May 22, 2023
2:30 - 5:00 PM in 315 Haskell Hall

Please join us for this year's Anthropology Undergraduate Symposium, which will showcase the work of graduating fourth years who have completed a BA Thesis for Departmental Honors. 

Josh Cheung

Acts of Kindness and Shrugs: How the Discourse of Rights Shapes Perceptions of Self and Society

Malka Schreier

(Memoir)ialized or E(race)d: Evaluating Historical Occlusions in French Literature

Mia Rimmer

I carry my home on my skin: Contemporary Batek in Diaspora

Aleeza Hassan

Daily Searches for the Divine: Religiosity Formed by Attention and Materials in the Private Performances of Salat

Han Jiang

Reconceptualizing Ambiguities in Sex Estimation: A Case Study of the Society for American Archaeology Annual Conference Trends

Layla McDermott

Interpreting Infrastructural Interplay: The Past, Present and Future of Japan's Tokaido Road

Come celebrate our graduates and the end of the year
at the Anthropology Department’s spring picnic
in the Classics Quad immediately following the symposium.