Senior Lecturers & Instructors

Meghanne Barker

(PhD, University of Michigan, 2017; Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences). Intersections of play, performance, materiality, and childhood in post-Soviet Kazakhstan.

Joshua Craze

(PhD, University of California at Berkeley, 2014; Collegate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences; Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts). Relationship of ethics and politics in war photography; humanitarian work; Sudan-South Sudan border.

Sean Dowdy

(PhD, University of Chicago, 2017; Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences). Intersections of kinship, myth, political ritual, and the semiotics of "the tribe" in rural Assam (Northeast India).

Andrea Ford

(PhD, University of Chicago, 2017; Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences). Reproduction, the body, gender; utopia/dystopia, embodied ecologies, political economy, nature/culture, and the social imagination; California.

Stefanie Graeter

(PhD, University of California-Davis; Lecturer, Center for Latin American Studies). Environmental and medical anthropology; race, inequality, political ecology, and social movements; Latin America.

Natacha Nsabimana

(PhD, Columbia University; Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences). Postcolonial criticism; law and subjectivity; musical movements and the cultural and political worlds of African peoples on the continent and the diaspora.

Kareem Rabie

(PhD, CUNY Graduate Center, 2014; Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences; Harper-Schmidt Fellow in the Liberal Arts). Urban Anthropology and Geography; anthropology of the state; political economy; Middle East; Palestine/Israel; China.