Anthropology, University of Chicago)

Toward a bodily unconscious: political crisis of embodiment in The Bell Jar and Regeneration
Aleksandr Prighozin (English, University of Chicago)

3:30pm – 5pm: Excavating
Chair: Zhiying Ma (University of Chicago)

“That their bones might lie soft”: Cosseting and punishing the dead body in early modern Britain
Sarah Tarlow (Archaeology, University of Leicester)

Timekeeper: A visual construction of experience
Vesna Jovanovic (Artist, Chicago)

Messploitation: Styles of attachment, styles of loss, and the scene of ongoingness in A&E’s “Hoarders”
Sean Hutchison (English, University of Chicago)

5:30pm – 6:30pm: Reception and Art Exhibit


9am – 10:15am: Weighing
Chair: Jean Comaroff (Anthropology, University of Chicago)

Ethical substance and endurance in late Liberalism
Elizabeth Povinelli (Anthropology, Columbia University)

‘Mombasa Morans:’ Embodied value, ethnic bodies, and Samburu men in Kenyan tourism
George Paul Meiu (Anthropology, University of Chicago)

Better Than Well: On the ethics of pharmaceutical improvement
Fred Ketchum (Anthropology and School of Medicine, University of Chicago)

10:30am – 11:45am: Feeling
Chair: Aaron Seaman (Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago)

Emotions: A history
Jonathan Rée (Philosopher)

Training 20,000 Saints: The doctor’s spatiotemporal body, experiences of care, and soteriological ideals in Venezuela’s new public health ‘mission’
Amy Cooper (Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago)

To Bear a Life
Larisa Jasarevic (Anthropology, University of Chicago)

12:00pm – 1pm: Lunch Break

1pm – 2:15pm: Intervening
Chair: Adam Baim (University of Chicago)

The Hypnotist and his Politics
Eugene Raikhel (Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago)

Reckoning Drug-time: Temporality and the body in pediatric HIV treatment in Botswana
Betsey Brada (Anthropology, University of Chicago)

Strategies, Tactics and Maneuvers: The practice of everyday life in Tsinghua College (1911-1928)
Chen-Chen (Anthropology, University of Chicago)

2:30pm – 4pm: Endnotes
Judith Farquhar
Margaret Lock
Sarah Tarlow
Elizabeth Povinelli
Jonathan Rée