Student Directory

TAYLOR-SEYMOUR, Raffaella (Jt. w/ Human Development) (1)
Africa - Zimbabwe Gender/Sexuality, homophobia, youth, 'crisis', linguistic anthropology, language and gender, development discourse
ZHUANG, Shuting (1)
Qinghai/Tibet, China Political ecology, space/landscape, body, materiality, scientific knowledge production, governmentality. Qinghai oilfields, environmental protection/exploitation, altitude and health
PECK, Sophie (1)
Europe - France/UK Affect theory, migration, infrastructural citizenship, temporality, cities, globalization, media ethnography; (temporary) housing infrastructure; Calais encampments near the Tunnel: embedded precarity and dispossession; lives beyond the state, bricolage; documentary film
PARACHA, Nida (1)
South Asia - Pakistan (Karachi) Legal anthropology, national law and its relation to marginalization and criminalization of ethnic identities; migrant experiences of the state and law in both rural and urban spaces; Karachi Central Prison, criminalizing rural migrants, socializing migrants into citizens
NELSON, Kirah (1)
US South Social-media fueled activism; narratives of power/disempowerment generated by marginalized communities; politicized use of media, political activism, violence; Charleston, SC; Black Lives Matter
MULVANEY, Kelly (1)
Europe-Germany Europe from a 'global' perspective; Germany as a 'postcolonial' and 'postsocialist' space; routes, hubs, corridors of migration, circulation; political economy, security and citizenship, social infrastructure and reproduction; gender, sexuality; ethnographic study of housing/household and/or healthcare
HUGGINS, Kenzell (1)
Southeast Asia - Singapore Media, creativity, semiotics, materiality, globalization, textuality
HOWARD, Rachel (1)
US Urban Semiotics, Christianity, US urban locations, discourse and identity performance, governmentality
HONG, Ji Yea (1)
East Asia - China Southwest China (Yi people); ways in which death rituals and practices are co-constituted with social scientific studies of local culture, and how commodification disrupts this process; mortuary ritual, commodification of bronze funeral drums
GORBUN, Grigory (1)
Russia Legal anthropology, language and legal discourse as they are present during legal education; contemporary Russian law faculties in Moscow
GILHEANY, Emma (Arch) (1)
North America Indigenous archaeology, historical archaeology, colonialism, ethnohistory, theoretical archaeology, industrialization, resistance to carceral regimes, indigenous children incarcerated in industrial boarding schools
FORSBERG, Kirsten (Arch) (1)
West Africa - Mali Hidden inequalities of heterarchical societies in Iron Age West Africa, bioarchaeological analysis
COSSETTE, Julien (1)
West Africa - Senegal Science & technology studies; ocean and coastal engineering, infrastructuring; temporality, planning, and speculation; imagined social, economic, and ecological futures; maritime economies and environments, ship transport
ZENG, Yukun (2)
East Asia - China Linguistic anthropology, reading/literacy/textuality; value, ethics, cultivation; education, tradition, post-socialism. "The "Dujing" (reading the Classics out loud) Movement in China: Value, Temporality and Textuality"
TURNER, Kelsye (2)
North Africa or the US Development
SHAMS, Alexander (2)
Middle East - Iran/Central Asia Gender studies, urban studies, sect and identity. "Masculinity, Gender and Sectarian Identity in Post-Revolutionary Iran"
SCHWARTZ, Steven (2)
Latin America - Colombia, Venezuela Energy, oil, resource extraction and development; value, materiality, illicit economies and capitalism; indigeneity in Latin America
REICHERT, Anne-Sophie (2)
Europe, US Emotion, Cognition, Embodiment, STS, research practices in the arts, experimentalization of life, body movement techniques, non-linguistic communication
PICKWELL, Hanna (2)
East Asia-China Beijing & Kunming, China; cultural production and consumption, creativity, aesthetics, material culture, made objects, affect, affective relations with objects, second-hand, exchange, work, value(s), ideology, usefulness
Latin America-Mexico/Colombia Anthropology of religion, the state, mediation, materiality, sovereignty
MIRZA, Saadia (2)
Western Europe, Central Aisa, Turkey Architectural theory, history of science, history of cartography, design thinking, historical geography; Architecture, regional planning and geodesign as an engineering of the social imagination of modernity / the design of process products as a form of ethnography
HOWIE, LaShaya (2)
US & Africa New York City / Zambia, South Africa; identity, community formation, death and mourning, blackness, museology, migration, diaspora
BHATTACHARYYA, Abhishek (Jt. w/SALC) (2)
South Asia - India South Asia: Social and political movements, Marxist theory and India; questions of epistemology and translations of Marxism; the Naxalite movement in West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh, 1967-1991, the shifting contours of "culture" and "politics" in that context.
BABCOCK, Joshua (2)
SE Asia - Singapore Nation branding (Singapore), nationalism; visualization, modeling, cartography; urban planning, design
WONG, Perry (2)
Central and North America Linguistic anthropology, history of linguistics and anthropology, American languages, semiotics, linguistic relativity, history of the Americas
SUTHERLAND, Lauren (2)
US/Mexico border region Borders, national security, infrastructure, (neo)liberalism, global capital, commodity flows, migration, private security companies, policing, violence, mediation, virtuality, invasive species. Homeland Security; infrastructure/industry/enforcement, US-Mexico border
SHARMA, Tanima (2)
South Asia - India History of labour and the left in South Asia: transnational borrowings, Marxisms; political economy; Dalit politics, theorizing caste, capital and state, ideology and performance
RIMBAULT, Eléonore (2)
South Asia - South India Classical theories of deviance / Youth and entertainment in South Asia. Socialization, childhood studies, class/caste and the consumption of entertainment. Human rights and legal regimes in practice. The position of children within Indian circuses. What constitutes child labor?
LOWE, Taylor (2)
Southeast Asia - Thailand Anthropology of design, cosmologies and spatial order, anthropology of the senses. "The Cosmorphographies of the Thai Parliament Building"
KUMAR, Harini (2)
South Asia - South India Anthropology of religion, Islam, affect, anthropology of the senses, sound, materiality, personhood, mobility, space and landscape. Religious soundscapes, secularism, and the public sphere
KOBAK, Briel (2)
US Midwest/Upper South Commodities and craft, intellectual property, branding and advertising, the sensorium, alcohol, 19th-20th century US history.
KELLEY, Marc (2)
South Asia - India Energy, environment, economy, geopolitics, security, sovereignty, development, postcolonialism, political anthropology, STS. "Geopolitics of Indian Energy Futures."
KELLEY, Kieran (2)
US/Ireland Linguistic and Medical Anthropology; drug use, circulation, and interventions; pragmatics/metapragmatics of interactions within drugs service organizations; diagnosis, translation, and representation across scales; alternative modes of knowledge production and the socio-ecologies of habit. "Living with Drugs in the Republic of Ireland."
JOHAL, Mannat   (Arch) (2)
South Asia - South India Archaeology; materialality; space, place, archaeological survey, critical geography; time, temporality, periodization. Archaeology survey at Brahmagiri, Northern Karnataka, with focus on variability/continuity in ceramic pastes during the medieval period.
HENDERSON, Jenna (2)
Middle East - Syria/Lebanon; Southrn Italy Human rights and humanitarianism, aesthetics, mass media, conceptions of the ethical in anthropology
HEBERT, Zachary (Jt. w/ Linguistics) (2)
US, Caribbean, Western Europe, Francophone Africa Linguistic anthropology; sign languages, language contact/change
HAKIM, Rafadi (2)
Southeast Asia/Indonesia Language and semiotic ideologies; enregisterment and speech levels, political speeches and political discourse; transparency and secrecy, audit cultures, regulatory regimes, role of civil society/NGOs and anti corruption. "Performing Neutrality: Semiotic Ideologies of Neutrality in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia."
GRANT, Sonia (2)
United States / Southwest Political ecologies of oil and gas production in the Four Corners regions; settler colonialism; property and jurisdiction; geophysical sciences; atmospherics and air quality; toxicity; methane measurement and mitigation; climate change
BURNETT, Hannah (2)
North America/ Southern Louisiana Gulf Coast Political ecology, science & technology studies, environment; water and rivers, geo-engineering and restoration, trauma and disaster, taste/food/place. Ecological recovery and restoration in S. Louisiana, geo-engineering, Mississippi River, seafood industry
BOWMAN, Claire (Arch) (2)
US Archaeology of the contemporary, urban abandonment and reuse; Detroit
AZUERO QUIJANO, Alejandra (2)
Latin America-Colombia Anthropology of law, capitalism and violence, criminal justice, corporations, cybernetics/systems theory, aesthetics and politics, media theory. Contemporary practices of detection, location and investigation of organized crime in Colombia
YEH, Alice (2)
East Asia - China Hangzhou; genre, narrativity, confession; socialism, post-socialism and the Chinese state; China and the anthropology of Christianity. "Speaking Selves: Christian Confession and the Circulation of Memory in Hangzhou"
VIDAL MONTERO, Estefania (Arch) (2)
Latin America/Chile Archaeology of the South Central Andes; Atacama Desert (Chile); social landscapes; space and place; materiality, architecture; post humanism; technologies. "Architecture of the Formative Period in the Guatacondo Valley."
SUDCHAROEN, Moodjalin (2)
Southeast Asia/Thailand, Burma Burmese migrant workers' communities in Thailand; migration and mobility, politics of language and semiotics, institutionality, expertise, bureaucrats. Politics of migrant childhood in association with educational planning for children of migrant workers from Burma in Thailand.
SIMPSON, Jonah (2)
East Europe/Russia/Ukraine/Kazakhstan Linguistic anthropology, socialism/post-socialism, infrastructure, semiotics, urban planning and reconstruction, Moscow
NOLL, Rachel (Ray)  (Jt. w/ Political Science) (2)
US-Chicago Prisons, incarceration, imprisonment, movement, stasis, vitality, ontology, race, queer theory "Cook County Jail/Ethics and Vitalism."
LEWIS, Patrick (2)
Middle East/Turkey/Kurdistan The politics of language within the Kurdish movement, language ideologies, nationalism studies, language and politics, post-colonialism
LEE, Myungji (2)
Middle East/Turkey Religion and ethics (in Islam), circulation of ideas, translation, logics of comparison, temporality, media/mediatization, bureaucracy, documents, liberalism, language/semiotic ideology. The "Presidency of Religious Affairs" (Diyanet) in Turkey and its Media.
LEDIN, Lauren (Arch) (2)
East Asia/China (Anyang, late Shang) Bronze Age China, bioarchaeology; childhood; personhood and gender; sacrifice; stable isotope analysis; skeletal pathology and trauma; mortuary practice.. "Foundations of Lineage: Subadult Remains at the Late Shang Capital of Yinxu."
LEATHEM, Hilary (SocCultural/Arch) (2)
Latin America - Mexico/Oaxaca; Kenya Histories of heritage; international legal orders (e.g., UNESCO, the ICC); sacredness, morality, and affect; time and temporality; materiality; endangerment and enchantment; philanthropy; experimental methods (film, drawing). "Pathways to Heritage: Sacralizing Historical Sites in Oaxaca, Mexico and Beyond."
KUMAKI, Hiroko (2)
East Asia/Japan Medical anthropology, mental health, environmental disaster, ecology. "Survival and Recovery: Shaping the Experience of Victimhood in the Post-2011 Earthquake-Tsunami-Nuclear Disaster in Japan."
KRAMER, Marshall (2)
Southwest China/Myanmar/Northeast India border area Southwest China/Myanmar border (Shan); Medical ecologies; kinship and intimate economies; making drugs. "Medicinal Worlds Multiple: The Crafting of Northern Myanmar and Yunnan into a Medicinal Ecology."
KIM, Do Dom (2)
East Asia/China The Southern "Gate" cities of China: Xiamen, Shenzhen,Guangdong; law as manifested in everyday lives in China; migrants in cities -- who are neither fully legal nor illegal; practices and discourses around government issued ID papers; state/citizen relationships. "Mind the Time, Mind the Gap: Paperwork Intermediaries and Mobile Subjects in Southern China."
KHALIL, Menna (2)
Middle East/Egypt, North Africa Military authority, postcolonial imagination and temporality, anthropology of war/violence. Egyptian Military Authority and Social Imagination: Postcolonial and Postrevolutiionary Temporalities
HUNTER, Raymond (“Sandy”)  (Arch) (2)
Latin America/Andes, Southern and Central Peru Cusco, the Inka, Spanish colonialism in the Andes; colonialism and political ecology; archaeology of agrarian life. "Agriculture and Ecology under Spanish Colonialism in the Andes"
Latin America/Mexico Housing, inhabitation, the state; history of labor, urbanization and property in Mexico; housing crisis in Mexico, urban housing abandonment at the crux of finance capitalism and indigenous cultural land forms, histories of spatial mobility
CONNOR, Janet (2)
Europe/Scandinavia/Norway Migration, citizenship and stranger relations, semiotics of similarity and difference, urbanism. "Different Kinds of Difference: The Convergence of Strangers and Construction of Place in Oslo, Norway."
COUNTRYMAN, James (Arch) (2)
Southern Europe, Balkans, circum-Mediterranean; other mountainous/arid regions Agrarian community, archaeologies of agriculture. The 15th-16th Century Ottoman Turkish component of the Nadin site, Croatia: food production and urban-rural/peasant-empire relationships in the late medieval/early modern periods
BRIGHT, Damien (2)
Australia/Oceania/Great Barrier Reef Ecologies of technoscience; economies of re-production, politics of care. "The Reef Multitudinous: Eco-Politics and the Horizon of Mass Extinction -- an anthropology of wonder, conservation, and extinction.
North America Art activism and social movement cultural production, material and visual culture studies, aesthetic and social theory; political economy and creative labor. " 'Be the Change You Want to See': New York City Art Activism and the Prefiguration of a Post-Capitalist World."
STEWART, Haeden (Arch) (3)
North America - Western Canada Archaeology of the contemporary, anthropology of mobile lives/homelessness/urban poverty; settler colonialism in Western Canada: history of indigenous-non indigenous relations, rise of the city, urban poverty. "Toxic Legacies of Mill Creek Revine: Contested Landscapes of Industrialization and Colonialism in Western Canada." [Edmonton]
SIMMONS, Kristen (2)
Native North America-Arizona/New Mexico Sovereignty and Settler Colonialism; Decolonial thought: technoscience & STS; affective/psychosocial worlds. "Toxic Settler Colonialism: Atmospheric Affects in the Mojave."
SHELDON, Zachary (2)
Middle East - Jordan/Iraq; US Social order in the Middle East; migration and hospitality; time and temporality. "Guests in a 'Garden': Hospitality, Genealogy, and Nationalism among an Iraqi Generation in Jordan."
SAHA ROY, Sayantan (4)
South Asia - North East India (Manipur) Legal and political anthropology, intellectual history of Indian jurisprudence, the constitution of India. "Legal Lives in the Postcolony: Human Rights, Humanitarianism and the Rule of Law in India (Manipur, Imphal)."
POLAN, Lake (3)
US Technology studies; legal and political anthropology; privacy, freedom, and security; the political economy of personal information. "The Techno-Politics of American Privacy."
PARK, Heangjin (2)
East Asia - China/Korea Economic anthropology, global capitalism, transnational connections/translations (supply chain, commodity circulation), anthropology of food. "Brokerage and Translation in Made-in-China Kimchi."
PAPE, Stacy (2)
Comoros Islands (Grande Comore)/Marseille, France Migration circuits, transnationalism, women's studies, matrilineal communities. "Prodigal Daughters and Gendered Return-Migration in Ngazidja, Comoros Islands."
PACYGA, Johanna (Arch) (3)
West Africa - Senegal Historical archaeology, archaeobotany; foodways, embodied consumption, everyday practice, political economy; French empire, colonialism, post-colonialism, colonial ecologies; anthropoloogy of religion, conversion, women religious. "Consuming Catholicism: Foodways, Practice, and the 'Civilizing Mission' in Colonial Senegal, ca 1850-1930."
MULLEE, John (“Jack”) (3)
Latin America - Brazil Science & Technology Studies (STS), healthcare systems, anthropology of the state and law, technopolitics. Dissertation research investigates how health appears as a techno-administrative (rather than purely scientific-biomedical) question in greater Sao Paulo, Brazil. Specific dissertation themes include: administrative "flows"; corruption and value; judicialization of health; technics as basis of democratic politics ('techno-republics'); administrative scales (e.g. municipalization, regionalization, etc); cancer, HIV/AIDS. Fieldwork ongoing 2016-18.
McELGUNN, Hannah (Jt w/ Linguistics) (2)
North America Language revitalization, proprietary knowledge, Hopi, ideologies of collecting and preservation in archives/museums.
MAOZ, Eilat (2)
U.S., Middle East, Jamaica Policing; capitalism and violence; history and anthropology of the Black Atlantic; ethnography as theory - theory as ethnography. "Police States and Penal Colonies: Reforming the Constabulary in Postcolonial Jamaica."
KINDSTRAND, Love (3/4)
East Asia - Japan Social movements, ethics and aesthetics of public protest, modern formations of democratic governance and legitimacy; citizenship; anti-nuclear protests in post-Fukushima Japan. "Bodies that Shatter: Mobilization, Atomization, and the Crisis of Political Representation in Post-Disaster Japan."
JAMES, Mallory (2)
US, Australia Theories of technology and emergence, knowledge projects, energy, geographies of management and extraction, the engineering profession/ethics. " 'Being Technical': Energy Economies in Relation to Energy Engineering's Norms, Neutralities, and Commitments in Eastern Australia."
Africa - Somaliland (Hargeysa) Anthropology of the state and ethnography of urban bureaucracies; affect/emotion; economic anthropology: taxation, money, credit, debt, exchange; legal anthropology: sovereignty, liberalism, violence. "Taxation and the Future of the Nation: Aspiration among Fiscal Officials in Hargeysa, Somaliland."
BOCK, Emily (2)
US Race, gender, and sexuality in the underground ballroom scene; anthropologies of the everyday and the ordinary; affect/aesthetic theory; performance studies; black studies.
ABDELKADER, Ali Atef (2)
Arab World - Egypt Anthropology of ethics, rural-urban migration, ethnographic film, mediation and visualization of cinema
McLACHLAN, Amy (4)
Latin America - Colombia (Amazon) Colombia, ethnobotany of the Uitoto diaspora, displacement and migration, magic and trauma, personhood and interspecies adoption, gender and generativity, epistemology and divination, politics of the sensory, post-natural forms of life, militarized ecologies; semiotic theory, critical theory, queer theory, decolonial theory, STS.. "Cultivating Futures: Botanical Economies and Knowledge Ecologies in Colombian Amazonia"
MA, Zhiying (Jt. w/Human Development) (4+)
East Asia - China Medical/Psychological anthropology; disability studies; science studies; gender studies; social service and social organizations; kinship and family; care; everyday life; post-socialism. "Insanity, Intimacy, and Institution: Governance and Care Under the Mental Health Legal Reform in Contemporary China." (Defense October 2016)
DOPPELT, Martin (Arch) (3/4)
W Europe - Mediterranean prehistory (France) European and Mediterranean pre- and proto-history (Iron Age), material culture, ritual uses of the human body, embodiment, consumption and identity, political economy, food and cuisine, alcohol and feasting, colonialism, isotope analysis, landscape archaeology. "Severing Heads and Social Ties: A Biogeochemistry and Material Culture Approach to Contested Bodies in the Late Iron Age of Southern France."
Latin America-Inca "The Inka Empire's Economic System and Civil War, 1527-1532"
TORMEY, Anwen (4)
W Europe-Ireland & the EU Asylum, political subjectivity, evidentiary logic and practice, law, (im)migration, citizenship; " 'We Can't All Live on a Small Island': Truth, Difference and the Politics of Asylum in Ireland"
WOODROOFE, Hannah (4)
US Urban; Youngstown, OH The Rustbelt; American impoverishment and economies of debris (scrap, junk, and post-occupancy real estate); frontierisms in the post-working class city; vacant property; use and demolition politics; work beyond the wage; habits and feral form; remnant publics. "Unsettled Frontier: Waste, Work, and Civility in an American Ex-Boomtown."
SPRINGER, Jenny (4)
South Asia-India 'Development' and Agricultural Practice in South India
WILLIAMS, Kaya (4)
US / New Orleans Government, politics and law, American criminal justice/reform, narratives of change and transformation. "Take No Prisoners: The Battle for the Future of New Orleans' Jail."
YUAN, Xiao-bo (4)
East Asia - China Religion and secularism; the state; ethics and morality; the security state, surveillance and censorship; corruption; poststructuralist and critical theory; theories of reading, writing, and translation; Postsocialism. China: contemporary Protestantism, education, religion and politics, urbanization. "Reform and Purification: The Politics of Ethical Cultivation in Chinese Christianities."
TRIVEDI, Mudit (Arch) (4)
South Asia - North India Identity, urbanization, paleoenvironmental research, ceramic technology and trade, geoarchaeology, lithics. "Conversion, Tradition and Place: A Historical Anthropology of the Khanzada of Indor 1350-1947."
YEUNG, Shirley (4)
W. Europe - Switzerland Migrant integration policy; migrant education; language ideologies; the semiotic construction of cultural-linguistic difference; political economy; asylum; transnational/undocumented mobility; citizenship; care; ethics and the politics of welcome. "The Language of Welcome: Migrant Integration Policy and Practice in Geneva, Switzerland"
TOMPKINS, Christien (4+)
US - New Orleans and Chicago Education/school reform, neoliberalism, political activism, race and class formation; production and control of educational space. "Reconstructing Race: New Orleans Education Reform as Experimental Labor." (Defense September 2016)
ZYCH, Lauren (Arch) (4+)
Colonial US Southeast Handmade earthenwares of probable Native American manufacture on French colonial sites in New Orleans. "Hybrid Objects and Intercultural Assemblages: Coarse Earthenware in Colonial Louisiana."
THOMAS, Saul (Jt. w/History) (4)
East Asia-China Capitalism, Liberalism and the Culture Concept; Orientalism; Intellectuals, 'Modernity' and 'Culture' in Post-Mao China. "To Stand Tall in the Forest of Nations: Liberal Intellectuals and Nation in Post-Mao China"
BLACK, Kelly Wilcox (Arch) (3)
South Asia/India Neolithic/Iron Age/Early Historic South India; human-animal relations/human-environmental relations, power and political ecology, historical ecology, animal husbandry and landscape histories, faunal and dental microwear analysis. "Excavating the Deep History of Degradation: Animal Husbandry and the Environmental Impacts of Livestock Grazing in Pre- and Early Historic South India."
MATA, Karim (Arch) (4)
NW Europe - Netherlands Iron Age and Roman period, colonialism, rural society, agency and material culture, archaeology of settlements and households. "Roman Colonialism and the Globalization of Local Communities: Exploring the Material Dimensions of Rural Lifeways in Transition along the Lower Rhineland Frontier"
FEENEY, William (4)
East Asia - Japan Linguistic anthropology, semiotic methods, violence, media, language ideology, nationalism, culture change. "Laughing Until It Hurts: Identifications of Violence in Japanese Comedic Variety Television."
DOWDY, Sean (4)
South Asia - India/Assam Accounting repertoires, social memory and history, economic anthropology, cosmology, strangerhood, intention, taboo, kingship, kinship, parallel economies, magic, witchcraft and sorcery, particulate logic, mutuality/parasitism, names and naming practices, feasting, ethnogenesis; Mayong, Assam. "Goroka: Cosmography and the Shared Account in Assam."
HEARD, Debora (Arch) (4)
Africa Egypt/Nubia, Gebel Barkal, Sudan State Power: ideology, religion and material culture; Archaeology of Ideology: iconography, landscape and ritual. "In the Houses of the Ram and the Lion: Religious Displays of Political Subjectivity in the Kushite Temples of Amun and Apedemak"
HALVERSON, Colin (4)
US Urban Linguistic anthropology, semiotics, biomedicine, ethics. "Individualized: An Ethnography of Translation in a Genomics Clinic."
McHARRY, Kathryn (4)
Africa-Senegal, Francophone West Africa Anthropology of Age: childhood, inter-generational relations, work and play, lifecourse. Anthropology of Medicine and Science: care, biopolitics, embodiment, technocracy, epistemology. Anthropology of Development: political economy, value, materiality, urbanism, policy. "Entrepreneurs of the Future: Speculative Care and Early Childhood Education in Senegal."
RICH, Matthew (4)
Northeast India/ Bangaldesh border Language ideologies, standardization, indigeneity; ethics and politics of community. "The Foreignness of Indigeneity: Language and Locality among the Khasi of Bangladesh"
MULLA, Ayesha (4)
South Asia - Pakistan Television news production, privatized media, democracy, mediation, sensationalism, South Asian public culture. "Sab Drama Hai/'It's all Drama': The Politics of Producing Publicity in Pakistan"
KAUTZ, Sarah (Arch) (4)
East Asia-Japan Material aspects of Western interaction with early modern Japan (the Dutch at Dejima); Commodities and materiality, cultural property management and tourism; value and commensuration, feasting, early modern globalization and commerce, sociality of economic transactions, alterity. "Dejima: An Archaeology of Intercultural Commerce in Early Modern Japan."
LEVIN, Erik (Jt. w/ Linguistics) (4)
Latin America - Amazonian Peru Linguistic anthropology, semiotics; self and selves in Amazonia; techniques of knowledge in Amazonian cosmologies. "Amawaka Knowledge Practices and Uses of Grammaticized Epistemology"
CHEN, Chen (4)
East Asia - China Everyday life, intimacy, capitalism, consumerism, mass culture and commodity aesthetics, weddings and ritual theory; "Intimate Life in Transformation: Romantic Love and Consumption in Post-Mao China"
FRIERSON, Karma (4)
Mexico/Caribbean - Veracruz Ethno-racial identity, public history/memory politics, blackness and diaspora; historical tourism, food, music, dance. "Unmoored Blackness: Grappling with Lo Afro in the Port of Veracruz"
REDDY, Malavika (4)
Southeast Asia-Thailand Refugees, discourses of humanitarianism, anthropology of the state, visibility. "Legal Practice, Licit Jurisdiction: The Law and Immigrant Workers in Mae Sot, Thailand"
RAN-RUBIN, Michal (4)
Middle East - Israel Political anthropology, critical geography, urban anthropology, refugee studies, post-conflict studies. "Blueprints of the Nation: Planning Space, Rights, and Refugee Return in Palestine-Israel"
KNISLEY, Matthew (Arch) (4)
Africa-Tanzania/Zambia Historical archaeology of hunter-gatherers; historical archaeology; landscape archaeology, political ecology; colonialism and post-colonialism, landscape, political ecology, temporality, ethnobotany and archaeobotany. "An Archaeology of the 'Natural': Historical Landscapes of the Sandawe Homeland, Central Tanzania."
HEINSCH, MaryFran (Arch) (4)
Russia, Caucasus "The Materiality of Mobility: Rethinking Migration as Explanation in the Kura-Araxes Period [Eastern Caucasus]"
DINGLEY, Zebulon (4)
Africa - Kenya/Swahili Coast Classical theories of society and politics; moral and occult economies; Kenya as historical and anthropological object; "Of Bond and Boundary: Kinship, Capital and the Occult on the South Coast of Kenya"
BUTLER, Ella (4)
US The senses and knowledge production, commodities and the body, anthropologies of corporations, food science, taste, class. "Producing Taste: The Senses in American Food Science."
JHA, Shefali (4)
South Asia - India/Hyderabad Secular nationalism, democracy and community in South Asia, politics of identity and new social movements, popular culture, feminism. "Democracy on a Minor Note: The Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen and its Hyderabadi Muslim Public"
CZARNECKI, Natalja (4)
Central & Eastern Europe - Georgia & Poland Mass mediation and media theory; language; marketing and advertising; politics of "the everyday," public culture, mass publics; Soviet and post-Soviet political economies of production, consumption, and distribution; the creation of consumer audiences in the Republic of Georgia. "Food-Consumer Encounters: Trust, Uncertainty, and 'Transition' in Post-Socialist Georgia"
KOCHEMS, Lee (4)
US Medical Gay Culture: Identity and Assertive Symbolic Activity among Gay Men in America
HILAL, Yaqub (4)
Middle East-Israel/Palestine Semiotics; language practice and ideology; commensuration, translation and value; aesthetics and affect; liberalism. "Troubling Israeli Liberalism."
GHAZAL, Royal (Arch) (4)
Middle East-Oman; Indian Ocean Rim Citizenship, the nation-state, economics, urban development, aesthetics."Social Death of Things: Intercultural Encounters and Ritualized Consumption in Early Bronze Age Oman (3100-2000 B.C.)"
LABENSKI, Edward (4)
Canada-Native North America "The Politics of Reconciliation: Self-Government and Bureaucratic Normalization of Aboriginal-State Relations in Saskatchewan"
FURLONG, Matthew (3/4)
Mexican/US Borderlands - Tijuana Northern Mexico: The making and unmaking of a region; cities, city-dwellers, and urbanity in ethnography; social decomposition. "Invading the Future: Territory, Property, and Urban Control in the Mexican Borderlands."
BLOECHL, Christopher (4)
Central America - Yucatan, Highland Guatemala Linguistic anthropology, Mayan languages and culture, language use and media technologies, Maya community radio in Peto, Yucatan. "Voicing the Maya: Media Technologies and the Politics of Ethnolinguistic Identity in Yucatan"
HU, Cameron (3)
US - South Texas "Reinventing the Earth: The Global Shale Frontier and the Experimental Moment in Petrocapitalism." (Eagle Ford Shale, South Texas)
EDWARDS (Alvarez), Megan (Arch) (4)
Northern Ireland, British Colonial world Early modern British expansion, historical archaeology, foodways, colonialism and modernization; history and material remains of "industrialized" whiskey distillation in post-medieval Ireland. "From Uisce Beatha to Whiskey: Colonialism, Commodification, and Transforming Drinkways in Early Modern Ireland, c1540-1800."
DAS, Suchismita (4)
South Asia - India, Sikkim Political Ecology, state and sovereignty, anthropology of development, tourism, indigeneity, borders and frontiers, making of space and place. "Governing Political and Ecological Threat on the Frontier: Bio-Cultural Diversity and State-Making in Sikkim, India."
JOURNEY, Rebecca (3)
Scandinavia (Denmark/Copenhagen) Anthropology of design; ethics and aesthetics of green urbanism; postsustainability; atmosphere. "Infrastructure of a Well-Tempered Environment: Copenhagen's Green Path."
HARTLEY, Charles (Arch) (4)
EAsia-China Early Chinese culture; technology and social systems; ceramic analysis. "Community, Pottery, and Political Culture: Crafting the State in the Luoyang Basin, North China, 3000-1500 BCE"
LOWRY, Kevin Bryce (Arch) (4)
Mongolia, Eurasian Steppe Landscape/space/place, pastoralism and mobility; ritual; GIS, regional survey, mortuary archaeology, human osteology, lithics; Bronze Age/Iron Age subsistence shift in West-Central Mongolia. "Interaction in Transitiion: Socio-Political Development in the Bronze-Iron Age Subsistence Shift, West-Central Mongolia."
HICKMAN, Kristin (4)
North Africa - Morocco Language and subjectivity, linguistic modernity; sound, voice, language. "Révolution Darija? Vernacular Language and Cosmopolitan Aspiration in Contemporary Urban Morocco."
HAYAT, Maira (4)
South Asia/Pakistan Water politics, agriculture, economics, environment; "Ecologies of Water Governance in Pakistan: The Colony, the Corporation and the Contemporary."
HARA, Kristyn (Arch) (4)
Southeast Asia/Cambodia Environmental archaeology (human-environment dynamics, paleoclimatic reconstruction), archaeobotany, landscape/spatial theory, urbanization, state formation, paleodemography. Human-environment dynamics within the Angkor region of Cambodia. "Faith in the Forests: A Historical Ecological Approach to Forest Histories and Religious Institutions at Angkor, Cambodia."
GRANT, Christopher (Arch) (4)
US - Louisiana (New Orleans); French Caribbean (Haiti) Labor and subjectification, urban landscapes, built environment; material culture; craftsmanship, urban experience; loss, displacement, belonging. "Crafting Community: Race, Creative Labor, and Eevryday Aesthetics in the Creole Faubourgs of New Orleans, 1790-1896."
FESER, Ali (3)
US - Rochester, NY; Chemical photography, postindustrial ecology, obsolescence, American fantasy, nostalgia, the history of capitalism. "After Analog: On Photochemical Life in Rochester, NY."
US: Detroit American grassroots political action, political theory, liberalism, neoliberalism, social movements, ethics. "Activating Crisis: The Political Work of Structural Change in Detroit."
McLEESTER, Madeleine (Arch) (4)
US-urban, Ecology Political ecology, landscape theory, mobility, archaeobotanical analysis, human/environment interaction, historical archaeology; "On Fields of Fire: Landscape Cultivation in the Chicago Region, 1400-Present."
LAGIA, Anna (Phys) (4)
Greece, Eastern Mediterranean "A Bioarchaeological Survey of Social Structure in the Polis of Athens during the Classical, Hellenistic and Early Roman Periods"
MALCOM, Christine (Phys) (4)
Latin Amer - Andes Human osteology; "Cultural Markers and Craniometric Variation in the Lower and Middle Osmore Valley, Peru: A Model-Bound, Population Genetics Perspective"
KOHL, Owen (4)
Southeast Europe - Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia Linguistic anthropology, historical narrative, mass media, ethnomusicology, hop hop studies, post-socialist transformation, former Yugoslavia, documentary/ethnographic film. "Were the Balkans 'Built for Rap?': Semiotic Ideology within a Newly Transnational Hip Hop Imaginary"
HANLON, Julie (Arch) (Jt. w/SALC) (4)
South India/Sri Lanka Literary and archaeological history of pre-historic to medieval South India and Sri Lanka; Jainism in South India; economic anthropology/archaeology; ceramic analysis; geo-spatial analysis. "Jain Monks, Merchants, and Kings in Early Historic to Medieval Tamil Nadu, South India
DOUGHAN, Yazan (4+)
Middle East-Jordan Anthropology of media, semiotic regimes, aesthetics, urban regeneration in Amman, public discourses on corruption. "Corruption, Authority and the Discursive Production of Reform and Revolution in Jordan"
BONNI, Joe (4)
Mediterranean - Syria/Dura-Europos Ritual, religion & counter-cultures; archaeology of colonialism: Roman Empire and early Christianity. "Everything is Full of Gods: Representing Religion at the Edges of Empires" [Analysis of Dura-Europos excavation field notes and materials held at Yale & Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris]
AUGUSTINE, Jonah (Arch) (4)
Latin America-Bolivia/Andes Titicaca Basin; materials, materiality, aesthetics, critical theory, political economy, ceramic analysis. "Expedient Objects: Ceramic Style, Material Politics, and Aesthetics in the Tiwanaku Valley, AD 500-1100"
SHIH, Tien-Ann (SocCult/Arch) (4)
Latin America-Peru, Iberia Historical anthropology, ethnology, ethnohistory, religion, ritual theory, mythohistory, space and place, landscpae, material culture, colonialism, indigenous social movements. "Topography is Topoi: Alterity, Colonial Andean Spatial Rhetorics and the Continuing Production of Knowledge"
KIM, Yongjin (4)
Southeast Asia - Indonesia (Bali)/Malaysia Culture and tourism,bureaucracy and state-driven development projects; "Culture, Tourism and the State in North Bali, Indonesia"
NGUYEN, Victoria (3/4)
East Asia-China Urban anthropology, development, urban policy and planning, architecture, historical preservation. "Urban Interrupted: Rethinking Urbanization and Development in Old Beijing."
SCHUTTE, Jan (4)
China, South Korea, South Africa, Zimbabwe Translation and language ideology, mediation and aesthetics/anaesthetics, material socialities and circulation. "Translating Ideologies: Race, Language and Mobility in the Sino-African Encounter."
US, CircumPolar North Psychological and medical anthropology, being, understanding, knowledge, scepticism, analysis and analyticity; "Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: The Condition of the Condition (?)"
ROSE, Theodore (2)
West Africa-Nigeria/Sierra Leone Freedom and slavery, materiality/immateriality, historical origins of modern humanitarianism and Human rights, Atlantic studies. Problems/tensions of forced labor within economic and political democratization processes in Nigeria and Sierra Leone. "Action, Work, and Servitude in West Africa"
JENNINGS, Robert (Arch, Jt w/ NELC) (2)
Near East (Levant and Mesopotamia) Kinship, kingship, political authority and legitimation, settlement patterns, pastoralism, monumentality, ritual, epigraphy and paleography, ideologies of domination and resistance, history and historiography, Near Eastern archaeology and critical biblical studies, historical anthropology, ancient imperialism and its effects, economic anthropology, community archaeology, labor politics (and other politics) on archaeological excavations, how present-day populations interact with ruins, appropriation of the past for political use in the present, humanities education and critical thinking
BUSH, Eleanor (2/3)
US - Chicago (medical) The "body" in feminist philosophy, the body in medicine and medical anthropology; theory of childbirth and reproduction in North America. "Embodied Subjectivity among Parturient Women in Chicago Hospitals."
PFEIL, Gretchen (Jt/ w/Linguistics) (4)
Africa-Senegal; US-based Evangelical missionary organizations "Small Change, Big Changes: Religious Commitments and the High Stakes of Small Charitable Gifts in Dakar, Senegal"
SHEKLIAN, Chrisopher (4)
Turkey, Armenia; Armenian diaspora communities The confluence of religious, ethnic and national identities; law and citizenship; secularism; minority rights, legal and political representation, religious ethics. "Theology and the Community: The Armenian Minority, Tradition, and Secularism in Turkey."
LESLIE, Averill (4)
US-Vermont Political Community: sovereignty, citizenship, government, democracy; Kinship; Affect of Place: place, region, rural America, nature/landscape, destination. "Town Meeting's Other 364 Days: Reactive and Creative Participatory Phases of Municipal Democracy in New England"
BAKER, J. Ckristafer (4)
US urban-San Francisco Cultural processes of marginalization, with a focus on gender, sex, sexuality, race, age, and (dis)ability; "The Semiotics of Subjectivities in Transit: An Ethnographic Study of Female-to Male Transmen's Embodied Gender Preacitces."
SKJON, Erik Lee (Jt. w/Linguistics) (4)
Africa-Mozambique Shankan Makhuwa dialect area, Cabo Delgado Province, Northern Mozambique; tropes and morpho-syntax, ethno-regionalism, areal linguistics, value circuits; "The Lingual-Cultural Region: Its Figures and Grounds in Makhuwa Networks, Media, and Discourse"
HITE, Emma (Arch) (3/4)
Mongolia, Inner Asia Prehistory of Mongolia and the eastern Eurasian steppe; the Xiongnu and steppe empires, mobile pastoralism, bioarchaeological and zooarchaeological methods and theory; multispecies ethnography, human-animal studies, materiality. "Imperial Body-Politic(s): Human-Animal Relationships of the Xiongnu Empire at Elst Ar, Central Mongolia."
FORD, Andrea (4)
US/Northern California Childbearing, reproduction, embodiment, gender, medical anthropology, value/knowledge, community, utopia/dystopia, future making, activism, senses and materiality, food, interspecies relations; "Near Birth: Gendered Politics, Embodied Ecologies and Ethical Futures in Californian Childbearing."
RICCI, Giovanni (3)
Germany/Austria/Czech Rep. Language and technology, semiotics, politics of the Internet, Pirate Parties, "Anonymous" and anonymity, "trolls" and trolling. "Engineering Contemporary Politics: Pirate Parties and Technical Work in the Czech Republic."
KUTTY, Omar (4)
South Asia-India "Purifying Labor: Public Goods and the Politics of Sanitation in Delhi"
CHASE, Zachary (Arch) (Jt. w/History) (4+)
Latin America-Andes/Peru; Hawaii Ethnohistory, landscape, historical archaeology, religion; "Performing the Past in the Historical, Ritual, and Mythological Landscapes of Huarochiri, Peru, ca AD 1400-1700" (Defense Autumn 2016)
South Africa Race, class and gender in advertising; branding; consumption; consumer-citizenship in South Africa; social difference; media and the body in marketing practice; sensory experience; anthropology of sound and image; music and the body. "Selling Aspiration, Recognizing Difference: Race, Class, and the Politics of Advertising in South Africa."
HUA, Jenny Miao (MD/PhD) (2)
East Asia - China History and Sociology of medicines-in-translation; anthropology of the body and embodiment; political economies of medicine and technology. "Traveling Cures, Technical Cares: Transforming Quality in a Chinese Teaching Hospital."
SIEGMAN, Jeremy (Jt. w/ Political Science) (4)
Middle East - Israel-Palestine Political anthropology, agonism and antagonism, peace and conflict, security, market practices and logics, colonialism and settler colonialism, contact zones, publics and counterpublics, politics of sound, social and political theory, Israel-Palestine. "Enemies in the Aisles: Palestinian Workers and the Politics of Normalization in the Commercial Contact Zone."
East Asia - China Gender, language ideology, language variation and change, post-socialism, the nation-state, social class, capitalism. "Curating Value: The Politics of Language and Leisure in Huangshan, China."
SIMEONE, Lisa (4)
US/Francophone Africa/Europe Political, legal, and affective economies of migration, political economy, post-Cold War cultures of capitalism; legal anthropology of membership; global configurations of race and class. "Making Do in the Promised Land: The Labor of Love Among Chicago's New Africans."
ROBINSON, Jessica (4)
W Europe-Britain and the British Caribbean, Bahamas Britain and British ex-pat communities in the Anglophone Caribbean; political ecology. "Moving Animals: Multispecies Curation and Environmental Stewardship in Bahamian Contexts"
CARBY-DENNING, Nicholas (4)
Latin America/Ecuador The state, NGOs and social movements, the politics of translation, non-human ontologies and scientific objects, debate on drilling for oil in Yasuni National Park. "Re-Constituting the Nature of the Nation: Environmental NGOs, Biodiversity and the Defenders of the Rights of Nature in Ecuador."
SARGENT, Adam (4)
South Asia-India (New Delhi) Language and political economy, materiality, gender, culture of capitalism, construction workers in India; new class (vs. caste)-based forms of inequality. "Building Capital: Transformations of Labor in the Indian Construction Industry."
LIRON, Tal (4)
Inner Asia - Mongolia Cultural heritage and nationalism; affect and embodiment; modernities; value and circulation. "Mongolia's Telescopic Nationalism."
MORRIS, Meghan (4)
Latin America - Colombia, Cuba Legal and political anthropology, property, the state, environmental history, agrarian reform, land restitution, science, labor, extractive industry, agribusiness, race and ethnicity, human rights "Property in the Shadow of the Post-Conflict"
ADCOCK, Sarah (Arch) (4)
Near East - Turkey Archaeology/anthropology of societal collapse, rural-urban interactions, animal economies, zooarchaeology, Hittites, Late Bronze/Iron Age, Anatolia. "After the End: Animal Economies, Collapse, and Continuity in Hittite and Post-Hittite Anatolia."
AHMED, Omer (2)
Spain/US/Islamic World Anthropology of Islam, migration studies, policy studies, media, subaltern studies; tradition, diaspora studies, counterpublics; identity construction via Arabic language learning among descendants of Moroccan Muslim immigrants in Spain; Arabic language learning as ethical practice.