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Graduate Research Workshops in the Humanities and Social Sciences

The aim of the Graduate Research workshops is to bring together faculty and graduate students from the University of Chicago and the wider Chicago area to create scholarly dialogue, to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration, and to foster exchange of ideas. The emphasis of these workshops is the presentation of graduate student dissertation work in progress. Each workshop reflects the research interests of a particular group of faculty members and graduate students.

Recent Conferences

Chicago Tamil Forum

The Chicago Tamil Forum is a workshop for scholars working on modern Tamil Nadu to share their on-going, unpublished work. Begun in May 2014, the three-day workshop meets annually at the University of Chicago.

Trans-Science Conference (Lichstern Conference Fund and the Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory)
December 13-15, 2012 
Franke Institute for the Humanities 
1100 E. 57th Street

We hope you will join us as we interrogate 'trans-' categories as epistemic things; as signifiers of circulation, commensuration and comparison (and their various limits, occlusions and impossibilities) in relation to the political economies within which they are embedded and which they help construct.  Click the link above for more information

The Sao Paulo Symposium
May 10-11, 2013
University of Chicago

South America's largest city and the self-proclaimed "modern city" of Brazil, Sao Paulo is a dynamic site from which to (re)consider a variety of themes important to contemporary scholarship in the humanities, social sciences, and public policy.  This conference brings together disciplinary and regionally diverse scholars to present work that adds to historic, ethnographic, political, literary and artistic understandings of Sao Paulo as well as addresses how the study of the city reflects and/or challenges broader social, political, and theoretical currents.  Click above for more details and to view the call for papers.

Annual Conferences

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